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12 Outfit Ideas to Steal From Kaia Gerber’s Style

Kaia Gerber is one of the hottest celebrities out there in the fashion scene right now. The daughter of Cindy Crawford, Kaia has truly inherited her mom’s legacy in terms of style. As a matter of fact, Kaia Gerber Street style outfits are gradually becoming a top favorite of teenagers all over the world. Just like many other supermodels, the street style elements in her outfits have earned a unique reputation for Kaia Gerber. 

The style of Kaia Gerber outfits is clearly something to envy, especially considering how almost any outfit looks amazing on her. With her adorable face and a long, slim silhouette, Kaia flaunts her distinctive style statement in various chic outfits. Interestingly, you can recreate the style of Kaia Gerber in your outfits by decoding the themes underlying her style. 

Best Ideas for Recreating the Style of Kaia Gerber

The first thing you can do to uncover the mystery behind Kaia Gerber fashion would be a clear observation of her style. Generally, Kaia loves to wear Levis jeans along with cute crop tops. If the weather is cold, she layers up with an oversized blazer or coat. In addition, Kaia also maintains a minimal approach to accessorizing alongside incorporating the 90s styles with rectangle sunglasses, converse sneakers, and shoulder bags

On top of it, summer outfits in Kaia Gerber Street style include feminine choices like adorable floral tea dresses. Most importantly, Kaia also chooses minimal hairstyling and makeup and lets her natural beauty shine. Furthermore, she also chooses subtle accessories such as hats, earrings, bags, and sunglasses. Let us find out how to recreate Kaia Gerber outfits with the following outfit ideas.

Outfit 1

kaia gerber fashion

The look of Kaia Gerber in this outfit clearly shows her love for casual yet smart aesthetics. With a sophisticated casual chic outfit and a coffee in her hand, Kaia clearly sets some new benchmarks in fashion. You can have the same outfit in Kaia Gerber fashion with pleated pants and a striped crop top. One could not help but notice the French style influences in the outfit. Accessorize like Kaia Gerber in her trusted Converse sneakers and only a pair of sunglasses. 

Outfit 2

Kaia Gerber maxi form-fitting dress

The best example of a Kaia Gerber dress to add to your wardrobe comes in a glamorous outfit donned by her to an event. Kaia shows how you can rock the minimal aesthetic in a maxi form-fitting dress in black, suitable for a new year party or graduation. The dress finds the right companions in a pair of dainty earrings and a minimal bag. On top of it, you can go with natural hair styling and makeup to complete your looks like Kaia.

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Outfit 3

kaia gerber street style

You can look at the outfit of Kaia on set for another Kaia Gerber Street style inspiration. Kaia maintains her signature youthful look with a pair of straight leg jeans and a cute blue crop top. However, she also balances out the cuteness in her look with a black tote bag and boots. 

Outfit 4


Kaia Gerber shows the best ways to go out on a food run in style with a tailored casual look. She sports a pair of menswear style pants and a simple crop top alongside an oversized leather blazer. Such Kaia Gerber outfits prove how effortlessly you can incorporate her style in your wardrobes. You can also try to add on sunglasses like Kaia as the finishing touch. 

Outfit 5

kaia gerber street style

You can also go with Kaia Gerber jeans for a casual look with other simple additions. The Levi’s jeans (probably vintage) along with the simple tee and a striped overshirt, give you the perfect chic casual outfit. She has added Converse sneakers, and the overall look is quite easy to replicate by anyone. Apart from maintaining natural hair and makeup, Kaia goes for minimal accessories like a small bag and a camera pouch. 

Outfit 6

Kaia Gerber maxi dress

Kaia never fails to stun in her glam looks, especially with maxi form-fitting dresses. Take a turn from the usual Kaia Gerber Street style outfits by grabbing a form-fitting maxi dress in nude with sparkle detailing. The complementing shoes and necklace for the dress alongside Kaia’s minimal hair and makeup give one of the best effortless looks you can recreate. 

Outfit 7

kaia gerber dress

The sheer cuteness of the Kaia Gerber dress in an outfit with a floral dress is unquestionable. She has topped her sundress with chic choices like boots, sunglasses, and a shoulder bag. Interestingly, you can notice how Kaia manages to move away from her comfort zone (jeans and a crop top), and still ace the look. 

Outfit 8


If you are looking for trendy picks other than just Kaia Gerber jeans, then you might have discovered the answer. You can replicate the trendy look of Kaia Gerber, in which she sports a simple mini skirt and a tucked-in striped top. Kaia chooses flat loafers and a shoulder bag alongside her favorite sunglasses as the accessories in this modern preppy look

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Outfit 9

kaia gerber outfits

The classic Kaia Gerber Street style with Levis jeans is also a favorite for spring outfits. You can easily copy the outfit with a crop top and black boots alongside a shoulder bag. 

Outfit 10


Dresses are a recurring element in Kaia Gerber fashion, and you can find the best inspiration with her casual dress look. Grab a mid-length dress like the one Kaia wears in this outfit and pair them with converse sneakers for a unique look. The shoulder bag and the camera pouch reflect the minimalist style of Kaia, and you can have the same effortlessly.

Outfit 11

kaia gerber street style

You can also try on Kaia Gerber Street style looks which she frequently wears to her gym or when she runs errands. Combine a pair of leggings with a cute sweatshirt and a pair of Uggs, followed by a shoulder bag. You can see that the outfit is quite relaxed and you don’t have to try too hard. 

Outfit 12

jogger suit with a trench coat

The final outfit recommendation from Kaia Gerber style would be one for colder days. You can wear a jogger suit like Kaia along with a trench coat for warmth and added style. Add on a pair of boots and a shoulder bag before completing the look with a beanie and sunglasses. 

Tips to Shop for Outfits like Kaia Gerber

Here are some tips that can help you shop for Kaia Gerber outfits with ease.

  • Invest adequate efforts in comprehensive research on the different outfits sported by Kaia Gerber. 
  • Look for similar dupes that match your body shape and style.  
  • Keep your hair and makeup minimal just like Kaia.          

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