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10 Amazing Ways to Style Tailored Pieces

Tailored pieces are one of the hottest fashion trends for women all over the world right now. Suits, blazers, and tailored pants have turned up as some of the top priorities on the shopping lists of women. Interestingly, you can try tailored pieces with casual outfits for chic and trendy looks. If you are wondering how to style casual outfits with tailored pieces, then you would need expert guidance.

Many people are apprehensive about wearing tailored pieces such as a suit as they may look more like a formal or corporate outfit. However, you can discover many other ways of wearing a suit while incorporating casual, preppy, trendy, or sexy vibes in your overall outfit. How is it possible to make a suit look cool and trendy?

Best Ideas for Wearing Tailored Pieces in Casual Outfits

The demand for tailored pieces such as suits and blazers has soared recently for the right reasons. Tailored pieces are great choices for those who wish to incorporate refined aesthetics in any type of look. You can overcome your doubts about wearing a suit or tailored pieces in a casual look by identifying the ways to style them correctly. 

For example, you can find how to wear a blazer casually by choosing the right top, accessories, and color. In addition, many other factors such as an oversized fit alongside the choice of shoes also play a vital role in making your tailored clothes appear more casual. Here are some ideas inspired by top fashion influencers adorning tailored clothes as a casual outfit choice. 

1. Emily Ratajkowski

casual outfits
PHOTO: @celebritystreetstyle__

Emily Ratajkowski depicts a perfect example of trendy ways to wear suits in this look. She has paired her blazer with jeans and a t-shirt combination that makes her look more casual. You can try out the same look in everyday outfits with tailored pieces, particularly blazers.

2. Hailey Bieber

casual outfits style
PHOTO: @celebritystreetstyle__

The queen of style, Hailey Bieber, sets a new precedent for styling up tailored pieces in street style aesthetics. She wears a suit with a crop top and sneakers, showing how you can take a structured piece and make it street-style ready. The hint of color in the sneakers gives an easy answer to how to style casual outfits with a suit in a neutral color


3. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Casual Outfit
PHOTO: @celebritystreetstyle__

In this look, Kendall Jenner gives you an idea of the possibility of mixing tailored pieces with casual choices like a jogger set. You can notice how the blazer and jogger set combination creates the perfect balance between chic aesthetics and comfort. 

4. Hailey Bieber

trendy ways to wear suit
PHOTO: @celebritystreetstyle__

The color of the suit also matters significantly in determining the comparison of classic vs. preppy style for women with tailored pieces. You can make a tailored piece appear more casual with a slight variation in the choice of color and material of the suit. Hailey chooses a leather-look suit in yellow with a bucket hat for a casual and trendy outfit.

5. Taylor Hage

preppy style for women
PHOTO: @tayhage

Taylor Hage gives solid inspiration on how to style casual outfits with tailored pieces by using accessories. You can use accessories to transform a tailored look effortlessly into a casual look. In this outfit, Taylor adds beret and knee-high socks to elevate a formal suit and make it more preppy and modern.

6. Julie Sarinana 

classic style for women
PHOTO: @sincerelyjules

The conventional notion of using casual pieces to spice up tailored clothes works in most cases. However, you can go for alternative trendy ways to wear suits in casual outfits like Julie in this look. She has used the oversized blazer effectively to balance her classic denim shorts. The oversized blazer makes the casual shorts and t-shirt combination look classier with relaxed vibes. 

7. Lydia Jane Tomlinson

how to style casual outfits
PHOTO: @lydiajanetomlinson

If you want to know how to style casual outfits with tailored clothes, then you might discover a unique suggestion from Lydia Jane Tomlinson. Lydia has paired tailored pants in black with a simple white t-shirt to create an effortlessly cool look. The sneakers and the sunglasses alongside the black sweater over her shoulders further accent her casual style in the tailored pants.


8. Emma Hill

preppy style for women
PHOTO: @emmahill

A pair of tailored pants can look trendy when you style them with the right casual choices like Emma Hill does in this outfit. She has added a casual striped sweater in an oversized fit along with Converse sneakers to casualize her pants. The striped sweater and sneakers are easy choices you can incorporate simply into your outfits for more casual looks in trousers. 

9. Pernille Teisbaek

how to wear a blazer casually
PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

Most women encounter doubts regarding classic vs. preppy style for women with tailored clothes. However, you can have a mix of both in a casual outfit with tailored pieces like the one Pernille Teisbaek wears in this look. The pop of color in the top adds a preppy element to the classic tailored suit and makes it appear less professional. As a result, you won’t have any problems wearing a tailored suit as a modern casual outfit choice.

10. Taylor Hage

classic style for women
PHOTO: @tayhage

Taylor offers another inspiring answer on how to style casual outfits with a bit of sensuousness by using tailored pieces. She pairs her blazer with a mini skirt alongside unbuttoning the classic white button-down shirt. You can notice how the simple styling choice helps you transform a tailored piece into a casual yet sexy ensemble. 

Tips for Styling Tailored Clothes

The various outfits of influencers and celebrities can show you how to wear a blazer casually for chic, trendy looks. On the other hand, you must be careful while purchasing clothes and styling tailored clothes in a casual way. 

  • The first tip on how to style casual outfits with tailored clothes is all about creating the right balance between casual and tailored pieces. The best way to wear a tailored piece casually is to stick with one tailored element in a classic casual outfit, for example, add an oversized blazer on top of jeans and a t-shirt look.
  • Try incorporating your tailored clothes with other styles like preppy or y2k to create a more modern look. You can wear your oversized blazer with a preppy skirt or your pleated pants with a halter top. 
  • The easiest way to casualize your tailored clothes is pairing them with sneakers and everyday accessories.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking risks while combining casual pieces with tailored clothes, as experiments can help you come up with promising styling suggestions. 
  • Use color as a way to wear tailored pieces in a casual way. A pink or yellow suit will automatically look more casual than a black suit.

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