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10 Most Popular Outfit Ideas to Copy from Kristen Stewart’s Wardrobe

Kristen Stewart is one of the emerging names among top Hollywood A-listers for her exceptionally amazing body of work. Her popularity skyrocketed after playing Bella in the Twilight series, and since then Kristen has proved her mettle as an actor in many other films. As one of the top Hollywood celebrities, Kristen Stewart style is obviously an inspiration for many women around the world. 

Therefore, many people want to know about the Kristen Stewart style and the secrets for recreating it perfectly. The most striking highlight of the looks of Kristen Stewart would be her preferences for an androgynous look. Let us figure out some outfits from her wardrobe that could elevate your style. 

Best Ideas for Recreating the Kristen Stewart Style

The best way to recreate the style of an individual would be to look at their outfits. Therefore, clear observation of Kristen Stewart outfits can deliver helpful inputs for incorporating her style in your wardrobes. The characteristic detail in the style of Kristen Stewart would be the sheer range of variation. 

At certain points of time, she goes with complete tomboy looks while also choosing really feminine looks in some cases. On top of it, Kristen Stewart street style also includes striking elements like dyed hair alongside black and grungy makeup. Here is an outline of some outfits sported by Kristen Stewart, which can help you recreate her style with ease. 

Outfit 1

kristen stewart outfits
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

The first look in Kristen Stewart style shows how she styles baggy distressed jeans effortlessly by rolling them up. She has sported a black top along with a bomber jacket as the top layer. In terms of accessories, Kristen has selected silver jewelry accents and sunglasses. The most striking element in this Kristen Stewart outfit is the smiley slippers, which are an unconventional choice in footwear that proves she doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

Outfit 2

kristen stewart style
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

You can also choose a Kristen Stewart dress like the beautiful pink dress she wears for her red carpet look. Kristen shines in her extremely feminine and elegant looks in the elegant pink dress topped with flawless hair and makeup. However, she also adds her unique style statement by roughening up the look with an oversized bomber jacket and black liner.

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Outfit 3

black jeans with a white t-shirt outfit
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

The element of blending feminine and masculine aspects in one look is a prominent highlight of Kristen Stewart fashion. She combines baggy black jeans with a white t-shirt and layers up with a black masculine jacket. In addition, Kristen also introduces some grungy elements in her look with red lips and different silver jewelry pieces. Kristen maintains the feminine aspect in her looks by putting on loafers with buckles and socks, signifying her child-like spirit. 

Outfit 4

kristen stewart style
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

The selection of outfits with Kristen Stewart style will also bring you other options with a blend of different styles. You can clearly notice how Kristen sports a tomboy aesthetic in the bottom half with biker shorts and unisex sneakers. On the other hand, the top half reflects femininity in abundance with a classic Channel-looking jacket. 

Outfit 5

Kristen Stewart vintage look
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

You can also recreate Kristen Stewart outfits for dinner dates with a twist. The dinner look of Kristen showcases the effortless ways in which vintage elements appear extremely modern. The jeans provide a clear example of incorporating vintage elements for casual outfits. On top of it, the vintage-looking coat and shoes alongside the black sweater complement the vintage jeans effectively. 

Outfit 6

kristen stewart street style
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

Kristen loves to sport her classic looks more often, and the tailored casual outfit is something you wouldn’t want to miss. The classic Kristen look incorporates a tailored suit effortlessly in an outfit with worn-out converse sneakers. The worn-out converse sneakers add a grungy element to the outfit while reducing the formal element, which works nicely for classic Kristen looks. 

Outfit 7

Kristen Stewart glam look
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

You can also turn to Kristen Stewart style for glam looks with equal proportions of sexy and feminine elements. The best highlight about the style of Kristen Stewart is the fact that she never shies away from trying new things. In addition, she also experiments continuously with the different facets of her personality. For instance, Kristen has added a unique edge to her outfit with smoky and dark eye makeup. As a result, she was able to assemble a look that falls closer to the style themes she sports usually. 

Outfit 8

kristen stewart style
PHOTO: @kstewupdates

Another promising example of the Kristen Stewart street style could be clearly visible in another casual everyday look. The baggy jeans are rolled-up and she paired them with a vintage t-shirt without a bra. She has added sneakers and a pair of fun sunglasses to elevate her casual, trendy look. However, the top highlight of the outfit is that Kristen has not done any hairstyling or makeup.

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Outfit 9

casual vibe
PHOTO: @kristexnstewart

In a world of virtual events, Kristen Stewart style becomes more of a necessity than an inspiration. She deals with virtual press events by focusing her attention on hairstyling and makeup and her top mainly. All she has done is ensure that she looks presentable in the upper half. Kristen also adds a spirited and casual vibe in her looks with a pair of joggers and a bit of slouching. 

Outfit 10

PHOTO: @kristenstewartx

The final outfit inspiration for incorporating Kristen Stewart fashion in your wardrobe would come from her airport look. She sports a very casual and cozy airport look with a pair of baggy jeans and a t-shirt. Interestingly, she puts on two jackets for a distinctive look and practical reasons. In addition, she also has on sunglasses and sneakers with socks that make the look even more casual and cozy. On top of it, she also adds a hat to create the illusion of privacy. Anyone can recreate this classic Kristen look with jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket without any complications. 

Tips to Style up Outfits like Kristen Stewart

Here are some tips that can help you adopt the Kristen Stewart style in your outfits.                

  • Identify the common things Kristen Stewart loves in her outfits, such as baggy jeans, crop tops, vintage t-shirts, bomber jackets, and sneakers
  • Keep your mind open to ideas for blending masculine and feminine elements in one outfit.
  • Search for reliable platforms which offer high-quality clothing and accessories if you want to recreate the style of Kristen. 
  • Another helpful suggestion for recreating outfits like Kristen Stewart refers to natural hair and makeup. In some cases, you may go for grunge and dark makeup with dark and smoky eyes or dyed hair.    

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