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11 Fashion Looks to Steal From Jennifer Aniston’s Signature Style

Jennifer Aniston has been one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood, with many notable works to her credit. Apart from a successful career as an actress, she has also established a formidable identity in the world of fashion. Other than her iconic roles, people admire and adore her for the classic Jennifer Aniston style with a distinct individualism. Interestingly, Jennifer has continued with her unique individual style for decades which gives a distinct appeal to her looks. Let us find the answer to “How do I dress like Jennifer Aniston?” by identifying the distinct elements in her style. 

Best Jennifer Aniston Outfits for Inspiration

The first thing you would find in Jennifer Aniston fashion would refer directly to her minimal style. Jen loves to wear basic looks such as a basic slip dress, neutral colors, jeans and t-shirts, and all-black outfits. On top of it, she keeps it really low-key with minimal accessories for her unique individual style. 

The other characteristic highlights in Jennifer Aniston style would point towards her hair and makeup. She maintains her shiny blonde hair alongside flawless glowing skin, which accentuates all her outfits perfectly. Jennifer loves to stick with her classic looks and always chooses what works best for her. Let us try to figure out the style secret in different Jennifer Aniston outfits you would love to wear.


Jennifer Aniston casual outfit
PHOTO: @jenniferaniston

Jennifer rocks a classic casual look on voting day in a basic lounge set. The blue lounge set looks really comfy without making her appear frumpy. On top of it, she has chosen a scarf and tinted sunglasses to compliment the casual look. 

Jeans and T-shirt

jennifer aniston style
PHOTO: @jenniferaniston

You can take a lot from Jennifer Aniston style on how to style up a basic black top and jeans. Cuddling with her dog, Jennifer looks absolutely gorgeous in her signature jeans and t-shirt look. 

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Classic Jeans and T-shirt Look

jennifer aniston street style
PHOTO: @jennifer_anistonil

The code to Jennifer Aniston street style fashion can become clearly visible once you figure out her classic jeans and t-shirt look. The denim jeans and white t-shirt are classic choices in Jen’s style. On top of it, she has established her preferences for minimal accessories with a pair of hoop earrings and gold accented accessories.

Cute Cargo Pants

Jennifer Aniston cargo pant outfit
PHOTO: @jenniferanistonscloset

Jennifer Aniston shows off how cute she is with a pair of green cargo pants along with a black t-shirt. The choice of accessories in Jennifer Aniston outfits like this would include a brown belt and neutral leather bag. Jennifer also adds a sophisticated touch to her cute outfit with sunglasses.

Elevated Looks

jennifer aniston style
PHOTO: @jennifer_anistonil

Another promising inspiration for recreating Jennifer Aniston fashion in your outfits would refer to her elevated casual looks. Jen sports a tailored look with elegance, albeit while maintaining a minimal aesthetic. The form-fitting fit and the all black choice add classiness to her outfit. However, the most striking highlight of Jennifer Aniston style in this look points to the gold accents. She has used three necklaces and a watch as a pop of color to her all-black outfit. 

Elevated Classic Style

PHOTO: @jennifer_anistonil

While the signature jeans and t-shirt look is a staple highlight in the looks of Jennifer, she has a knack for elevating her regular looks. For example, you can see how she uses a black blazer and a pair of cute zip-up boots to elevate her jeans and t-shirt look. 

Black Mini Dress and Blazer 

Jennifer Aniston mini dress and blazer outfit
PHOTO: @jenniferanistonscloset

You can also find answers for “How do I dress like Jennifer Aniston?” with this black mini dress look. Choose a simple black mini dress and top it up with an oversized blazer. Remember to add a pair of sexy heels for an ideal night-out look. The most striking highlight in the black mini dress look of Jennifer is the classic aviator Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Glam Looks

PHOTO: @jenniferanistonscloset

There are many reasons to adore Jennifer Aniston outfits, and her award show outfit proves the same. With a minimal slip dress in white, she was able to create a chic and timeless aesthetic with her look. Jennifer looked nothing less than a goddess as she sported the white slip dress with elegance alongside simple hair and makeup. She also opted for minimal accessories by choosing only a pair of earrings.

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Princess Looks

jennifer aniston style
PHOTO: @jenniferanistonscloset

Well, Jennifer is truly a princess on many accounts, and her style offers testament to the fact. However, she can also deviate from the classic Jennifer Aniston style by bringing subtle modifications. You can find one of her dramatic looks with a custom-made black princess gown alongside many statement jewelry pieces. 

Furthermore, you can also note changes in hair and makeup style as Jennifer goes with smokier makeup. She also has her hair done more than usual. The example of Jen’s princess looks shows that she can deviate from the usual Jennifer Aniston street style outfits. However, the best thing you can see here is the fact that Jennifer does not have any difficulties in moving out of her comfort zone. 

Classic Hair and Makeup Looks

PHOTO: @jennifer_anistonil

You can also find the best way to recreate the style in Jennifer Aniston fashion by imitating her hair and makeup style. Glowing and flawless skin can easily make a formidable impact on any type of outfit. In addition, simply done hair also adds a casual vibe to your looks while the healthy and shiny locks make the best impact.

The Iconic Rachel Green Look

jennifer aniston style
PHOTO: @everyrachel.outfit

Among all the looks of Jennifer Aniston, the outfits of her iconic character, Rachel Green, would top the list. You can find a clear reflection of Jennifer Aniston style with the signature 90s elements in her looks as Rachel Green. The casual looks of Jen as Rachel Green included many basics such as denim overalls, crop tops, plaid patterns, Levi’s jeans, and dresses over basic t-shirts and preppy outfits

Tips to Shop for Outfits like Jennifer Aniston

Here are some tips to help you shop for clothes to dress up like Jennifer Aniston.

  • Jennifer Aniston style outfits are minimal and understated so make sure you keep in line with that guideline.
  • Jenn’s looks are minimal yet chic thanks to her choice of quality items that never date like Levi’s jeans, Ray-Ban aviators, and simple t-shirts. So, buy less and invest in quality pieces.
  • Go with minimal accessory choices just like Jennifer and opt for gold rather than silver.
  • Hair and makeup are the keys to Jenn’s glamorous looks so make sure you put the effort into your skin and hair to keep them healthy and glowy from within.

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