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Here Are The Best Street Style Ways To Wear Sequins

Sequins are one of the most alluring elements in fashion, just like you would find sprinkles on ice cream. The distinct sparkle of sequins is definitely something that leaves little room for accessorizing. Designers have been crafting many unique pieces of sequined garments over the years with extreme precision. Interestingly, the history of sequined garments goes back to ancient Egypt. Without diving further into how sequins were popular among the Pharaohs, let us try to find out how to wear a sequin mini dress for a special occasion. 

Best Tips for Wearing Sequin Dresses

You can definitely find a great party outfit with a red sequin dress you have purchased recently. However, many people have doubts about wearing sequin dresses as they are unique types of clothes with many variations. In addition, you should also focus on the context where you would wear the dress to make a plausible choice. Finding out how to wear a sequin mini skirt can be tough in more than one way when you are doing it for the first time. Here are some pointers that will help you dress up in sequin dresses with ease and style.

1. Dress Up for Special Events

Sequins are a favorable choice for any type of special occasions, such as a New Year’s Eve party, birthday parties, or engagement parties. You could choose sequin party dresses for special events to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The most promising suggestion for you in such cases would be a sequin wrap mini dress with floral prints. The sequins will compliment any makeup you choose and the flowers add a delicate touch.

2. Sequins Can Be Casual and Sophisticated 

You don’t have to think of a party every time you need to know how to wear a sequin mini dress. As a matter of fact, you can find sequined garments for casual occasions as well as many sophisticated options. For example, you can try out a sequin ‘jogger’ set with a cool and trendy vibe. The outfit includes a sequin jogger in sage green along with a sequin shirt in the same color. You can wear the pieces separately if you want a more casual look, or wear them together with a delicate heel for a more sophisticated look.

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3. Sequin is Not All about Silver

The next important thing you need to know about ‘how to wear a sequin mini skirt’ is that silver is not your only option of color. As a matter of fact, you have many other color options you can choose from when it comes to sequin. 

For instance, you can try out a vibrant fuchsia pink mini dress with sash detailing for a night out.

On the other hand, you can also pick up a long-sleeve black sequin jumpsuit for a chic, understated look. 

4. Go Big for the Big Events

Sometimes sequin can be your savior when it comes to events more special than birthdays, such as weddings. If you want all the eyes at the event on you, then you definitely need to try something big. 

Try on a lavender sequin strapless gown featuring a ravishing neckline and side slit for prom, and you won’t be disappointed.

You wouldn’t need to wonder much about how to wear a sequin mini dress when you have a bead-embellished column gown. Decked with metallic sequins, the figure-hugging gown makes a formidable statement you would love to sport for a big event like an engagement party. 

5. Try Some Interesting Choices

The choice of a two-piece set with sequins can also be a different way than the conventional options for how to wear a sequin mini dress. It is definitely an interesting variation over the mini dress and offers something new to your looks. 

The shimmering sequins shine perfectly in this two-piece sequin number with an A-line skirt and a cropped tank top. 

You could also find another top choice in sequin party dresses with a two-piece silver sequin top and mini skirt. The alluring mini skirt featuring a notched hemline and the sleeveless crop top are some highlights you wouldn’t want to miss.   

6. Dressing for Your Engagement/Bachelorette

Sequin dresses are also great options for your engagement or bachelorette party outfits. The best recommendation would be a white sequin jumpsuit with a strapless sweetheart neckline and an oversized fit. 

7. Go With Sequin Pants

If you are struggling to find a cute red sequin dress, then you can definitely go with sequin pants. Sequin pants are one of the trendy ways to wear sequin in 2022, and you can have many interesting options. 

A pair of flash pants in rose gold sequins crafted from nylon blend could be a great pick for parties. 

Dress up for disco with the sequin flare leg pants, which feature a twinkling aesthetic vibe. 

You could also go with high-waist palazzo lounge pants with a wide-leg design as an option for fun night-outs. 

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8. Tone Down the Glam 

In most cases, you can find easy alternatives for how to wear a sequin mini dress by turning down the glamour. You don’t need to go with the complete sequin effect when you can choose simple looks. One such outfit would include a sequin top alongside a pair of jeans for a less-glam look. 

You can choose a Christiana top with metallic knit fabric and sequin embellishments all over in blush nude. 

Another choice of sequin top for a less-glam look would be a sequin bodysuit with adjustable shoulder straps. 

You could also go with a sequin halter camisole with sequin embellishments all over for an alluring party outfit. 

9. Add Jackets with Sequins for Winter Wardrobes

You can also add sequins to your winter wardrobes with jackets. Jackets are a great alternative for how to wear a sequin mini dress for the winter season. You can have the alluring appeal of sequin without having to bear the harsh cold. 

One of the best options for a sequin jacket for your winter wardrobe would be a shimmery metallic shirt jacket. The dropped shoulders and cuffs with snap fasteners are some casual design highlights which work perfectly in this piece.

You could also find a more casual sequin choice in a women’s evening blazer jacket. The open-front design and long sleeves are everything you need to jazz up a boring outfit.

Another promising choice of sequin jacket for you might include a women’s sequin cardigan with glitter sparkle. The open-front coat dress is an ideal pick for a minimal look because it adds drama and makes you shine.

10. Gold Sequins are Classics

Gold sequins are always a trusted option that also deals with your troubles on how to accessorize a sequin dress. They present a revised take on the conventional sequin look. 

A long-sleeve romper featuring a wrap silhouette and tie detail at the waist in gold sequin might be a perfect choice. 

You could also find it easy to know how to wear a sequin mini dress with a figure-hugging dress featuring adjustable straps and a high neckline. 

A high-waist sequin mini skirt could also be a great choice to add to your wardrobe thanks to the classic gold-tone embellishments. 

11. Accessorize in Sequin 

Most of the time, people look for options for how to accessorize a sequin dress. The best answer for such a question would point to a minimal approach. But what if you decided to not go for a sequin outfit because it’s too much for you? The solution is to go for great sequin accessories. 

You can pick up a pair of sparkly strap heeled sandals.

Or a sparkly shoulder bag

Another interesting choice in sequined accessories might include an ankle strap pump with jewel-tone detailing. 

You can also choose a pair of glitter sneakers from the branded house of Golden Goose for a casual look. 

Tips to Shop for Sequin Dresses

Here are some interesting tips to help you shop for sequin dresses.

  • Look through the leading online platforms that offer a wide assortment of options including sequins. For example- Asos, Revolve, Nordstrom, Shein, Zara.
  • Read the reviews of all the dresses before you purchase to make sure it is worth it. 
  • Make sure that you have a clear impression of how to style the dress in terms of shoes, jewelry, and bag. 
  • Wearing a sequin dress can feel bold and attention-grabbing, but if you choose the right dress/jumpsuit/two-piece for you, it will surely look fabulous. 

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