How To Shop Online More Sustainably?

how to shop sustainably
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Sustainable fashion is one of the notable paradigm shifts the world has witnessed in recent times. The unabated exploitation of natural resources for fashion alongside the use of illicit practices for sourcing raw materials and manufacturing in fashion led to profoundly negative environmental impacts. That led fashion consumers all over the world to ask the question of how to shop sustainably for fashion products. 

People are becoming conscious of the impact their purchases have on the environment. According to McKinsey, around 67% of customers focus on the use of sustainable materials as a significant purchasing factor. 

At the same time, around 63% of customers also focus on how a brand promotes sustainability before purchasing fashion products. Therefore, it is quite clear that sustainable fashion brands have better chances of attracting customers. The following discussion serves as a helpful guide for sustainable fashion shopping.

Benefits of Learning How to Shop Sustainably in Fashion

There is no doubt that leading fashion brands and customers are looking at sustainability as a goal. The common link between both perspectives focuses on safeguarding the environment. Before moving ahead in this sustainable fashion guide, let’s learn a bit about what it means to be sustainable.

  • Reducing Textile Waste

Fast fashion has been responsible for increasing textile waste due to compromises in clothing longevity due to low prices. Sustainable fashion does not promote any fast fashion trends and relies on using long-lasting materials.

  • Limited Harm to Animals

Sustainable fashion is also important to safeguard animals from unwanted exploitation for the sake of fashion. Make your contribution by learning how to shop sustainably from ethical brands with cruelty-free clothing.

  • Improved Conditions for Workers

Have you ever wondered about the conditions in which your top is manufactured? Do you know the person who has stitched your skirt? Your support for ethical brands could safeguard workers from harsh working conditions and subpar wages. 

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint

Sustainable fashion brands rely on materials crafted from recycled or natural fabrics without chemical treatment. Therefore, they consume less energy and less water without the need for growing any fertilizers or pesticides and ensure a lower carbon footprint.

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Best Practices for Sustainable Fashion Shopping

Now that you know about the different benefits of shopping sustainably let us reflect on best practices for the same. Without any confusion, you can rely on the following three-pointers, in particular, to shop more sustainably.

  • If you love big brands, make sure you select big brands that offer sustainable or “conscious” lines.
  • Choose the brands that maintain their commitment to ethics and sustainability standards and base their brand on these morals.
  • Go for vintage shopping options online to discover exceptional vintage or second-hand finds.

Let us elaborate further on these pointers to support your sustainable fashion shopping decisions.     

Sustainability-Conscious Product Lines

Many big brands have taken the first step in incorporating sustainability in their lines. If you want to know how to shop sustainably and still shop the brands you love, these are your options-

  • Zara

Zara is a renowned apparel retailer with various product categories apart from clothing such as accessories, swimwear, and shoes. The sustainability tagline of Zara, i.e., ‘Join Life,’ shows its commitment to work on reducing the negative impact of its products on the environment.

  • H&M

Another leading fashion retailer, H&M, offers a ‘Conscious’ line of sustainable products created with additional concern for our planet.

  • Prada

Sustainable fashion tips also point to the Prada Re-Nylon project, which showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability and responsible practices.

  • ASOS

The ‘Responsible Edit’ collection of ASOS gives the opportunity for customers to leverage the value of sustainability and style in shopping for clothing and accessories.    

  • Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter also offers a curated platform, Net Sustain, for encouraging investments in sustainable fashion products. All products in Net Sustain satisfy certain attributes of human, environmental and animal welfare. 

  • Mango

The ‘Committed’ product collection on Mango is also one of the answers on ‘how to shop sustainably.’ The product collection includes garments created from natural materials, recycled wool, and fabric draws from sustainable fibers.

  • Levi’s

Renowned jeans manufacturer Levi’s also offers a WaterLess collection. The products in the collection reduce the consumption of water substantially in the finishing process.

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Brands Committed to Ethics and Sustainability Standards

Your search for sustainable fashion shopping may also take you to brands committed to sustainability and ethical standards. Some of them include-

  • Reformation

Reformation is one of the many fashion brands known for its environmental consciousness. It uses eco-friendly materials for all products.

  • VEJA

Another promising option in a sustainable fashion guide would point to VEJA. In 2020 alone, 85% of textiles and leathers used by VEJA qualified as environment-friendly raw materials.

  • Everlane   

Your sustainable fashion shopping aspirations can also find the ideal answer at Everlane, which focuses on using the most sustainable materials alongside investments in fabric innovation. 

  • Re/Done

Re/Done is your trusted choice for purchasing re-purposed vintage denim with minimal effects on the environment.

  • Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a high-end fashion designer also committed to the development of desirable products with limited effect on the environment.

  • Girlfriend Collective

If you want to purchase workout clothes sustainably, the Girlfriend Collective might be a suitable choice due to its good environment ratings. 

Vintage Shopping

The final answer for how to shop sustainability takes you to vintage shopping. Here are some options you could try out.

  • Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a preferred platform for purchasing luxury and fashion designer clothes, shoes, and accessories.

  • Thredup

ThredUP is also one of the notable online thrift stores that let you buy women’s clothing and accessories at cost-effective prices with high-quality standards.

  • eBay

There is absolutely no doubt about choosing eBay as your preferred fashion destination if you want to shop second-hand.

  • The RealReal 

Your answers for sustainable luxury fashion shopping can find a reliable answer at The RealReal. As a leader in authenticated second-hand luxury goods sales, you can get your hands on top designer handbags and shoes with ease.

Top Picks for Sustainable Shopping

Here are some of our top picks for sustainable fashion shopping from the different options above.


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