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10 Exciting Ways You Can Try Flare Pants

Don’t know how to style flared pants and jeans, and which ones to buy? Check out the best picks among high waist flare pants for women.

The return of many beloved fashion trends from the past proves that fashion is circular, and most trends from the past will come back in style at one time or another. Most of us cannot help but look for the best picks in fashion inspired by trends of the past. Interestingly, many fashion trends from the past have come back to the mainstream fashion scene again after decades. 

The trend of high waist flare pants for women has gained stupendous popularity in recent times. Flared pants started off in the 70s and made a comeback in the early 2000s. After almost two decades, women worldwide are in love with flared pants once again. So, what are the possible reasons for bringing back the flare pants trend?

Top Picks in High Waist Flare Pants for Women 

The buzzword in modern fashion shopping preferences is ‘vintage.’ The love for vintage fashion has grown considerably in recent times, particularly with the revival of Y2K trends. Modern fashion enthusiasts seek new clothing inspired by styles of the past. Therefore, you can notice a skinny silhouette making a slow exit from the popular designs of pants.

Gradually, the demand for flare dress pants is increasing substantially for the right reasons. Flare pants are not only a suitable choice for recreating a vintage style but also as a flattering alternative to skinny jeans. Here are some of the top choices in women’s flare pants you would love in your wardrobe.

1. ASOS Design Hourglass Exclusive Rib Kick Flare Pants with Lace-up Waist

The first choice in high waist flare pants for women is a pair of rib flare pants. You would notice the lace-up front detailing as a prominent design detail in the pants for a unique visual appeal. The flared skinny fit of the pants alongside the tailored cut offers better room around the hips. On top of it, the blue color of the pants improves the possibilities for styling them.

2. ASOS Design Kick Flare Pant in Butterfly Print

If you are trying to find how to style flare pants, then you can look for adorable, chic alternatives like this one. Think of a pair of flared pants in black with the cute butterfly print and a y2k vibe. The high waist pants tailored with a flared skinny fit offer the best 2000s inspired feel.


3. Zara Flared Pants

You can look for choices like a pair of flared pants in brick color as alternatives to flare dress pants. The brick color of the high waist flared pants serves as a prominent attraction in the pants. With minimal classic details, the flared pants are surely a timeless piece for any woman’s wardrobe. 

4. High Rise Flared Jeans

The next notable addition among high waist flare pants for women is the high-rise flared jeans in black. Featuring a washed effect, the black high waist flared jeans stand out thanks to the unfinished hem detailing in their design. You can trust the minimal design of the flared jeans as an indicator of their versatility for different styling options. 

5. Drawstring Ruched Front Contrast Stitch Flare Leg Pants

Your search for the best women’s black flare pants may find a quirky answer with the drawstring ruched front contrast stitch flare leg pants. The black flare pants come with an elegant style featuring contrast stitching and a ruched front. At the same time, you can also notice the characteristic drawstring design as a prominent highlight of the long pants.

6. H&M Flared Pants

A pair of flared pants featuring a swirl pattern in dark brown and black is another top choice among high waist flare pants for women with y2k vibes. The color combination in the stretch jersey pants tailored with a regular waist gives you something unique to try in flare pants.

7. Black Jersey Ribbed Kick Flare Trousers

You can go with an interesting choice like ribbed flare pants in black as your homage to the 70s trend. The high waist jersey trousers made of ribbed fabric incorporate the flared design effortlessly with an excellent choice of color. As a matter of fact, you can trust the ribbed flare trousers for any type of outfit combination, formal or casual.

8. Carolina Pants

Sometimes, you can look for some unique details in the design of high waist flare pants for women to lend a more stylish pick. The Carolina pants are the perfect example of a fit and flare pants with a modern twist. You can find some classic design elements such as the elastic waistband and high waist design of the pants. However, the knot detailing at the waist serves as an eye-catching flattering design highlight, which is hard to miss. Most importantly, the neutral brown color also gives you the option to build some unique outfits.


9. Sunday Best Wilson Pant

The Wilson mid-rise bootcut pant in beige is another top highlight in a collection of women’s flare pants. You can trust the Wilson pants for the exclusive darted back waist, which offers better shaping. The comfortable stretch twill fabric used in the Wilson pant provides the assurance of wearing it throughout the day. Designed with the classic bootcut style, the Wilson pant is obviously a distinct choice for those who wish to adopt the flared pants trend. 

10. Splits 59 Raquel High Waist Flare Legging 

The final addition among high waist flare pants for women in this collection is the Raquel high waist flare legging. Made from moisture-wicking nylon and spandex blend, the Raquel high waist flare leggings feature contrast side stripes. However, the striking design highlight of the Raquel flare leggings is the chafe-free flatlock seams, which ensure optimum comfort. You can trust the leggings for the best outfits during physical exercises such as yoga, gym workouts, or fitness training sessions.

Tips to Shop for Flared Pants

Here are some important tips that can help you shop for high waist flare pants for women with good deals.

  • Flare pants are a flattering option for almost any type of body shape, especially if the pants are high rise.
  • There are many options of flares to choose from- You can go all-out 70s with a nostalgic look, or try a more modern version. Pick the one that suits your style most in terms of color, flare level, rise, fabric, print, etc.
  • If you love the y2k era, there are great flares that pay tribute to that period with cool patterns and designs.
  • Look for cheap options on Shein, Asos, H&M, Fashion Nova and other online websites.

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