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Simple Fashion Tips to Make A Jogger Suit More Stylish

Uncertainty invokes change, and the whole world learned it the hard way in the recent and unprecedented global pandemic. One global crisis showed how the world could function normally to a certain extent with people in their homes. Spending a long time in the comfort of homes has definitely caused some prominent changes in the fashion choices of women. The most notable one would be the love for women’s jogger suits and loungewear

As a matter of fact, women have also started wearing jogger suits as outdoor outfits. How could such a simple piece of clothing become one of the favorite trends for casual everyday looks? With the right pick of joggers and styling, you can easily incorporate your simple jogger suit set in chic outfits and wear them on different occasions. Let us try to find out the possible ways in which you can style your favorite joggers.

Best Pointers for Styling Women’s Jogger Suits

Experiments in fashion have always led to some new trends, which have worked out quite well in the past. Now, you can come across the popular trend of styling up women’s jogger suits for indoor as well as outdoor looks. Well, joggers have always been the best choice of outfits when people are indoors or go out on their morning jog. However, new ways for styling up full jogger suits with the right items offer some appealing outfit ideas for everyone. Here are some of the best pointers for elevating a simple jogger suit and creating stylish outfits. 

1. Add a Blazer

women's jogger suits
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

One of the first things you can do to style a jogger suit is to draw inspiration from fashion icons. Look up to Hailey Bieber and how she styles up jogger suit pants with an oversized blazer. The oversized blazer balances the jogger suit perfectly for a chic yet casual look. 

Grab a pair of plush jogging pants in off-white color with a high waist design and elastic drawstring waistband. Complete your jogger suit with a hooded ribbed sweatshirt in a cropped design and matching off-white color. Now, you can add a layer with an oversized full-cut blazer featuring a multi-color plaid pattern. 

The plaid pattern blazer will complement the off-white women’s jogger suits and add an element of refined chic style. Pick up a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers with a low-profile design, albeit with an adorable color combination of sail blue and coconut milk. Top up your casual and cute jogger suit look with a solid cuff beanie in beige and square frame sunglasses.

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2. Try Sophisticated Monochrome Looks

full jogger suits
PHOTO: @zara.outfits

You can find monochrome looks like this one as another possible way of styling a jogger suit set with sophisticated vibes. Interestingly, you can achieve the monochrome look effortlessly without having to worry too much about sophistication with joggers.

Choose a solid sweatshirt and sweatpants set in khaki, and you have invaluable wardrobe addition for indoor as well as outdoor outfits. The drop shoulder sleeves of the round neck, long-sleeved sweatshirt, and the fitted hems of the regular fit sweatpants provide the assurance of comfort. With such a promising choice of women’s jogger suits, you would need a double-button belted trench coat in khaki color to match. The elegant design of the midi-length trench coat alongside the classic lapel collar elevates the khaki jogger set effortlessly. 

Get a pair of chunky sock boots with a pull-on style in camel color to match the monochrome look. The choice of accessories like a shoulder bag in beige made of faux shearling with a cross-body chain strap complements your jogger suit pants and sweatshirt. You can also choose jewelry like a chunky curved necklace in gold for the finishing touch in this outfit.   

3. Choose Knit-style Joggers

Knit-style Joggers
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

Elsa Hosk gives us cozy winter Sunday morning vibes in her jogger suit look. In this outfit, she clearly shows how full jogger suits that are made well can be worn as a chic casual outfit with minimal effort. The choice of ribbed, knit-style joggers clearly works out for Elsa as she looks chicer than she would have in a regular tracksuit. 

You can pick a casual ribbed knit button front coat and pants set in a chocolate brown color. The elegant design of the jogger suit pants alongside the button front tunic top with a collared neckline work wonders for any outdoor outfit. Elevate the finesse of the jogger suit by adding a black wool coat with a belt. The long coat with a funnel neck design and heavy structure effectively adds a refined chic vibe to women’s jogger suits

Make a bold statement on top of the tunic top and pants set with a pair of heeled ankle boots in brown, featuring croc-embossed detailing and square-toe design. Accessorize wisely with a black quilted leather bag featuring a thick chain shoulder strap and a pair of 70s inspired sunglasses with oversized frames.

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4. Add Heeled Boots and Accessories

women's jogger suits
PHOTO: @chiaraferragni

The next promising pointer to help you style your favorite jogger suit set is to try heeled boots and accessories. Heeled boots and accessories play a huge role in making your look appear less like indoor outfits and chicer. In addition, a bit of hairstyling and makeup could also make your jogger suit outfits more sophisticated for outdoor looks. 

Start with a knit long-sleeved cute shirt in beige and pair them with high waist knit pants in beige as well. The wide-leg pants alongside the plain design offer the elegance of tailored outfits without trying too hard. You can elevate such simple women’s jogger suits with heeled ankle boots in beige.

Bring some jewelry into the mix as the accessories in this jogger suit look to make it look more outdoorsy. Some promising recommendations would be golden metal hoop earrings and a golden metal link necklace with pearl charms.

Tips to Shop for Jogger Suits

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for women’s jogger suits of your choice.

  • Plan the type of outfits you want to wear with jogger suits and the places you will wear them to. As a result, you can be specific about your jogger suit needs.
  • Set a clear budget for different items such as jogger suits, blazers, jackets, footwear, and accessories before you start shopping.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering, accessories, and conflicting styles. A jogger suit is like a blank canvas that can be the base of many looks and styles.

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