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These Celebrity Looks Inspired Us to Wear Loafers with Socks

Footwear fashion trends have some unique additions ranging from classics to newly found trends. The most notable trend in footwear fashion, which has recently gained considerable levels of popularity, is chunky loafers. They have a unique style differentiating them from other common choices in footwear you can find right now. The combination of women’s loafers with socks has become a trendy highlight in celebrity and fashion influencer outfits. If you are looking for the best ways to style your loafers, then you may find inspiration in recent celebrity looks. 

Outfit Inspiration for Wearing Women’s Loafers with Socks

Many celebrities have been spotted loving and wearing the trend of loafers with the white socks. You are right to be excited about them as the rest of us. Here are some looks of top fashionistas and their secrets to wearing loafers in ways you couldn’t have imagined. 

1. Emma Chamberlain

womens loafers with socks
PHOTO: @emmachamberlain

The first and foremost inspiration for answering “do you wear socks with loafers” is Emma Chamberlain. She sports loafers and socks in an extremely casual look for a laidback style. The outfit includes a striped turtleneck top with jeans topped with a green cardigan.

Recreate the “women’s loafers with socks” look of Emma Chamberlain with premium Levi’s original fit jeans. Use a striped high neck t-shirt in dark grey as the alternative for Emma’s turtleneck. Now, add an open-front rib-knit cardigan in green over the t-shirt, and you have the top and bottom ready. All you need now is the right accessory, like a large capacity duffle bag in beige. Choose a pair of minimalist slip-on chunky black loafers with white socks and complete the look with ease. 

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2. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner outfit trend
PHOTO: @danixmichelle

Another prominent fashion icon, Kendall Jenner, also gives adequate reasons to look for ‘what socks to wear with loafers.’ Her sophisticated take on loafers and socks proves the same. Kendall sports high waist khaki trousers with a white poplin top and striped vest while carrying a green shoulder bag. You can notice how Kendall has picked matching brown socks for her brown loafers.

Grab a pair of high waist pants in olive green with pronounced seams and a split hem design. On top of it, you can add a solid button-front blouse in white, just like the white poplin shirt of Kendall. The next addition to your women’s loafers with socks outfit is a colorblock ribbed knit sweater vest with a striped pattern. 

Get yourself a minimalist zip shoulder bag in green resembling the one Kendall carries in this outfit. Now, you would need tortoiseshell frame sunglasses in leopard print to add a distinct statement to your look. Finally, pick a pair of brown loafers with lace-up detailing and croc embossing along with matching brown socks and you have Kendall’s look done on a budget. 

3. Hailey Bieber

loafers with the white socks
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

You cannot go around seeking the best ideas to wear loafers with the white socks without looking at Hailey Bieber and her style. She shows how you can add the sophisticated casual element to your outfits with loafers and socks. Hailey sports a simple oversized t-shirt in a unique way as a dress itself. She adds an oversized blazer in a matching neutral color alongside maintaining minimal accessories with a shoulder bag and sunglasses.  

The “women’s loafers with socks” outfit of Hailey Bieber is quite easy to assemble. Begin with an oversized t-shirt dress in beige made of organic cotton and cover it with an oversized blazer in stone color. The flowy design, long sleeves, classic lapel collar, and contrasting inner lining in the blazer work perfectly to add sophistication to this outfit. The next additions to your outfit include accessories like cat-eye sunglasses in black and a black shoulder bag with topstitching detail and hardware strap. However, the combination of black loafers with white socks will add the finishing touch to the outfit. You can go for chunky black loafers made of leather and ribbed ankle socks in white to recreate Hailey Bieber’s look perfectly.

4. Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk outfit trend
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

Supermodel Elsa Hosk is also another top name you might come across in your search for ‘what socks to wear with loafers’ in trendy style. Elsa adorned the loafer and socks trend on her date night in a gracefully chic outfit. A black polo mini dress, black sunglasses, oversized leather bomber jacket, and a lightweight bag made her look exceptionally stunning. 

If you envy Elsa’s date night look in women’s loafers with socks, just choose a contrast collar lantern sleeve tee dress in black. Add a faux leather bomber jacket in black with slant pockets and cat-eye sunglasses in shiny black. The suitable accessory to replicate Elsa’s look is a croc-embossed baguette in cream color. Slip in a pair of platform loafers in dark brown and white socks for an astonishingly similar look to Elsa’s date night outfit

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5. Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein loafers with socks outfit
PHOTO: @weworewhat

Renowned fashion influencer Danielle, also popular as “weworewhat” on different online social platforms, has shown another casual way of wearing the loafer and socks trend. She wears women’s loafers with socks in a chic outfit, including a mini skirt and blazer set to create a modern preppy look. The other additions in the outfit include a simple white top, gold jewelry, black sunglasses, and a tote bag. Furthermore, the gold buckle in the loafers sported by Danielle also catches attention. 

You can have the look of Danielle and find proper answers for “do you wear socks with loafers” in the easiest ways. First of all, you can get a double-breasted blazer and skirt set in a khaki brown color. For the top, you can think of a casual-chic choice like a white tank top. Coming to the accessories, you have to pick acrylic rectangle frame sunglasses in black and a leather shoulder tote purse in black. The footwear of choice in this outfit would be a pair of black leather loafers combined with solid white crew socks. 

6. Olivia Rodrigo

womens loafers with socks
PHOTO: @rodrigo.updates

Teen music sensation, Olivia Rodrigo, has also sported the “women’s loafers with socks” trend with an interesting preppy aesthetic. Olivia has gone with a mini checked skirt and a yellow cardigan to add some colorful preppy vibes. The over-the-knee Gucci socks add a unique, eye-catching element to her outfit. 

The best choice to replicate Olivia’s outfit is a yellow tartan print flare skirt with a zip back design. Now, bring in a matching chunky knit tie-front cardigan in yellow, and you are almost there in your journey to recreate Olivia’s look. You can go with a classic design of loafers for this outfit, like low heel loafers with chain detail on the front. Elevate the preppy element in your outfit with over-the-knee socks in white, and you can dress in a cute outfit just like Olivia.

Tips for Styling Loafers with Socks

Here are some important tips to keep in mind for styling women’s loafers with socks in different outfits.

  • Loafers and socks do not have to be black and white. You can try other color combinations matching the outfits of your choice. 
  • Loafers and socks go well with preppy outfits, but also with minimal looks and tailored aesthetics. Experiment with this combo and pick the style you love most.
  • This combo is great all year round. In summer, wear the loafers and socks with a mini skirt or dress, and in winter, add a pair of tights and focus on a darker palette.  

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