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4 Ways to Wear Shorts in Cold Weather for Winter 2022

Do you end up packing back your shorts in cold weather? No need to do that; here’re the best ideas for wearing shorts in winter.

Shorts are undoubtedly one of the classic choices for any woman’s wardrobe for various reasons. While there is no reason to doubt the style appeal of shorts, it is quite difficult to wear them in the winter. You could not just bare your legs in the freezing cold by dressing up in your favorite pair of summer shorts. 

However, there are many other promising options for wearing shorts in winter if you know the right ways to style them. You don’t have to miss your shorts during the winter when you have styling solutions to make them chic as well as suitable for the weather. Let us take a look at how to wear shorts in winter with some interesting outfit ideas.

Best Ideas for Wearing Shorts in Winter Season

You can come across many challenges when incorporating shorts in your winter outfits. The different ideas for styling outfits with shorts in winter can offer a massive bit of help and resolve such challenges. You have to stay away from denim shorts in winter and look for leather shorts or wool. Try picking up shorts made of thicker fabric, particularly in darker colors such as black, brown, and khaki. 

In addition, you could also blend in a pair of fleece-lined tights for a warm and cozy outfit. You can style shorts just like pants by adding a top, sweater, boots, and accessories alongside many other possibilities. Here are some practical ideas for chic winter shorts outfits you would love to try right now. 

1. Monochrome Look

The monochrome option is probably the best one for wearing shorts in winter without any complexities. You can begin assembling a monochrome outfit in black by choosing faux leather shorts in black. The high waist design of the shorts, along with the pleat detailing, gives off a chic and glamorous aesthetic. Put on a pair of sheer black tights made of nylon and spandex blend for better comfort and warmth. 

You might be wondering about how to wear shorts in winter for a monochrome look like this one. What are the other elements required for styling up the monochrome look with the black faux leather shorts? You can grab a cashmere polo shirt in black with half-placket detailing. On top of it, you can add a menswear style blazer in black made of faux leather for an extra chic appeal. Slip into a pair of flat chunky knee boots in black, and add the finishing touch in your monochrome look with shorts by adding a wool beret in black. 

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2. Warm and Chic 

The best way for wearing shorts in winter is to choose a warm and chic outfit combination. You can pick up formal shorts with darts detailing and a tailored look. The dart detailing and high waist complement the medium brown color of the shorts effortlessly. Now, you would need a pair of fleece-lined tights in a fake translucent color tone for warmth in your outfit. Choose a long-sleeve camel color bodysuit with a square neckline for a chic and warm outfit with shorts. 

As you can see, you don’t have to find how to wear jean shorts in winter, you can just leave them for summer. Now, to complete the look, add a teddy-lined jacket in chocolate brown with dropped shoulders and a cozy vibe. The suitable choice of footwear, in this case, would be a pair of knee-high flat boots in camel color. Top up your outfit with a quilted square bag in khaki with an elegant design and a chunky gold-tone chain strap.

3. Preppy Chic

Shorts have always been a trustworthy pick for preppy chic outfits. In the winter, you can have preppy chic outfits with shorts without worrying about the cold. You can find the easiest solution for wearing shorts in winter with high waist suede shorts in army green color. The next addition to your preppy chic outfit with shorts is a contrast lace collar sweater in black. You can easily incorporate the preppy element in your outfit with the white Peter Pan collar. Most importantly, remember to add a pair of black opaque tights to ensure you are safe from the winter cold.

You can add a hint of class into preppy winter shorts outfits like this one with the right footwear selection. Think of a pair of black low heel loafers with thick lug soles and chain detailing at the front. The chain loafers would look better with solid crew socks in white. Finally, layer up in a double button belted pea coat in black and you’ve got a complete look.

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4. Cozy Option

Many people wonder about how to wear jean shorts in winter without an idea of the options they have. You can go for cozy outfits with shorts in the winter season. Grab a set of cable-knit sweaters and shorts in khaki. The high collar sweater with a drop shoulder matches perfectly with the knit shorts. The combination of shorts and sweater in cable knit gives you a cozy option for lounging as well as going outside. 

You don’t have to worry about wearing shorts in winter anymore with such outfit ideas. Put on a pair of over the knee cable-knit socks in driftwood color tone. The choice of accessories would also be crucial here, so add a simple Pom Pom beanie in a matching khaki color and you’re done. 

Tips to Shop for Shorts to Wear in the Winter Season

The different outfit ideas can help you come up with some chic winter outfits with shorts. However, you must follow some essential pointers to land up with the perfect shorts for winter. 

  • Choose thicker fabrics such as wool and leather that are more suited for cold weather. Leave your beloved denim shorts in your summer wardrobe.
  • Darker colors are a favorable styling option when wearing shorts in winter
  • Don’t forget to add tights to your outfit, they will keep you warm whilst adding another style element. There are fleece-lined tights on Amazon that are cheap, and provide a lot of warmth.

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