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8 Best Tips to Wear Ankle Strap Heels Comfortably with Any Outfit

In the present era, wearing heels is very much on trend. Strappy heels are an excellent way to upgrade your look and look taller and slimmer. Moreover, wearing ankle strap heels seems to make women more confident and stylish. Whether you are going to a party or on a casual date, strappy heels add a chic appeal to any look. White or black ankle strap heels are the popular choice among people as they can easily go with any outfit. 

However, the trouble most people face is that they feel the ankle strap heels are painful or restricting to wear. Do you face the same problem? If you answered yes, do not worry, there are a number of ways that can help you wear the strappy heels comfortably without any issue. Here are some of the best tips to wear ankle strap heels with any outfit. Let’s take a look!

1. Look for the Perfect Fit

One of the main reasons why the ankle strap closed toe heels feel uncomfortable or painful is that it does not fit perfectly. In order to avoid potential discomfort, you need to ensure that the ankle strap heels fit you just right. That means it should not be too loose or too tight to wear. The best way to check the fitting of the heels is to wear them and walk around in the store. In case the ankle strap is too tight, it will probably not stretch and can be painful, so leave them at the store. Furthermore, if you are purchasing the strappy heels online, make sure it has a return option. 

2. Consider the Strap

When you are buying ankle strap heels, the question of how to tie ankle strap heels is an important aspect to consider. The strappy heels mainly come in two varieties. One is the strappy heels with a zip fastening system. The other one comes with long straps that you will have to tie yourself. While the zip fastening straps may seem to be a convenient option, it is actually better to go with the long strap. The long strap is usually less restricting and can fit all-size calves. Moreover, it provides you with the flexibility to tie it any way you like and get creative. 

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3. Check the Heel Height

After considering how to tie ankle strap heels, the next thing to evaluate is the heel height. The heel height has a lot to do with the comfort you are looking for. The ankle strap heels that range between 3cm to 9cm in height are usually the most comfortable to wear. However, the comfortable heel height differs from person to person. So, make sure to choose the height that you are comfortable in. Moreover, if you want to get rid of discomfort due to the heels, you can use products like heel relief spray and heel relief insoles.

4. Ensure Enough Padding 

In order to avoid discomfort and pain, seeing that there is enough padding in your white or black ankle strap heels is important. Padding acts as a cushion and helps in absorbing shock and effectively protecting the joints and bones. Moreover, it also ensures that your feet don’t slip and you do not fall. For extra padding, you can add ultrasoft leather insoles or footpads. This can help in preventing pain and ensuring optimum comfort for your heels.

5. Avoid Toe Torture

Sometimes, toes get too squeezed in the ankle strap heels. This can be quite painful and put you under much discomfort. When your toes get squeezed, it means there isn’t much space for your toes to fit in comfortably. Make sure to avoid getting such heels, but if you already purchased a pair, go to a shoemaker and widen them. Moreover, ensure that none of your toes are slipping out of the strap because it can be quite painful (and unattractive) too. 

6. Go for the Wide Fit Options

Whether you are getting the black or white ankle strap heels, make sure they are not tight. In case you find that most of the ankle strap heels are tight on your feet, it is better to opt for the wide fit option. The wide fit options can provide you with more room for your feet. The extra space will enable your feet to breathe and stay unharmed. Moreover, it also allows your toes to wriggle without any problem. It can also prevent corns and blisters on your feet.

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7. Add a Sticky Protective Layer

If you are suffering from blisters on the back of your legs or toes due to ankle strap heels, adding a sticky protective layer can help. The protective layers are designed to provide you with optimum comfort, thereby enabling you to wear the heels with less discomfort. Moreover, they can also prevent potential cutting and chaffing of your feet. In addition, it can also relieve your forefront pressure and protect your toe and foot. 

8. Get your Heels Customized

Do you have ankle strap closed toe heels that you love, but it hurts a lot? Well, do not worry, there’s a solution to this problem. The best way to address this issue is to take your heels to a shoemaker. Shoemakers can either make it wide or small to suit your specific requirements. This, in turn, will enable you to wear your heels easily with your favorite outfit without any discomfort. 

Now that you know the helpful tips, wearing strappy heels will no longer be a problem. Wear your black or white ankle strap heels comfortably and flaunt them in style.

Tips to Shop Ankle Strap Heels

In addition to the above tips, here are some extra tips for buying your ankle strap heels.

  • Avoid extremely high heels.
  • Considering the material of the strappy heels, soft leather is better than plastic.
  • Look for heels that fit your feet and calves the best.
  • Consider cushioned insoles for extra support. 

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