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6 Best Ways to Style Cropped Wide Leg Jeans Easily

Many fashion trends of the past years have been emerging on the mainstream fashion scene recently. Interestingly, the vintage trends are working out quite great in the present times. The example of cropped wide leg jeans shows clear proof of how old fashion trends can still be relevant now. Wide leg jeans have been the reliable instruments for incorporating the 90s aesthetic in modern outfits with ease. 

On top of it, the cropped length also adds a distinct style element in the wide leg jean. However, the cropped length of the jeans presents formidable challenges in styling due to the cut at the ankle that can shorten the leg. If you want to avoid that, you can style cropped jeans with simple tricks such as elongating the leg with shoes. In addition, you can also balance the top portion based on your body shape. Let us explore some other ideas for styling wide leg cropped jeans. 

Best Ideas for Styling Cropped Wide Leg Jeans

Cropped jeans with a wide leg design can be quite difficult for styling due to the length. However, you can find easy answers for “how to style wide leg cropped jeans” with the help of simple pointers. Here are some tips you must try out for styling wide leg cropped jeans. 

1. Choose the Right Shoes

The first trick for styling cropped wide leg jean would refer to balancing the wide leg aesthetic with form fitting shoes. For example, sock boots. You can also try heeled or platform sandals without ankle straps to assemble chic summer outfits. Here are two distinct styling ideas for wide leg crop denim jeans, one for winter and the other, a casual summer look. 

Start with a pair of wide leg cropped buttoned jeans in beige. Now, add a V-neck cashmere sweater in black alongside a skinny leather belt in black. Layer up with a long black coat that will help elongate your body and match the sweater. A suitable choice of footwear in this outfit would be a pair of black stiletto booties. You can complete the winter outfit with any cropped wide leg jean by adding accessories like a pack of metal chain-link necklaces. 

You could also choose high-rise wide leg crop jeans in light blue denim as a fitting pick for chic and casual summer outfits. Pair the jeans with a beige crewneck t-shirt with short sleeves in a regular fit. Grab a pair of padded toe thong heeled sandals in mushroom or nude color and you’ve got a complete look. 

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2. Balance the Volume

Another promising suggestion for “how to wear cropped wide leg jean in winter” would focus on balancing the volume. If you have a wider lower body, then you can choose an oversized blazer or top and cinch them in the waist to create an hourglass shape. 

Pick up a pair of cropped wide leg jeans in blue with unfinished hem detailing. Wear an embossed buckle belt in black with the jeans and choose a solid black scoop neck bodysuit. Layer up with a back buttoned oversized blazer in black and add the finishing touch with black stiletto heeled sock boots. 

You can go for another option with a pair of solid raw hem jeans in a light wash blue color. Combine the wide leg crop denim jeans with a high neck smock blouse in crisp white, featuring puff sleeves design. Such an outfit can be your summer favorite, especially when topped with accessories like a double-buckle waist and hip belt. 

3. Form Fitting Choices

The selection of form fitting pieces for styling cropped wide leg jean is favorable for women who are heavier on the top. Form fitting tops can help in creating an aesthetic hourglass shape with the wide leg cropped jeans. 

You can select wide leg cropped jean in black and combine them with a solid black rib-knit velvet tee. The elegant tee comes with a scoop neck design in a slim fit and offers the right form fitting piece. Slip in a pair of chunky loafer pumps in black with heart and chain décor for added aesthetic highlights. Accessorize with a black wool beret and a double pouchette crossbody bag with monogram detailing to complete your outfit. 

4. Platform Sandals or Heels

One of the common troubles in how to style wide leg cropped jeans is the short leg look. As a matter of fact, the most prominent issue in styling wide leg cropped jean arises due to their length. With a gap near the ankle, the wide leg cropped jeans might make your legs look shorter. However, you can solve this problem easily by wearing platform sandals or heels with wide leg cropped jeans. Skip any footwear option that has ankle straps.

5. Fill in the Gap

Many people worry about styling cropped wide leg jean due to the gap they leave between the jeans and shoes. The ideal solution for such problems would be socks in colors that match the shoes as much as possible. As a result, you can have the appearance of an elongated leg with wide leg cropped jean. 

Grab a pair of wide leg cropped jeans in dark grey made of 100% cotton as an alternative to wide leg crop denim jeans in blue. The ideal choice of footwear for the cropped jeans would be Nike Air Force 1 Crater W sneakers in off-white. Now, you can add solid crew socks in white to make sure your legs don’t look short. 


6. Offsetting the Wide Legs

Another common trick for styling cropped wide leg jean refers directly to balancing the wide legs with a slimmer top. You can choose a crop top or add a belt at the waist to accent your body shape perfectly. 

The basic foundation of mid-blue cropped wide leg buttoned jean in a high waist design can showcase effective ways for offsetting the wide legs. You can pair it up with a roll neck ribbed crop top in sand color or a blue cardigan with faux-fur tie front detailing. 

Tips to Shop for Cropped Wide Leg Jeans

Here are some pointers you must keep in mind while shopping for wide leg cropped jean. 

  • Wide leg jean in cropped length can flatter any body type, even petites, it all depends on the right styling. 
  • To make sure the pants elongate your legs rather than shortening them, choose monochrome looks, heeled boots, or sandals, and balance the top with the bottom. 
  • If you’re not sure how to wear the trend, start with an easy-to-style black jeans option. 

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