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Top 6 Outfit Ideas to Style Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are one of the most notable elements in the world of fashion, often associated with country music. The masculine and western vibe of cowboy boots have been related to the sturdy nature of men for a long time. However, new fashion trends have successfully introduced answers for how to style cowboy boots in feminine looks. The best thing about cowboy boots is that they are a timeless fashion classic. 

However, the past designs of cowboy boots showcased a highly refined western aesthetic, which was quite different from original cowboy-style boots. On the other hand, the new cowboy boots have an authentic look alongside offering new and surprising ways for styling. How can you style cowboy boots with stylish, trendy, and comfortable outfits? 

Outfit Ideas for Styling Cowboy Boots

If you are trying to find what to wear with cowboy boots, then you might have visualized western style outfits. You may have also looked into the possibilities of trying boho-style outfits. On the other hand, the new trends of outfits to wear with cowboy boots focus more on sophisticated outfits and feminine looks. Here are some promising outfit ideas you can try out for styling up cowboy boots in the best way possible. 

1. Choose a Feminine Dress

As a woman searching for “how to wear cowboy boots,” you may have come across the surprising option of pairing them with a feminine dress. The best thing about wearing a feminine dress with cowboy boots is that you get a modern and trendy look. The cowboy boots and the feminine dress balance the elements of masculinity and femininity in your outfit. Here is an outfit recommendation you might love to try out for styling cowboy boots with a feminine dress. 

Take a multicolor printed elastic waistband dress as the feminine part of the outfit. The short dress features explicitly feminine details like the V-neck front and ruffled round collar alongside a smocked elastic waist. On top of it, the ruffled hem in the short dress also makes it an ideal choice of a feminine dress to wear with cowboy boots. The best pair of cowboy boots for the dress would be black leather cowboy boots with pointed-toe and topstitching detail.

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2. Go with Jeans

You can also find another promising answer for “how to style cowboy boots” in a pair of jeans. Jeans can help you craft a cool and relaxed look with cowboy boots. All you need to do is choose slim or skinny-fit jeans so that you can tuck into the boots. 

Choose a pair of slim-fit jeans in navy blue for cool outfits to wear with cowboy boots and pay attention to the design details. The mid-rise jeans with lightly stretchable fabric offer a credible outfit choice for styling outfits with cowboy boots. Now, add a longline cardigan in camel color with corset detailing to complement the jeans. With a stylish base layer, you can choose cowboy boots like The Claire Boot, which features ornate design highlights. The western-inspired stitching detail and the suede upper elevate the aesthetics of your overall outfit without any complications.

3. Preppy Looks

Another vital solution for ‘what to wear with cowboy boots’ is the innovative option of wearing cowboy boots in preppy looks. The pairing of cowboy boots with a preppy look can easily add a modern twist to your outfit. Here is an outfit idea you might want to try out. 

The best choice for how to style cowboy boots in a preppy outfit is a mini skirt. You can grab a solid pleated mini skirt in black as the first pick for preppy outfits with cowboy boots. Combine the skirt with a solid button-up blouse in white with pocket patching detail and drop shoulder design. Now, layer up with a cable-knit sweater vest in apricot color to match the blouse.

Add a classic pair of cowboy boots like a pair of knee-high pointed-toe western boots in black. The black cowboy boots complement the preppy ensemble with grace while resolving your troubles by styling cowboy boots in a trendy fashion. The final touch in your preppy look with the cowboy boots would be a solid wide headband in black.   


4. Modern Sophisticated Looks

The search for ‘how to wear cowboy boots’ might also take you towards some modern and sophisticated outfits. Here is an interesting outfit idea you can try with cowboy boots for a modern and sophisticated look. 

Dress up in a satin effect midi skirt in brown with an A-line silhouette and a black woolen turtleneck sweater. The skirt and sweater combination gives you a sophisticated and modern ensemble. Now, you can elevate the outfit by adding a pair of black cowboy-style ankle boots. The cowboy-boot heel, subtly raised pointed toes, and seam detailing on the shaft offers refined highlights in your outfit. 

5. Glamorous Party Looks

Cowboy boots are also a promising pick of footwear for glamorous party looks. You can juxtapose the edgy element of cowboy boots with a feminine dress that gives you a balanced look for parties. 

Find the best solution for how to style cowboy boots for a glamorous party look with a short black dress. The strapless short dress features short balloon sleeves and a straight neckline along with ruched detailing. On top of it, the dazzling golden leather boots with a high and wide shaft alongside kitten heels are the reliable picks for a party outfit. 

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6. Wow Outfits

You can also discover how to style cowboy boots gracefully in a simple outfit. The key to styling cowboy boots with a simple outfit is to consider the boots as the focal point of the outfit. All you need to do is add a distinct element for the ‘wow’ factor in the outfit, and you are done. 

Go with options like a pair of classic Levi’s cropped jeans in indigo and a basic black t-shirt. Now, add the ‘wow’ factor with a pair of western boots with turquoise and apple color highlights. Some of the prominent highlights of the western boots which stand out are the metallic, leather upper, and pointed-toe design. 

Tips to Shop for Cowboy Boots

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for cowboy boots. 

  • Find how to style cowboy boots according to your preferences and identify the type of designs you need to look for.       
  • Look for neutral colors and subtle designs if you are looking to make the most of the cowboy boots in terms of incorporating them in many different style outfits.
  • Don’t be afraid to pair cowboy boots with feminine dresses, on the contrary, this is the modern way to wear them.               

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