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10 Amazing Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

Nobody can deny how much they love to dress up in a pair of new clothes. You would definitely love to add a lovely black dress for a date night or cute and trendy jeans to your wardrobe. While there’s nothing wrong with the excitement of purchasing new clothes, shoes, and accessories, it is important to reflect on how our choices in fashion affect the environment. Therefore, you should learn how to make the most of your clothes to reduce the negative environmental impact of fashion. Is fashion truly damaging the environment? The answer is a “yes” and prompts everyone in this world to think of ways to reduce the negative impact. 

Tips for Making the Most of Your Existing Wardrobe

When you think of making the most of your existing wardrobe, you may wonder about reasons for the same. Generally, you find yourself in situations where you feel like you don’t have enough clothes to wear. On the contrary, estimates suggest that people use only 20% of their closet. In such cases, the decision to maximize your wardrobe is only adding to the damage to the environment. Incessant exploitation of natural resources, abundant use of harmful chemicals, and non-biodegradable manufacturing materials in fast fashion create many problems. 

You can take responsibility for change and find out innovative ways to use your wardrobe to the fullest. Here are some suggestions you might want to try out for using all the clothes in your closet

1. Clean the Closet

One of the foremost answers for how to make the most of your clothes is a proper closet cleanout. Clean the wardrobe and identify the clothes that you don’t use regularly. The best way to get rid of such clothes would be to sell them or donate them. The closet cleanout can ensure that you would use all the clothes in your wardrobe. Most importantly, lesser choices in your wardrobe make it easier for you to assemble the outfits of your choice. 

2. Find New Ways for Styling

More often than not, thinning out your existing wardrobe to make the most of your clothes won’t be enough to ensure maximal use of the clothes you kept. If you are not sure about styling certain pieces in your wardrobe, take the time to look for new and exciting ways. Separate them from the rest of your wardrobe and try to think of two possible ways of styling them. Mix and match the difficult pieces to style with the clothes you have in your wardrobe for some chic and appealing outfits. If possible, you can also look for inspiration on platforms such as Pinterest.

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3. Turn to Friends for Help

Among the many promising answers for how to make the most of your clothes, the suggestions of friends would come on top. Invite your friends and ask them to take a look at the clothes you have in your wardrobe. Ask them for recommendations on styling the clothes you are struggling to style or just ask them to give you new ideas on how to style cute outfits according to their style.

4. Tailor the Clothes

The most common issue for which we don’t use the clothes in our wardrobe is a lot to do with fit. If you want to know how to wear more of your cloth, you need to identify the clothes that don’t fit you perfectly. Instead of throwing them away, you can take them to a tailor nearby or make a few DIY adjustments. As a result, you can get the desired fit and use the clothes in your wardrobe to the fullest.

5. Organizing Can Help a Lot

The simplest answers for how to wear your cloth without wasting anything in your wardrobe are right in front of you in most cases. a lot of the time you miss out on some clothes in your wardrobe just because you cannot see them. Therefore, you should organize your closet regularly and change the order of the clothes every month. Ensure that the top at the bottom of a pile will come to the top of the pile next month. Quite a simple trick, isn’t it?

6. Keep Your Clothes Ready to Wear  

You might not pick a crumpled shirt from your wardrobe while getting ready for work. On the other hand, you can find how to make the most of your clothes by taking a few minutes to iron your clothes before hanging them in your closet. With clean and ready-to-wear cloth, you don’t have to struggle in using all the cloth in your wardrobe. 

7. Pick Matching Additions

The urge to purchase new cloth is definitely beyond your control. However, you don’t have to bear the guilt of damaging the environment every time you shop for new cloth. As a matter of fact, you can maximize your wardrobe while ensuring that you use all the clothes you have. Just make sure that you choose new additions matching the existing items in your closet. If you are buying a new top and don’t have anything in your closet to wear it with, you are less likely to wear the top. 

8. Do Something Different

Everyone has a few ‘safe’ looks that they wear every day without any complications. However, wearing the same black sweater and leather leggings every day leaves the other clothes in your closet unusable. So, you can find how to make the most of your clothes by trying different combinations and experiments with your outfits and style. Try a different top or add a longline coat to your outfit, and you might get some unique, appealing looks.

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9. Reduce Shopping Activity

The best way to find out how to wear more of your clothes is to reduce your shopping for new clothes. Take some rest from regular shopping sprees and settle down to think of some ways to use everything in your closet. New trends are hard to miss. However, you can try assembling an outfit in a similar trend to the cloth you already have. Adding new cloth would only make your old cloth fall back into the dark corners of your closet. 

10. Less Clutter is Always Better

Organization of your wardrobe every month is an important pointer you have already come across. However, you should also make it a point to avoid any type of clutter in your wardrobe. Make sure that you don’t have big piles of clothes as you might not use the ones at the bottom. So, you can easily know how to make the most of your clothes when you create smaller piles. With the smaller piles, you will have less clutter and find the best ways to use your clothes more. 

Tips On How To Make Most Of Your Clothes

Here are some tips that can help you know how to make the most of your clothes with wardrobe organization.        

  • Make sure to clean out your closet and only keep cloth you love and know how to style. 
  • Keep your wardrobe organized and all the cloth in it ready to wear and easy to reach. 
  • Make an effort to style your cloth in new ways, especially the ones you don’t wear much.           

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