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The Trendiest White Socks over Leggings Fashion

You can come across many trends that fade away in time, and then there are those that make massive comebacks. The socks over leggings trend is a prominent 80s trend that has gotten a new modern twist in today’s fashion. The new trend has been quite popular as an emerging highlight among winter 2022 trends.

So, what are the possible reasons for the rise in demand for such a unique trend? The answer would directly point towards the preppy aesthetics that took over Tik Tok, along with the chunky loafers trend that is worn with socks. On top of it, the trend is a suitable pick for the winter due to its ability to provide warmth. Now, one would wonder about the best possible outfits you can assemble with long white socks women’s collections.

Best Ideas for Wearing Long White Socks Over Leggings 

Whenever you are in doubt regarding fashion, the best course of action would be to take inspiration from fashion influencers. Influencers are the closest to trends and give some of the best ways to dress up in the latest clothing and accessories. So, you can easily find out how to style a pair of long thick white socks over leggings by taking a look at how influencers do it. Here are some outfit ideas inspired by fashion influencers that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. 

1. Taylor Hage

Taylor Hage socks over leggings style
PHOTO: @tayhage

One of the most notable fashionistas rocking the socks over leggings trend, Taylor Hage, shows how you can dress up and make the most of the trend. You can see how effortless she looks in the black leggings and round-neck cropped t-shirt in black. On top of it, Taylor has added a classic gray blazer with a notched lapel collar and a cap. She has added the signature socks over leggings element by rolling them up to ankle length on the black leggings. You cannot help but notice how she chooses minimal accessories for styling her socks over leggings outfit. 

2. Caroline Daur

socks over leggings trend
PHOTO: @carodaur

Caroline Daur gives one of the coziest answers to “How do you style long socks in the winter?” with her casual look. She poses casually in front of the old red telephone booths wearing white long socks over leggings. Interestingly, layering has worked out well for Caroline in this outfit by packing a pair of leggings. She has sported a white t-shirt and topped the look with a longline quilted puffer coat. For the accessories, she has added a black beanie, hoop earrings, and lace-up sneakers. With the white long socks and red stripes, you can style your outfit just like Caroline. 

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3. Danielle Bernstein

long white socks womens
PHOTO: @weworewhat

Danielle Bernstein shows how to wear white Nike socks over leggings in a casual chic outfit for winter. The interesting highlights in Danielle’s outfit are the sneakers and her choice of leggings. Danielle has selected gray leggings with a high waist design and lace-up detailing on the front. She has chosen a round-neck cropped white t-shirt to compliment the leggings. On top of it, she has added a longline coat in beige alongside a shoulder bag and sunglasses as accessories. Danielle wears the socks over leggings trend in a stylish way that will work well for spring as well.

4. Elsa Hosk

socks over leggings trend
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

Elsa Hosk has a laid back approach to wearing long thick white socks with her casual outfit. She wears socks over leggings in a chilled outfit on the beach. You can take inspiration from Elsa and wear an oversized sweatshirt alongside ribbed leggings. The most noticeable aspect of Elsa’s looks is that she has pulled up the socks to make them more prominent. As a matter of fact, the crumpled cuffs make her look cuter in this outfit. 

5. Camille Charriere

PHOTO: @camillecharriere

Camille Charriere sported the socks over leggings trend in a rather conventionally chic look with chunky heeled boots. She dressed up in a pair of black leggings with slit hem detailing and a turtleneck t-shirt in black. On top of it, she has added a longline coat with notched lapels and a houndstooth pattern. Finally, she completes her look with a knit baker boy hat for a formal chic outfit. 

6. Pernille Teisbaek

Pernille Teisbaek outfits
PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

Pernille Teisbaek also brings the long white socks women’s outfits in style with an almost monochrome look. She wears black leggings and an oversized trench coat in black alongside a black cap. Pernille has also selected a small shoulder bag in white that adds a contrasting element to her looks. However, the sneaker and socks combination with the leggings renders some unique highlights to the all-black look. You can wear socks over leggings trend like Pernille without any trouble. 

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7. Christina Bischof

socks over leggings trend
PHOTO: @christinabiluca

Christina Bischof stuns in the socks over leggings look with an all-black combination like none other. She wears white sneakers and socks with an all-black casual ensemble giving off subtle sporty chic vibes. You can wear such casual outfits with white Nike socks over leggings by recreating her simple choices. Christine has picked black leggings and an oversized round neck black sweatshirt. You can pack up accessories just like Christine, such as a rectangular frame, black sunglasses, and a chain strap black shoulder bag.

8. Lily Clark

white nike socks over leggings
PHOTO: @lilyisabellaclark

Lily Clark made the socks over leggings trend a bit edgier as she sported it while taking her dog out on a walk. She wears white sneakers and socks over gray form-fitting leggings. To make the look edgier, Lily chose an oversized hooded sweatshirt in stone color and a black leather jacket with zipper detailing. She has topped her outfit with black sunglasses as she looks gracefully chic in the socks over leggings trend. 

Tips to Style Socks over Leggings

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while styling socks over leggings. 

  • This trend works best with casual looks and athletic vibes. 
  • White sneakers are the favorite pick to pair with socks over leggings.
  • You can also try a more preppy look with tights, a mini skirt, and a sweater.

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