How To Find Affordable Vintage And Current Designer Bags

affordable vintage designer bags
PHOTO: @vestiaireco, @dct_vintage_japan

There’s no way you could deny the importance of handbags for women. It is the most important and loved accessory, and emerging trends of fashion and style continue to introduce new and amazing handbag designs to keep up with the high demand. However, the aesthetic appeal of affordable vintage designer bags is a completely different game altogether. 

For starters, they might be cheaper to buy (but not always), and you get some of the unique, exquisite designs of past decades. On the other hand, it is also reasonable to wonder whether it is really that easy to find the best designer handbags at affordable prices. Well, classic vintage designer bags like Chanel or Louis Vuitton are definitely appealing until you come across their price tags. Let us take a look at some pointers which can help you find designer handbags at low prices. 

Tips for Finding Affordable Designer Bags

Many fashion-loving women would give anything to get their favorite designer women’s handbags at affordable prices. The good news is that you could always find a way when you have the will. Here are some tips you can try out to find affordable designer handbags with the least effort. 

     1. Your First Visit Should Be The Vestiaire Collective Website or App

One of the best choices when looking for affordable vintage designer bags is Vestiaire Collective. It is a great platform to discover some of the best deals on designer handbags, and get assurance of quality. With a premium membership of the platform, you can get exclusive features such as a preview of newly listed items. In addition, premium members on Vestiaire Collective receive notifications about new items listed on the platform. Most importantly, Vestiaire takes care of product authentication and quality control to ensure that you get the best deals on vintage designer handbags.

     2. Go for the Common Choice, eBay

Whenever you have doubts about the best place to buy designer handbags at affordable prices, just visit eBay. It is one of the most credible options trusted by millions of buyers all over the world. The best highlight about eBay is the massive amount of products and sellers that ensures you’ll find many unique styles and price ranges of handbags. 

However, there are many concerns when purchasing the best designer handbags from eBay. First of all, it is important to ensure that the seller has a good reputation with some happy customers. Furthermore, you should be careful and always ask for evidence of authentication from the seller alongside a tracking number. 

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     3. The RealReal

One of the notable names in the domain of sustainable fashion, The RealReal, is a trustworthy platform for finding affordable vintage designer bags. The best highlight of The RealReal is the extended portfolio of designer handbags in excellent condition. 

Most importantly, the guarantee of authentication offered by the platform with all of its products gives much-needed assurance for buyers. The RealReal is an ideal pick for any individual looking for a particular model of bag. However, you must also remember that the prices on this platform would not be super low. On the contrary, you could relax as the prices on The RealReal are generally lower than retail prices.

vintage designer handbags
PHOTO: @vestiaireco

     4. Depop

Another promising recommendation to help you fetch good deals on women’s handbags is Depop. It is a peer-to-peer shopping app tailored for purchasing and selling new as well as used items. However, Depop presents a formidable challenge when you are looking for a specific item. 

On the other hand, you have the promise of good deals if you follow a fashion blogger that advertises a sale on the app. It might be the best option to get a good deal on exciting designer handbags. 

     5. ASOS Marketplace

The next promising place you should visit if you are on the search for the best vintage designer handbags at low prices is the ASOS Marketplace. It offers a wide assortment of select vintage handbags, designer handbags, and exceptional trendy pieces. Buyers get the advantage of selecting from unique products alongside capitalizing profoundly on the value-based pricing. 

ASOS Marketplace encourages transparency with a detailed outline of features on every product page. Interestingly, you could also explore details about the products on ASOS Marketplace alongside the stories behind them. Definitely an interesting way to purchase the best designer handbags, isn’t it?

With so many options, you could easily find what is the perfect platform for you to purchase affordable vintage designer bags. However, there is a great possibility that you may not like what you see on the different platforms at a certain time. In such cases, the best course of action would be to visit a vintage store physically. Going thrifting will give you the opportunity to find and check out vintage designer bags in person. 

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Tips for Purchasing Affordable Designer Handbags

When you have found the ideal source to purchase affordable vintage designer bags, you will encounter a new difficulty. Every platform has innumerable choices among designer handbags, and it could be difficult to navigate the whole platform. So, here are some tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for affordable vintage designer bags.

  • Observe the pictures of the products carefully to be able to assess the condition of the bag. Small details could tell a lot about the product, and you should look out for them. 
  • Do not hesitate to ask the seller questions and raise doubts. Some of the common questions may include references to the condition and size of the bag. You could also ask for proof of authentication for the bag from the seller. 
  • Always look for options that come along your way rather than fixating on specific choices. You could be looking for a particular designer handbag, and something better may come along. The best practice would be to go for the latter. 
  • Since you are looking for an affordable option, you must be prepared to look for alternatives with patience. Check out the offers on different platforms every day to look for some good deals. 
  • Check the seller’s reviews and feedback written by customers to verify their credibility. More often than not, the customers will guide you to the right seller offering authentic vintage designer bags.          


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