The Best Designer Shoe Dupes – Part 4

latest designer shoe dupes
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The demand for designer dupes has been increasing in present times, especially because many fashion bloggers love to flaunt the newest designs on Instagram. That is why there is a growing interest in the latest designer shoe dupes you can find online for a fraction of the price. As you liked our collection of the best designer shoe dupes in Part 1 through 3, here we bring the new collection with Part 4, hope you’re going to love this one just as much. 

Purchasing dupes of an original product definitely brings many doubts to the minds of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The only answer to such doubts is evident in the best-quality dupes which can even surpass the originals in aesthetics. Furthermore, many branded online stores are offering designer inspired shoes, which are not exact copies of renowned and trendy designer shoes but have similar aesthetics. With some unique highlights, the designer shoe dupes can definitely sparkle up any wardrobe. 


Top Choices in Designer Shoe Dupes

The search for designer shoe dupes in 2022 can be a little confusing with so many options at your disposal. Honestly, you might have to spend a lot of time finding out which one is a dupe of which designer shoe. However, you could easily avoid the trouble of finding the dupes for popular designer shoes yourself. Just take a look at the following list of latest designer shoe dupes and how they resemble the originals.

      1. Bottega Veneta Stretch Mesh-panel Sandals

The stretch 90mm mesh-panel sandals with a stiletto heel and square toe along with a tie-fastening ankle strap from Bottega Veneta is a true exemplar of designer footwear for the 21st century. The designer shoe dupes for these sandals might come with a bit of variation in color albeit preserving the style. You could clearly witness the similarity to the Bottega Veneta stretch mesh-panel sandals with the tie-leg mesh-panel design of the dupe.

      2. Adidas YEEZY Ridged Sole Slides

The Yeezy ridged sole slides are also another prominent choice to look for the latest designer shoe dupes as it is a cult classic. The best choice, in this case, would be Mango’s platform maxi sandals which resemble the open-toe and rubber sole design highlights. You can notice the similarity in the ridged sole of the dupe and the original Yeezy slides. Any onlooker would definitely have a lot of difficulties finding out whether you are wearing the original or a dupe.

      3. Officine Creative Tacey Leather Flip-flops

The Tacey leather flip-flops from the house of Officine Creative feature a round-toe design and a thong strap with a platform sole. Just like other designer dupes such as Chanel shoes dupes, you can easily find a reliable pair of dupes for these 2000s inspired designer flip-flops. Try looking at a pair of chunky flip flop sandals in black with the v-shaped strap and textured tread. These two flip flops would look indistinguishable when placed side by side.


      4. Alexander McQueen Polished-finished Ridged-sole Loafers

The ridged-sole loafers with exquisite finishing from Alexander McQueen are also a trendy and coveted designer shoe among fashion bloggers and influencers worldwide. That is why it is one of the prominent choices to look for among the latest designer shoes dupes. You can try the dupes for these loafers in the Asos Design mulled chunky loafers with a penny front design and apron toe. The chunky sole and textured tread in the dupes serve as prominent similarities in comparison to the original.

      5. Gucci Princetown Horsebit Slipper

You are likely to come across many Gucci sandals dupes that resemble the classic Horsebit slippers from the classic designer house. However, the metal décor loafer mules in Shein’s mules design have a distinct design appeal inspired by the signature Gucci Horsebit slippers. The slip-on design along with metal hardware in the metal décor loafer mules fit perfectly with a description of the original. 

      6. Jimmy Choo Romy 85 Pumps

The collection of designer shoe dupes in 2022 also brings dupes of Jimmy Choo Romy 85 pumps. You can recreate the classic luxury of Jimmy Choo glitter pumps with Shein’s pointed-toe design and high stiletto heel. The stiletto court heels with glitter décor spread all over them have the same lux feel and for a bargain price as well.


      7. Gianvito Rossi Leather Pumps

The Plexi 85mm leather pumps from Gianvito Rossi are also another notable candidate that made us look for the latest designer shoes dupes. The two-tone design and sheer paneling in these high heels are the attractive highlights that make these pumps so desirable. When it comes to the dupe, try on a pair of pointed-toe stiletto court heels that look so similar to the original, and you got yourself a good deal. 

      8. BY FAR Tanya Suede Mules

The Tanya mules from the house of BY FAR have to be one of the best footwear pieces showcasing minimal silhouettes and a classic design. You can find the thin straps and block heel elements of the original in Asos’s dupe that have a similar suede look, padded straps, and a similar color as well.

      9. Gianvito Rossi Platform High-heel Sandals

Gianvito Rossi platform high-heeled sandals crafted from blush pink leather have unique highlights such as the platform sole and high heel that are reminiscent of the 70s. The latest designer shoes dupes collection from Zara includes the strappy platform sandals with the exact same design as the original and the same 70s feel.  

      10. Isabel Marant Thalie Studded Leather Clogs

The Thalie studded leather clogs from Isabel Marant are one of the perfect examples of modern adaptations of conventional styles. You could go with the latest designer shoes dupes for these clogs with cost-effective leather clog mules with studded trim from Asos. Furthermore, the wooden sole highlight also serves as a profound point of similarity of the leather clog mules with the Thalie studded clogs.

      11. Manolo Blahnik Callamu 50 Patent-leather Mules

Manolo Blahnik is another prominent name in the world of designer footwear with his unique penchant for creating footwear designs as art. The Callamu mules are one of the most casual yet luxurious options with their unique kitten-heel design and black patent leather. You can recreate the classy look of these mules with Shein’s croc-embossed cross strap mules with a kitten-heel detail and cross strap design. 

      12. Balenciaga Logo-printed Embroidered Leather, Nubuck And Mesh Sneakers

The ‘Triple S’ sneakers of Balenciaga bring something new to the table in terms of fashion, especially for millennials and Gen-Z. You would be amazed to find the latest designer shoes dupes for these ‘Triple S’ sneakers in the Shein lace-up front-mesh chunky sneakers. The sheer similarity of appearance between the original and dupe would be enough to convince you to add the dupes to your shopping list now.    


      13. Jimmy Choo Faux Pearl-embellished Leather Sandals

The Alaina sandals by Jimmy Choo are also a good candidate for creating designer-inspired shoes. Interestingly, you can find the ideal resemblance for the slender straps and pearl embellishments in Zara’s pearl strap flat sandals. The strap featuring pearl detail alongside a toe loop and the square toe design leaves little to differentiate the dupe from the original. 


Tips to Purchase Designer Shoe Dupes

Purchasing the latest designer shoe dupes can become easier with the following tips.

  • Review the website from which you are purchasing the designer shoe dupes. Make sure they are legitimate and follow all quality checks and standards.
  • Browse websites like Net-A-Porter or Far Fetch to get some inspiration on new designer shoes and hottest styles.
  • Do not fixate on finding designer dupes at cheap prices on all occasions. Even if the cost of a dupe might be high, the cost of the original would be a lot higher. 


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