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6 Trendy & Cool Outfit Ideas to Style Sweatpants

Sweatpants have become one of the common fashion choices in present times. People all over the world have come up with new trends that transformed sweatpants into a cool and stylish piece to wear. You can learn how to style sweatpants in different ways and discover some great outfits. 

Many people think that sweatpants are only something you would wear indoors. You immediately think of the frumpy and laid back looks you wear at home when the term ‘sweatpants’ flashes in front of you. However, you can move away from convention and try something different.

Best Tips and Outfit Ideas for Styling Sweatpants

Fashion has always evolved and changed with the times. Now, sweatpants are a huge hit in the world of fashion for many obvious reasons. Therefore, people look for outfits to wear with sweatpants and generally end up with lots of confusing choices. In such cases, you need some pointers on the innovative ways to assemble outfits with sweatpants. Here are some helpful tips, along with outfit ideas for styling up your favorite sweatpants. 

1. Choose the Right Combination

The foremost suggestion on how to style sweatpants would obviously point towards choosing the right combination. Well, no surprise there! What can you wear with your sweatpants to create the right combination? Try a cute crop top along with an oversized denim jacket and the sweatpants of your choice. 

Grab a pair of high waist sweatpants in chocolate brown with elastic waist and cuffs alongside a tapered fit. Find the ideal pick for how to dress up sweatpants like these with a lettuce hem crop top in brown. The high neck design alongside lettuce-edge trims works as prominently noticeable design highlights for your look with sweatpants. 

Now, add an oversized cotton-blend denim jacket in mid blue, featuring a spread collar and adjustable hem. Bring in a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots in brown with croc-embossed detailing and front zipper closure that will add a cool vibe. Accessorize with a quilted bucket hat in brown and a 14k gold-plated curb chain necklace to complete the perfect casual look with sweatpants. 


2. Match with A Sweatshirt & Add A Blazer

The next promising entry among different ways to wear sweatpants is the choice of matching sweatshirts. In addition, you can always trust the oversized blazer as a finishing touch for sophisticated looks with sweatsuits. 

Start with a drop shoulder mock-neck pullover and sweatpants set in beige for a sophisticated outfit combination. The casual pullover with dropped shoulders and stand collar neckline complements the regular fit sweatpants for a casual chic look. You can find how to style sweatpants with matching sweatshirts by adding an oversized jacket. 

Try an oversized jacket in beige tailored from woven fabric with narrow and pointed lapels for sophisticated vibes in your pullover and sweatpants outfit. Continue with the color coordination by slipping into a pair of low-profile trainers in pink and white. 

3. Bring In the Cool Vibes

If you are searching for something cool to style with sweatpants, then you can pick a graphic t-shirt of your choice. The graphic tee adds a cool and effortless vibe to your outfit, and as always, you can trust an oversized leather blazer.

Think of a unique choice of sweatpants, such as the MVP sweatpant in cream color. Featuring twin hip pockets, a high waist fit, elastic ankle cuffs, and a relaxed design, the MVP sweatpant is all about mixing the best of comfort and style. You can find a graphic tee as the best choice for answering how-to-style sweatpants with cool vibes. Pick an oversized crew neck t-shirt with dropped shoulders and graphic print on the front and back. 

The graphic print instills youthful traits in your sweatpants outfit without trying too hard. On top of it, a tailored relaxed-fit blazer in light taupe color is a promising choice for layering. You can choose rubberized ankle boots in beige to complement your look. Add the finishing touches in your cool vibes with a shoulder bag and round sunglasses in brown tort frames.

4. Monochrome Looks

The easiest way for choosing outfits to wear with sweatpants is to go for bodysuits in matching colors. With the same color bodysuits, sweatpants can form a shapely aesthetic. In addition, you can layer up with a shacket to elevate your look.

Dress up in a pair of Nike essential cargo-style sweatpants in black made of cozy fleece with an updated style. Now, bring in a ribbed bodysuit in black with a tall square neck design as the fashionable addition to your outfit. You can find how to style sweatpants in a better way for this outfit with a pair of Nike Air Force 1 trainers in black with a characteristic white sole, and you’ve got yourself the perfect street style monochrome look

5. Bare-it-All Looks

You can also choose an ideal answer for how to dress up sweatpants with a cropped top and an open button-down shirt. How? 

Get a pair of oversized joggers in grey color and combine them with a ribbed crop top in light cream color. The joggers and the top create the base for your outfit. Now, introduce a button-front shirt in white to elevate the look and make it chicer. 

For the choice of footwear in this outfit, you can choose the classic Converse All-Star high-top trainers in white. Settle all your doubts about how to style sweatpants with a crop top and button-down shirt by choosing a pair of 14k gold-plated 60mm hinge hoop earrings. 


6. Balance is Important

The final recommendation for choosing outfits to style with sweatpants is to look for a balance. You need a fitted or crop top to balance a pair of oversized sweatpants. Similarly, you would need oversized tops for slimmer sweatpants. 

You can pick a pair of crisscross sweatpants in black with an oversized fit. The ideal choice to pair with the sweatpants is a rib-knit cropped tank top in black as well, featuring a scoop neckline. Avoid any problem with how to style sweatpants with shoes by picking a pair of chunky high lace-up boots in black. When it comes to accessories, you can choose a pair of cool Ray-Ban hexagonal sunglasses with a gold frame and add a trendy faux mink shoulder bag. 

Tips to Shop for Outfits with Sweatpants

Here are some important pointers that can help you shop for outfits you can style with sweatpants.

  • Styling sweatpants have a lot to do with shape (oversize or fitted jogger style) and color of them. Oversized sweatpants suit fitted or crop tops that add shape and flatter the figure. Try to also color match for a more sophisticated look. 
  • Remember that sweatpants don’t need to look frumpy, just add a blazer or leather jacket on top, and you’ve got a chicer look. 
  • When it comes to shoes, trainers are the obvious choice, but you can also style sweatpants with cute boots.

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