Affordable Influencer Outfits You Can Try Yourself

influencer outfit on a budget
PHOTO: @tayhage, @freyakillin

Fashion influencers bring new fashion trends with their effortless way of styling their outfits. Here’re the best ideas to recreate an influencer outfit on a budget

Style depends on personal preferences, and there is no doubt about it. However, inspiration and ideas have always birthed new trends in fashion. If you are ready to experiment with your style, then you can come up with some amazing looks. However, where do you find new ideas for experimenting with your style? One of the most common answers for the question would take you to fashion influencers. 

They look great and bring new trends in effortless ways in their outfits. So, you are not the only one looking for an influencer outfit on a budget, as there are many of us who love fashion influencers style. What are the best choices you have for copying a fashion influencer’s outfits on a budget? Let us find the answer.

Ideas for Recreating Influencer Outfits on A Budget

The first thing you need to keep in mind before looking for an influencer costume on a budget is that the styles of different influencers would be different. You need to look for specific fashion influencers with similar taste to yours if you want to copy their outfits on a budget. Here are some looks that you can try out for replicating popular looks of fashion influencers on a budget. 

1. Alexx Coll and the Perfect Winter Outfit 

influencer costume
PHOTO: @alexxcoll

Alexx Coll is a renowned British fashion model and fashion influencer with an extended follower base across YouTube and Instagram. Her winter outfit is a great pick for anyone seeking answers to “How do you dress like an influencer?” on a budget. 

Start with a pair of high waist fitted Ottoman leggings and a solid rib-knit sweater with a turtleneck design in black. On top of it, you can go with a better alternative for layering, like Alexx Coll in her winter outfit. For an influencer outfit on a budget, you can choose a teddy-lined moto jacket made of PU leather. With the perfect base layer for the winter outfit like Alexa Coll, you need to choose footwear like the ones she’s wearing. A pair of mid-calf Chelsea boots in black would be the first choice you can pick without any doubts. 

The influencer costume of Alexx Coll also calls for choosing similar accessories. A croc embossed flap square bag in black and acrylic frame tinted lens sunglasses in black are the best picks. Finally, you can match the influencer look with a minimalist solid beanie. 


2. Freya Killin and the Light Monochrome Look

influencer outfit on a budget
PHOTO: @freyakillin

Freya Killin is also another top social media influencer known for her Instagram videos. She is popular for her stylish looks and unique preferences in her outfits. You can recreate an influencer outfit on a budget with the light monochrome look Freya wears gracefully. 

Grab a pair of sand color faux leather leggings with a high waist design. Go with a high collar knit sweater in cream color with ribbed trims and false metal button detailing. Now, wear a drop shoulder coat in plaid print just like Freya in her light monochrome outfit. You can find the cost-effective footwear choice with a pair of chunky sole Chelsea boots in cream color. The final addition for completing such influencer outfit ideas would be a chain strap shoulder bag in apricot color. The Chevron pattern and apricot color match the light monochrome look precisely.

3. Negin Mirsalehi and the Layered Casual Look

influencer clothing
PHOTO: @negin_mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi is also a top name for influencer clothing inspiration. Renowned for her blogs on fashion and some appealing style statements, Negin is one of the influencers people look up to for outfit ideas. Her layered casual look is a clear example of the ease of crafting outfits like fashion influencers on a budget. 

You can pick high waist jeans in mid-blue color with a washed effect and ripped detailing on the front. The slim fit and the unfinished hem of the cropped jeans are crucial for matching this influencer outfit on a budget. A basic round neck cotton t-shirt in white can match the jeans effectively. The next addition in your layered casual look like Negin would be a cable-knit drop shoulder sweater in navy blue. Over the sweater, you have to add a denim jacket in mid-wash blue to elevate the layered aesthetic. Does the layering stop here?

Such ideas for an influencer costume would also include another layer like Negin sports in her layered casual looks. A shawl collar pea coat in navy blue with flap detailing incorporates sophistication and warmth into the look. Just add a pair of chunky loafers in khaki made of leather and a denim shoulder bag with a chevron quilted pattern and you’ve got a winning look. 

4. Pernille Teisbaek and the Minimal Chic Look 

Pernille Teisbaek outfits
PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

Pernille Teisbaek has crafted her name as one of the most followed fashion influencers in present times. The Danish stylist and creative director have garnered almost 1.2 million followers on Instagram for her chic outfit choices. You can find how to recreate influencer outfit on a budget easily by taking the minimal chic look of Pernille as an example. 

A high waist denim mini skirt in black is a great choice to reiterate the looks of Pernille in the minimal chic outfit. then add a solid cable-knit drop shoulder sweater in beige, just like Pernille wears in the outfit. The suitable choice of footwear for copying the fashion influencer clothing here would be solid platform penny loafers in black. Now, you can complete the look with a pair of simple black sunglasses and 14K gold-plated twist hoop earrings. 

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5. Taylor Hage and the Cute Winter Preppy Look

influencer outfit on a budget
PHOTO: @tayhage

The young fashion influencer from the United States, Taylor Hage, has become a huge fan favorite for her daily outfits. Her beautiful looks and fashion choices have offered inspiration for recreating an influencer outfit on a budget like the cute winter preppy look.        

The best pick to start with the cute winter preppy look is a solid zip back straight skirt made of PU leather with split hem detailing. The cute skirt in black color works exceptionally well with an oversized white cotton blouse featuring a curved hem. A fluffy knit sweater vest with an argyle pattern adds up to the preppy vibe in your influencer outfit on a budget. Cover up with a black oversized long coat, and remember to put on a pair of tights. 

Dress up your feet with a pair of simple crew socks and minimalist chunky loafers. The only accessory you need to rock a look like Taylor Hage is a textured flap square bag in black with a twist lock design. 

Tips to Shop for Influencer Outfits

Here are some ideas you might find helpful while shopping for clothes like influencers.

  • A clear inspection of existing clothes in your wardrobe is essential before you shop for new clothes like influencers.
  • Browse the content feed of different fashion influencers and identify the ones whose style appeals to you the most. 
  • Budget planning is also a crucial step for assembling influencer outfits.


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