How to Find Vintage Clothes, Bags, and Shoes at a Bargain Price?

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Don’t want to spend much on shopping for vintage clothes, bags, and shoes? Here’s the definitive guide to finding vintage clothes and accessories at a bargain price. 

Vintage fashion has turned into more than just a trend that affluent people and fashion enthusiasts adopted to showcase their style. However, vintage clothes and accessories are slowly becoming popular among the common fashion shoppers. As a matter of fact, the high costs, due to the popularity of vintage clothes, could be one of the factors when thinking of investing in them. 

Although vintage fashion is popular, anyone would love to have bargain clothes and accessories with good deals. Why? Saving a considerable share of money on your fashion shopping ventures is definitely a good thing. That is why we want to find out the best ways to find vintage clothes, bags, and shoes at a bargain price. 

Tips for Finding Vintage Clothes at Bargain Prices

Vintage shopping is one of the most sustainable ways for shopping with better accessibility to exclusive designs. However, many people often struggle to find how to bargain shop for clothes. First of all, some people are still apprehensive about second hand shopping and don’t visit vintage shops, or they don’t know many online vintage shopping stores. Moreover, a lack of awareness regarding the best ways to bargain ideally for vintage clothes and accessories can be confusing. You could use the following pointers to get your hands on some of the best bargain clothes with good deals. 

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      1. Use Reliable Online Platforms

One of the best ways to find bargain clothing stores is to go for massive online platforms. Large online platforms such as Poshmark, Vestiaire Collective, ASOS Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, Depop, and The Real Real are some of the best places to discover fashionable vintage clothes and accessories. Interestingly, you have the promising advantage of great deals on vintage designer clothes, shoes, and handbags with these platforms. 

      2. Look for Assorted Selections

The next best practice to shop for bargain clothes is to look for curated selections of vintage fashion pieces. You could find small online stores as the best place to find some of the best and limited selection of vintage clothes, shoes, and bags. Some of the small online shops to purchase vintage fashion pieces with good deals include DCT Vintage, AMORE Vintage Tokyo, The Vintage Bar, Rokit, Luxury Garage Sale, Beyond Retro, and many others. 

      3. Thrift Stores

The closest thrift store to your place of residence is also one of the promising answers for the question of how to bargain shop for clothes. You can discover some of the most exclusive finds in vintage fashion, along with the value of great pricing. Most importantly, you can take a closer look at the vintage clothes, handbags, and shoes in person at thrift stores. As a result, you can ensure that you purchase the ideal product in terms of quality along with price advantage. 

      4. Facebook Groups

Another promising place for finding bargain clothes women would love to have is Facebook groups. Social media is a great platform for community involvement, and you could find many groups focused on vintage clothing. The Facebook groups can serve as first-hand sources of information on vintage items listed for sale or special sale events. Therefore, you can shop for bargain clothes empowered with information on available choices. 

      5. Patience is Important

One of the most significant factors in shopping for vintage clothes at a bargain price is patience. You need to have patience and the keen attention required for identifying and seizing opportunities for a bargain. Remember that you might go a long time without finding any bargain clothes. However, you need to focus on the end result and visit online stores regularly every week. Try visiting the local vintage or charity shop every month, and someday you might land up with a good deal. 


      6. Make an Offer

Bargaining is all about what you can get by offering a cheeky proposal to the seller. If you are thinking like that, then you should have the confidence to make an offer to bargain clothing stores. Making an offer could generally help you drop the price by 30% if you are successful in tapping the right notes with the seller. 

      7. Concentrating on the Special Pieces

Sometimes you might have to look for the special one among all the bargain clothes to fetch a good deal. However, the search for a special piece definitely requires a lot of investigation and focus alongside patience. You should be prepared to invest your time in looking carefully at all the items in the online or local thrift store. The time you invest in searching through all the vintage clothes, shoes, and handbags in the online and local thrift stores could offer significant rewards with a promising bargain on an exclusive fashion piece. 

      8. Filter the Online Results

If you are looking for bargain clothing stores online, then you need to use the filters in the stores wisely. The filters can help you sort your search results by the lowest price. As a result, you can find all the affordable vintage designer pieces easily. At the same time, you can also specify other aspects such as the condition of the piece, color, designer name, and others to find the products you want. The use of filters can help you land up easily with the best deals on vintage fashion items

      9. Fair Condition Items

The trick of looking for fair condition or slightly worn-out items also works well in finding bargain clothes. Such types of products are generally marked at lower prices due to the defects. All you have to do is purchase them at marked-down prices and then upgrade them by visiting a tailor or a shoemaker, or a bag fixing specialist. With trivial repair costs, you can definitely land up a good bargain on vintage clothes, shoes, and handbags.

      10. Vacation Shopping

You can also use your vacation effectively to scout for vintage clothes inspired by cultural themes in the concerned region. Almost every city in the world has its own vintage stores, and you should try to find such places before you go on your vacation. Just pick the highly ranked vintage stores, and you can find some exclusive and culturally distinct vintage clothes at a bargain price. 

Tips for Vintage Clothes Shopping 

The search for the best bargain clothes could become easier with the following tips.         

  • The first thing you should know before shopping for vintage clothes, shoes, and handbags refers to the different vintage shops. You should have a clear idea regarding the shops where you could find good deals on vintage fashion items.
  • Quality is always a critical factor in deciding the type of bargain you want on specific vintage fashion pieces. Evaluate the quality of the vintage pieces and check for defects to gain the upper hand over the seller.
  • Seize opportunities when they come so you don’t end up with regrets. Some pieces are a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if you won’t buy the item, someone else will.    


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