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10 Long Sleeve Bodysuit Outfit Ideas to Meet All Your Styling Needs

Bodysuits are one of the most attractive fashion pieces right now that work exceptionally for styling your looks in winter. With a long sleeve bodysuit, you can have a figure-hugging piece of clothing to elevate your fashion quotient effortlessly. They are great choices for the base layer in your different winter outfits

However, you may encounter different types of problems in styling up long-sleeved bodysuits for the winter season. One of the notable issues in styling cute long sleeve bodysuits for the winter would be the fact that such bodysuits are considerably thin and require some layering. Furthermore, bodysuits are form-fitting, thereby implying the need for a more loose bottom for a balanced look. Is it easy to style long sleeve bodysuits? 

Best Pointers for Styling Long Sleeve Bodysuits

The answer for what to wear with a long sleeve bodysuit would bring you many choices. However, it may be difficult to find a suitable outfit suggestion with long sleeve bodysuits considering the variety of choices. To solve such confusion, you can rely on the following tips for styling up cute long sleeve bodysuits to tailor chic and cozy winter outfits.   

1. Use as Base Layer

The foremost highlight about a black or white long sleeve bodysuit is the capability to provide an exceptional base layer. Made of thin material, bodysuits fit perfectly as the base layer in various winter outfits. You can try the following outfit to see how long sleeve bodysuits work wonders as base layers. 

Pick up a pair of high waist faux leather pants in chocolate color with slit detailing at the hem. Now, a form-fitted solid bodysuit in chocolate brown color complements the faux leather pants effectively. On top of it, you can add a drop shoulder open-front cardigan for warmth. If the weather is cold and you need a coat, a longline puffer coat featuring a shawl collar and belted detailing is your best pick. Elevate your looks in the long sleeve bodysuit with heeled leather ankle boots featuring a snakeskin pattern. A quilted leather shoulder bag in brown with fleece detailing can be the finishing touch in such an outfit.

2. Create Flattering Silhouettes

The next best thing about a black long sleeve bodysuit would be the ease of creating a flattering silhouette. Bodysuits stay put in their place and don’t gather up with your body movements. They also feel comprasing and figure hugging. You can pair up the bodysuits with jeans for a casual look, or, you can add a mini skirt with bodysuits and create cute and preppy looks

Choose a solid scoop neck bodysuit in black for a sensuous neckline and minimal aesthetics.

You can also pick a ribbed long sleeve bodysuit in khaki green with a mock neck design and skinny fit.  

Another promising choice among long sleeve bodysuits for a flattering silhouette is a half-buttoned rib-knit bodysuit in a slim-fit design. 

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3. Wear Them Day and Night

Yes, you can wear bodysuits during the day as well as at nighttime. With the right styling, you can easily wear a black long sleeve bodysuit for daytime outfits as well as nighttime outfits. 

For a casual daytime look, you can choose a long-sleeved bodysuit with a squared neckline in black. Mix it up with a pair of full-length ripped jeans in black, and complete your look with a black teddy coat featuring a lapel neck design and pocket patching detail. 

For Nightime, you can wear a long sleeve bodysuit in black with a deep plunging neckline and lantern sleeves, along with a faux leather pencil skirt in black. The best choice of footwear to complement your nighttime outfits in the bodysuit is heeled knee-high boots in black.  

4. Choose Thicker Fabrics

The interesting detail about bodysuits is the fact that they can also be available in thicker fabrics, just like sweaters. With the advantage of thicker fabrics, bodysuits can offer more warmth while leaving out bulkiness. 

Try a cable knit sweater bodysuit in beige with a high neck design as the top choice of long sleeve bodysuit for colder days.

A fuzzy knit bodysuit with a bishop sleeve design can also be a favorable addition to your winter wardrobe

You can also go for a ribbed long sleeve bodysuit in camel with a half zipper design for winter outfits.

5. Choose Flattering Necklines

The next helpful pointer for styling up long sleeve bodysuits would be the choice of flattering necklines. You must choose bodysuits with a neckline that accents your shape perfectly. For example, bigger boobs call for choosing a V-neck bodysuit. Here are some noteworthy options you would love to try.

A deep V-neck long sleeve bodysuit is a perfect option for almost every bust size. The bodysuit provides an elongated appearance for the neck while also balancing wide shoulders in the most stylish way. 

You can also think of a rib-knit bodysuit in green with button cuff detailing as a favorable choice if you have small and medium-size boobs. The ribbed long sleeve bodysuit is also suitable for long torsos and narrow shoulders.

The long sleeve thong bodysuit in black offers a wide neckline that flatters wide shoulders, all boob sizes, and short necks.

A slinky long sleeve scoop neck bodysuit gives you one of the most flattering square necklines for all body types.

You can also grab a black long sleeve bodysuit with a plunging neckline, which suits small boobs perfectly. 

6. Formal Outfits

Long sleeve bodysuits don’t have to be focused on assembling super sexy outfits every time. You can also wear bodysuits as outfits for the office. For example, you can choose high neck bodysuits and combine them with tailored pants and a blazer. 

Grab a contrast collar color block bodysuit or a surplice front detailing shawl collar bodysuit. You can also look for new designs such as a satin effect shoulder pad long sleeve bodysuit for formal outfits.

7. Same Color Pants

One of the most interesting tricks for styling up cute long sleeve bodysuits is to try pants in the same color. The same color of the pants and the bodysuit help in rendering an elongated appearance. 

Grab a pair of high waist pants in taupe brown and pair them with a ribbed knit solid bodysuit in the same color. Complete your look with the interesting addition of block heel boots with a pointed-toe design and zip-up detailing. 


8. Figure-conscious Choices

Many of you might be apprehensive of styling a black or white long sleeve bodysuit for your body shape. You can put your troubles to rest because you can choose a fitted bodysuit if you are top-heavy and get a flattering look. On the other hand, you can overcome your apprehensions about how form fitting bodysuits are by wearing a blazer or a fitted jacket on top of them. 

Pick a lace-trimmed ribbed knit long sleeve bodysuit and complement it with high-rise straight jeans. Choose a wool blazer with elbow patches as a top layer if you are feeling self conscious of your figure in the bodysuit. 

9. Outfits for Bottom Heavy Figures

Long sleeve bodysuits will accentuate the top part of the body, meaning the thinnest regions of the bottom heavy body, albeit leading to an imbalanced look. In such cases, it is important to choose bodysuits with shoulder pads that create the perfect hourglass shape. On top of it, you can go for an oversized blazer or layers that add volume to your top half and create a balance. 

Choose a bodysuit with shoulder pads in dark green or a corset detail bodysuit with tie-back detailing, puff sleeves, and pink polka dot prints. You can also choose a balloon sleeve velvet bodysuit as the preferred choice of bodysuit for bottom-heavy figures. 

10. Type of Bodysuit

The final yet one of the critical factors in choosing a long sleeve bodysuit is the type of design. You need to know the type of bodysuit, whether it is a full-coverage bodysuit or a thong bodysuit. Form-fitting trousers might showcase a panty line if the bodysuit has not been paired with a thong. On the other hand, full coverage bodysuits are ideal choices for wide leg pants or skirts

You can go for a ribbed thong bodysuit in black made of jersey fabric to avoid the dreaded VPL. 

Tips to Shop for Bodysuits

Here are some tips you should take into account before shopping for a long sleeve bodysuit.

  • Make sure you look for styles that suit your body shape, for example, if you have big boobs, choose a V-neck style. 
  • If you are tall or have a long torso, pick a bodysuit from the “tall” section that will ensure comfort. 
  • Check if the bodysuit is a thong or full coverage to suit your style needs.   

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