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12 Stunning Looks of Celebrities and Influencers with Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers have turned into one of the most dominant trends in mainstream fashion recently. The relaxed fit alongside design variations and materials used in oversized blazers make them a versatile choice for any outfit. However, many women and girls are apprehensive about finding how to style oversized blazer outfits. Why? Is there any specific reason to avoid such a sophisticated and chic wardrobe addition for women? 

Well, if you take a closer look, oversized blazers are basically menswear-style blazers. Therefore, many of you beautiful divas must have assumed that oversized blazers would look manly. On the contrary, the right oversized blazer styling tips can help you shatter such doubts. You can find numerous ways to style oversized blazers, particularly by drawing inspiration from celebrities and fashion influencers

Style Inspiration from Influencers for Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers come with distinct traits such as boxy and relaxed fit alongside broad shoulders. The versatile design of the blazers is evident in different options of colors as well as styling. However, many women try to find how to wear oversized blazer by taking inspiration from celebrities and fashion influencers. Here are some of the most notable oversized blazer looks of celebrities and influencers that everyone can wear. 

1. Elsa Hosk

how to style oversized blazer

Elsa Hosk paints a completely different picture of oversized blazers by sporting a light monochrome look with her blazer. On top of it, the fitted aesthetic in her outfit also shows how to style oversized blazer for chic outfits. The blazer incorporates effortless vibes in her look by choosing a pair of slippers as her choice of footwear outside. 

2. Julie Sarinana

ovesized blazer

Julie Sarinana gives you the perfect example of wearing the oversized blazer look in spring and summer outfits. She has combined simple denim shorts and a white t-shirt in her oversized blazer outfit. In addition, she also brings cool items like sneakers and a designer crossbody bag in her look. You can notice how the blazer elevates her look and makes it more appealing. 


3. Kendall Jenner

oversized blazer look,

Kendall Jenner gives a smart answer for how to style oversized blazer with her casual look. She paired an oversized black blazer with a simple graphic tee and straight-leg pants in black. Kendall knows how to make a statement in her looks with interesting choices like the oversized Bottega Veneta bag in this outfit. The dad-style sandals complement the ‘dad’ vibe in her oversized blazer outfit while keeping her look coherent and trendy.

4. Aimee Song

how to style oversized blazer

Aimee Song shows how oversized blazer street style outfits can look sophisticated with the right additions. She chooses the menswear style aesthetic in this look where the blazer blends in well with the menswear trousers. In addition, the dad sneakers also add cool vibes to her outfit with the oversized blazer. 

5. Taylor Hage

oversized blazer styling

Taylor Hage brings a new definition on how to style oversized blazer with her winter look. She wears her oversized blazer over a chunky white sweater alongside tailored cream pants, and she carries a fluffy quilted chain-strap shoulder bag in the same color palette. In this look, Taylor shows how minimalism with refined choices can help you shine in any outfit with oversized blazers. 

6. Hailey Bieber

Oversized blazer street style

You can also find promising inspiration for styling oversized blazer look outfits from Hailey Bieber. The reigning queen of style sports an oversized blazer in the most glamorous night outlook by choosing designer jeans. Another interesting basic addition to her outfit is the simple black t-shirt that matches perfectly with her heels. In addition, she also makes it a point to show her “cool” side with her favorite Bottega Veneta pouch bag that adds more color. 

7. Emma Hill

oversized blazer styling

Emma Chamberlain is undoubtedly another top name among fashion influencers in the present time. She presents new ideas of how to style oversized blazer outfits in the easiest and most chic way possible. Interestingly, Emma shows how you can never go wrong with timeless choices like an oversized black blazer in a casual look. Emma focuses on conventional outfit choices such as a pair of classic jeans and a black top. The other highlights in Emma’s clean and stylish oversized blazer look are the black heels and black sunglasses that create a chic total look.

8. Alexa Chung

how to style oversized blazer

You can also look at Alexa Chung and her latest look in an oversized blazer for inspiration. Alexa breaks the myth that oversized blazers look good in black only. However, a check blazer easily elevates simple jeans and top combination with matching 70s sunglasses. 

9. Camila Coelho

Oversized blazer street style

Camila presents some serious glam outfit goals with her winter monochrome look in brown. She pairs a crop top with pleated shorts gathered at the hem along with an oversized blazer in brown. In addition, the knee-high heeled boots also complement her sexy oversized blazer outfit. Most importantly, Camila has proven that you can wear an oversized blazer in sexy looks by showing the right amount of skin. 

10. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

how to wear oversized blazer

Rosie HW lends a laidback vibe to her oversized blazer in an all-black look. She shows how to style oversized blazer with shorts that meet the end of the blazer perfectly. You cannot help but admire the styling choice that creates the illusion of a blazer dress, thereby making your look more interesting. 


11. Elsa Hosk

 oversized blazer look

You can put all your worries about styling oversized blazer street style outfits with inspiration from Elsa Hosk in this outfit. She wears the same oversized blazer from before, this time for a girly night-out look, featuring highlights of pink. The oversized fit of the blazer balances the preppy elements in the cute pink set Elsa wears under her blazer. 

12. Aimee Song

Oversized blazer street style

Aimee Song gives you another interesting idea on how to style oversized blazer with an oversized leather blazer. The aesthetics of the leather blazer elevate her night out look effortlessly, as leather is a great choice for evening looks. Interestingly, leather gives off sexy and edgy vibes in any type of outfit. 

Tips to Shop for Oversized Blazers

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for oversized blazers.

  • Remember the oversized blazer need to look boxy and big, so don’t size down, and stick with your regular size. 
  • Petite girls might struggle to find an oversized blazer that doesn’t drown them, so looking at options in the “petite” section is a good idea.
  • Oversized blazers can be styled both casually and as an addition to glam looks. Don’t limit yourself to jeans a t-shirt look, try more styling options and see what works for you.

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