14 Outfit Ideas To Style Leggings The Right Way!

how to style leggings
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Leggings are uncontended favorites when it comes to comfortable and figure-hugging garments. With most of the world turning towards work-from-home routines, sales of leggings jumped by a considerable margin. Interestingly, leggings have always been a promising choice for women’s wardrobes for their cozy and ‘almost not there’ feel. You could go through a wide variety of leggings outfit ideas and find some exceptional ways to elevate your looks. However, you need to have a clear idea of the best practices for “how to style leggings” to make the most of such ideas.

Best Leggings Outfit Ideas

When you want to discover ideas on ‘how to wear leggings’, you need to understand that leggings can be tricky. The figure-hugging design of leggings is one of the foremost highlights as well as setbacks associated with them. Since they are very skin-tight, leggings could cause embarrassing situations like a camel toe or an unwanted see-through look. So, you need practical guidance on ‘how to style leggings’ if you want to avoid such embarrassing situations. Here are some tips you could try out for styling up your looks with leggings. 

1. Leggings & A Bodysuit and Shacket Look

One of the foremost suggestions for dressing up leggings would be to wear them with a bodysuit and a shirt jacket, or Shacket on top. Pick a pair of stirrup leggings in black tailored from thick jersey fabric and top it up with a long-sleeved bodysuit with a sweetheart neckline. The final addition to this look would be a plaid overshirt with front patch pockets and a lapel collar. The oversized shacket will balance the form fitting leggings and top and make the look more chic.

2. Leggings & An Oversized Poplin Top

Solid elastic leggings in black with a high waist design and a poplin top can be fine picks for how to style leggings effortlessly. The ideal companion for tight leggings would be a solid oversized poplin top with dropped shoulder design that covers the bottom and adds sophistication. 

3. Leggings & An Oversized Blazer and Crop Top

A pair of high-rise leggings in black with split cuffs could also offer some exceptional leggings outfit ideas. The bodycon fit of the black leggings would fit well with a seamless crop top in black, featuring a square neckline. On top of it, you can add an oversized dad blazer with a drop shoulder design in a chocolate brown color. These three create a well-balanced look that is trendy and stylish.


4. Casual Look with An Oversized Hoodie

Go with a pair of workout leggings whenever you are in doubt, and you won’t be disappointed. The best outfits to wear with leggings, in this case, would be a thermal-lined oversized hoodie with graphic prints. 

5. Monochrome Minimal Look

If you have doubts on ‘how to wear leggings,’ then you can find leggings crafted from soft jerseys in taupe color as the foremost reliable option. Then you need to pair the leggings with a cropped top in matching taupe color with wide shoulder straps and narrow ribbing at the hem. Complete your monochrome look with a short, ribbed cotton jersey dress, which you can wear unbuttoned for a relaxed look. 

6. Smart Dressing With Leggings

You could also opt for a pair of smart leggings or even a dressier option if you want to elevate your leggings into something more than just a casual piece. The first option for how to style leggings for an elevated nighttime look is to take a velour ruched legging in black paired with a solid, ribbed knit bodysuit. The second option for you to style up leggings would require a pair of pinstripe leggings in black with buttoned slits at the hem. You can pair it up with an oversized, straight-cut cotton shirt with gently dropped shoulders.

7. The Everyday Casual Look

Another interesting choice among outfits to wear with leggings would help you get the everyday casual look with ease. You can just pair up your leggings with a t-shirt and an oversized denim jacket along with some sneakers and you got yourself the easiest casual look. 

8. The Leather Look Leggings

Winters are the best time to try leggings outfit ideas with faux leather leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt with ruffles. You can also try on sweaters over this look for a warmer, comfy look.         


9. Blending Trends For The Perfect Look

Put on your favorite v-shape leggings with a crossover strap sports bra, and you have a cute workout outfit. Take this look from the gym to the street with a drop shoulder leather jacket, and you have an exceptional look with leggings. 


10. Miracles of Layering

You can also opt for layering as an answer for ‘how to style leggings’ with some astute choices for a cute preppy fall-winter look. Think of a pair of ottoman stirrup leggings in black topped with an oversized poplin shirt dress in white. The balanced look would look more sophisticated with a cable knit sweater vest and some black boots. 



11. Flare Design for Something New

The flare design can help you with dressing up leggings as fashionably as possible. You can choose a pair of mini flare high-waist leggings in black with pronounced seams. The ideal companion for these leggings would be a washed short sleeve t-shirt with white and navy colored stripes.


12. Change the Color

You don’t have to look for black leggings only as you can discover many color options such as brown or nude color. A pair of high-waist leggings in brown crafted from faux leather works nicely with a drop shoulder sweater with striped patterns. 


13. The Squat Test

One of the proven practices for choosing the outfits to wear with leggings refers to the squat test. It is helpful in checking whether a pair of leggings can cause embarrassing see-through situations. If you find any problems, then you can choose a larger size or different material altogether. Pick up a pair of cotton zipper leggings and wear them with a satin effect flowy shirt that covers the bum and ensures a decent look. 


14. Avoid the Camel Toe

Camel toe is the worst fear of any woman who loves to wear leggings. If you are having doubts about how to style leggings without a camel toe, then go with a thicker fabric. Make sure that it does not have any seams in the front, and wear thick seamless underwear. You can also try on a panty liner or camel toe pads for avoiding the embarrassing camel toe. 


Tips to Shop for Leggings

Here are some interesting tips to help you buy the perfect pair of leggings.

  • Make sure that the design of the leggings fits perfectly with your body shape. You can choose a high waist if you have a tummy, a flare if you are bigger at the bottom, and a v-shape if you want to accentuate your waist.
  • The fabric of the leggings is also an important factor in selecting the right pair of leggings. Thick is better in terms of how it hugs the body and prevents a camel toe and a see-through look.
  • Look for leggings that you can wear from the gym to your errands. Just add a jacket and you look put together.
  • If you want a more formal look, look for thick leggings with a front seam, a slit in the bottom, and more design features like buttons.   


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