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The 15 Best Leather Pants For Women That Are Trending Now

Leather pants have a unique appeal in their design, and most importantly, the material itself exhibits chic vibes. You can find a wide variety of styles and colors with leather pants women would love to wear. On top of it, leather pants are a great staple choice for winter due to their warm insulating capabilities. 

Interestingly, you could find different styles of leather pants, including leggings, straight leg, low or high waist, black or brown, and jogger-style leather pants. In addition, you can also find a difference in the material used for manufacturing leather pants, such as real leather and faux leather. 

Best Choices in Leather Pants Women Would Love

Looking at the sheer variety of choices in leather pants, it can be quite difficult to decide what is the right choice. However, you should be clear about your requirements and the answers for “how to style leather pants.” The proper selection of leather pants could help you style up some appealing outfits with ease. Here are some of the top choices in leather pants women would love to have in their winter wardrobes.  

1. Shein Knot Waist PU Leather Pants

A pair of PU leather pants in khaki brown color with a knit waist design is a top pick in high-waisted leather pants for you.

2. Shein High Waist PU Leather Straight-Leg Pants

You would also love a pair of high waist PU leather straight-leg pants as a promising choice of black leather pants for winter wardrobes.

3. Shein Crocodile Embossed PU Leather Pants

Grab a pair of glamorous PU leather pants in black with a straight-leg design. The crocodile embossed pattern on the pants makes them one of the best leather pants women would love to wear.

4. SBetro Zip Side Slit Hem Leather Look Pants

You can also go with a pair of leather-look pants in black with zip side split hem detailing. The skinny fit of the pants alongside the casual style makes them a subtle addition to women’s winter wardrobes. 

5. Bershka Wide Leg Faux Leather Dad Pant with Contrast Seam in Black

Another choice in leather pants women love to wear would bring you faux leather pants in black. The wide-leg and high-rise design of the leather pants give off a casual yet sophisticated vibe for winter outfits.


6. ASOS EDITION Leather Pants in Camel

Try this unique addition to your winter wardrobe- a pair of mid-rise, camel-colored leather pants. The seam detailing and straight fit of the leather pants make them stand out as a stylish pick. 

7. ASOS DESIGN Leather Look Flare Pants in Snake Print

Find some trendy answers for “how to style leather pants” with the leather look flare pants featuring snake print detail. The high-rise, skinny fit pants with flared fit at the knee work as great alternatives to denim. Furthermore, the elastic waist and regular fit at the waist make the pants comfortable for different winter outfits. 

8. ASOS DESIGN 90s Straight Leg Leather Look Pant in Black

Discover the trendy vibes of 90s fashion with a pair of black leather pants in a straight-leg fit. The sensuously glamorous appeal of the pants only looks better with a matching crop top, a blazer, and chunky boots.

9. ASOS DESIGN Leather Look Combat Utility Pants in Black

You could also look into the possibilities of trying leather pants for women like combat utility pants in black. The baggy fit and functional design elements in the leather pants are inspired by the 90s but with a modern twist.

10. Zara Faux Leather Mom Fit Pants

Another top choice among high-waisted leather pants would refer to faux leather mom-fit pants. The high waist design and the straight leg fit alongside the off-white color all work in perfect synchronization for an exceptionally stylish look. 

11. Zara High-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings

You can easily trust a pair of faux leather leggings with a high waist design as leather pants for women wardrobes. The pronounced seams at the back and front of the leggings alongside a side zip closure fit well with the leather-tone color of the leggings. 


12. Zara Full-Length Faux The ‘90s Leather Pants

The high waist black leather pants featuring five pockets and straight leg fit draw inspiration from 90s trends. You could add one of the best choices among leather pants to your winter wardrobe with this pair. 

13. Zara Faux Leather Jogging Pants

The faux leather jogging pants in black with a high waist and adjustable drawstring are also one of the best leather pants women would like to wear for winter. The jogger style is a fresh take on the classic leather pants we all know and love. 

14. H&M Faux Leather Leggings

A pair of black faux leather leggings from H&M could also be a fine addition to your winter wardrobes. The high waist design alongside the concealed, elastic waistband offers the assurance of comfort and great fit. You could also identify some other promising design highlights like seams at the back of the knees. On top of it, the raw-edge hems also make them a favorable choice of leather pants women would want in their wardrobes.    

15. Mango Leather-effect Straight Trousers

You could also go with conventional choices like a pair of leather-effect trousers in a tobacco brown color. The straight design and high waist, along with the long fit of the pants, add substantial versatility to these pants. 

Tips to Shop for Leather Pants for Women 

Here are some interesting pointers you should keep in mind while shopping for leather pants for women

  • Check the type of leather used in manufacturing the pants for differentiating between real leather and PU leather. 
  • Verify the quality of the pants by going through reviews to find out any possible shortcomings in the design. 
  • Set a clear budget plan while shopping for leather pants to avoid any confusion. A fixed budget helps you pick up specific pieces which appeal more to you than others. 
  • Choose the design you love most out of all the options- leggings, straight fit, jogger, cropped, high waist, etc. Also, make sure the color you go for is versatile like black or brown.

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