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13 Celebrities Outfits That Look Stunning With a Pair of Converse All Star

Converse, a subsidiary of Nike, has become a common name in the closet priorities of people all over the world. Irrespective of gender and age, a pair of Converse All Star sneakers are suitable for regular everyday outfits. At the same time, they are also a relevant choice in modern footwear trends for their exceptional levels of versatility. Many of you are eager to know how to style converse All Star sneakers with different types of chic outfits. Where do you find the inspiration for styling Converse All Star sneakers? Celebrities and fashion influencers are the obvious answers in this case. Let us find some interesting outfit ideas inspired by celebrities and influencers for styling your favorite pair of sneakers. 

Outfit Ideas for Styling Converse All Star Sneakers 

When it comes to suggestions on outfit ideas, you can always rely on celebrities and fashion influencers. Well, they have some unique fashion tricks up their sleeves for assembling exceptionally stylish and chic outfits. Rather than struggling with the selection of the ideal converse sneakers style, you can observe how notable fashion icons wear them effortlessly with style. Here are some outfit ideas inspired by top names in fashion that would work perfectly with Converse sneakers.

1. Pernille Teisbaek

how to style converse
PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

Popular fashion influencer and author, Pernille Teisbaek, shows how to style converse sneakers with tailored yet casual aesthetics. She sports classic white high top Converse All Star sneakers with a pair of straight leg jeans and a tucked-in basic white shirt. On top of it, Pernille has added a black blazer with buttoned cuffs and black sunglasses to complete an effortlessly chic casual look. 

2. Emma Chamberlain

converse sneakers style
PHOTO: @emmachamberlain

American YouTube sensation, Emma Chamberlain, brings us inspiration for casual, youthful looks with high top Converse sneakers. You can learn how to style high top converse sneakers with just a pair of high waist ankle-length jeans. The raw hem detailing of the jeans complements the striped crop top with turtleneck design for a trendy laidback aesthetic.

3. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo converse outfit ideas
PHOTO: @oliviarodrigo

The ever-adorable Olivia Rodrigo also shows us how to style converse All Star sneakers for a cute and sophisticated outfit in this picture. Olivia has styled a pair of classic black converse sneakers with tailored black pants, a cute polo collar t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. You can notice how the animated print of the white t-shirt works perfectly with the white fluffy shoulder bag in leopard print design. 

4. Addison Rae

how to style converse
PHOTO: @addisonraee

Sometimes you don’t have to try hard for outfits that go with converse sneakers, just like Addison Rae. The American media sensation sports black Converse sneakers with high waist denim shorts and a white crop tank. She has also maintained minimalism in accessorizing with just a simple bracelet and a choker necklace. 

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5. Kristen Cavallari

Kristen Cavallari sneaker outfit ideas
PHOTO: @danixmichelle

Kristen Cavallari also wears a pair of beige high top All Star sneakers with a summer dress outfit. The tiered white dress with smocked detailing and front tie detailing is a perfect companion for the casual sneakers. However, Kristen also answers the question of what to wear with converse in terms of accessories with the golden 3-chain necklace set, rings, and a simple bracelet. This is a great vacation look anyone can recreate.

6. Kendall Jenner

how to style high top converse
PHOTO: @danixmichelle

Kendall gives you another promising outfit idea with a preppy look in Converse sneakers. You wouldn’t have any trouble finding how to style converse sneakers the same way Kendall does in this picture. Grab a pair of high-waist straight-leg pants in a plaid pattern and top it up with a white cropped tank top. Put on black sunglasses and you’re ready to go. 

7. Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk sneakers style
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

Elsa Hosk brings another best way for styling Converse sneakers with her sophisticated casual look. The wide-leg black pants with pinstripe design, the white round neck t-shirt and the navy blue oversized blazer work well in combination with each other. The All Star sneakers help tone down the tailored formal vibes, along with the 70s tinted sunglasses.

8. Madison Beer

how to style converse
PHOTO: @beerupdates

American singer and teen heartthrob, Madison Beer, showed how to style converse sneakers in a trendy outfit. She was spotted wearing black fitted leggings and a tie-dye graphic print long-sleeve t-shirt. The multicolor print on the t-shirt gives off trendy teenager vibes along with the statement hoop earrings. 

9. Negin Mirsalehi

what to wear with converse
PHOTO: @negin_mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi leaves no stone unturned in replicating the casual girl next door vibes in her outfit with Converse sneakers. In one of the cutest casual outfits that go with converse sneakers, she sports cropped ankle length denim jeans. She has topped the outfit with an oversized round-neck t-shirt in white and a black sweater vest. Negin also shows the need for minimal accessories with this simple look, like bracelets and rings alongside a simple chain necklace. 

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10. Freya Killin

how to style converse
PHOTO: @freyakillin

Refined and trendy winter looks are also answers to the question of what to wear with converse sneakers. Freya Killin wears classic black converse sneakers with black high-waist faux leather pants and a long-sleeve turtleneck top in black. You can find the element of sophistication with the longline coat in gray and her black designer bag

11. Emma Hill

Emma Hill converse sneakers style
PHOTO: @emmahill

If you are trying to find how to style converse sneakers easily, Emma Hill has one of the best ideas. Get a pair of loose wide leg pants in black and pair them with a pair of black Converse sneakers. Add an oversized long-sleeve sweater with horizontal black and white stripes alongside black sunglasses and a shoulder bag. You can now move on with your everyday activities in a pair of converse sneakers with style. 

12. Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli converse sneaker outfit ideas
PHOTO: @barrefaeli

Israeli model and fashion influencer, Bar Refaeli, also hops on the All Star sneakers trend in style with this outfit. She wears Converse sneakers with black leggings featuring side-stripe detailing in white and a black round-neck top. On top of it, she adds a khaki green jacket with the classic lapel collar design and black sunglasses. 

13. Julie Sarianna

how to style converse
PHOTO: @sincerelyjules

Julie Sarianna, also known as ‘sincerelyjules’ on Instagram, also gives inspiration for how to style converse sneakers with layers. She has worn casual black pants with an oversized gray sweater and a brown longline coat alongside a tartan-plaid scarf. The other striking highlights in the cozy winter look of Julie are the black beanie, gloves, and sunglasses. An effortless yet surprisingly comfy and chic outfit combination with Converse sneakers, isn’t it?

Tips for How to Style Converse All Star Sneakers

Celebrity and fashion influencer outfits can give you a credible impression of what to wear with converse All Star sneakers. However, it is also important to know the best practices for styling Converse sneakers to achieve the best possible looks. Here are some helpful tips for styling All Star sneakers.

  • All Stars work with many different styles of outfits, from casual to tailored looks. All Stars can make a tailored outfit look more casual, and add style to a simple t-shirt and jeans kind of outfits.
  • Make the most of the tiniest styling suggestions in celebrity and fashion influencer outfits. We can see most of them went for the black or white high top versions, and they paired them with casual or sophisticated looks for a cool vibe.
  • One of the key solutions for how to style converse sneakers is to avoid any type of excessive elements, especially in terms of accessories. The right accessories are necessary. However, you should not overdo it by adding multiple accessories.

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