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14 Outfits That Will Help You Look Thinner

Are you looking for ideas on the best outfits to look slimmer? Here are the best ways you can dress up to look slimmer.

Every woman in this world wants to look her best in every outfit she wears. Well, you cannot deny the desire to look thinner when it comes to choosing clothes for your wardrobe or relevant styling suggestions. However, almost everyone has a common preference when searching for the best clothes, i.e., to look slimmer. 

You must have searched for the best outfits to look slimmer only to find numerous suggestions. How do you know which outfit actually makes you look slimmer? You can find the answer only through a few changes in the styling choices you follow now. Interestingly, you don’t have to go for any massive changes in your existing closet.

Best Ways for Dressing Up to Look Thinner

Many women want a slimmer silhouette in any outfit. If you want to know how to dress to look slimmer, you must be careful about your styling choices. You need to know what makes you look slimmer and what doesn’t. Here is an outline of the tips you can use if you want to look slimmer in all your clothes.

1. Monochrome Outfits

Outfits That Will Help You Look Thinner
PHOTO: @aimeesong

One of the proven tricks for dressing to look slimmer involves monochrome outfits. However, choosing the best outfits to look slimmer in monochrome does not mean that you have to wear black in every outfit. You can try multiple shades of a single color in monochrome outfits, which help in elongating the body. Most importantly, a monochrome outfit helps you shift the focus from a specific area of your body to the overall aesthetic.

2. Heels and Pointed-toe Shoes

Heels or pointed-toe platform shoes help in making your legs appear longer, thereby ensuring that you look thinner. Pointed-toe shoes can create the illusion of slimmer and longer legs, which make you look in shape. 

3. Blazer or Jacket

shirts that make you look slimmer
PHOTO: @carodaur

The blazer is also another top choice for oversized outfits to look slimmer as it can create the illusion of a smaller top half. An oversized blazer splits up your top half into three different parts, thereby taking away attention from the tummy. The oversized blazer narrows down your overall look and makes you appear slimmer.


4. Avoid Tight Clothes

Generally, tight clothes may appear like the ideal choice for the best outfits to look slimmer, while reality depicts a different picture. Small and tight clothes can make you look bigger as they would press tightly against the body and create unwanted bulges. You may have less flattering looks with tight and small clothes, contrary to your assumptions of looking slimmer. Always opt for your actual size or even a size bigger.

5. Balance the Oversized Element

You can also trust oversized outfits to look slimmer, although with proper styling. In many cases, people go for all-oversized outfits with a special knack for exaggerated, oversized clothes. Such oversized outfits can make you look bigger. Therefore, you should try options in between with clothes that are more fitted to accompany oversized items. Add only one oversized piece, such as a blazer to balance the overall look. 

6. Focus on the Thinnest Parts of Your Body

Thinnest Parts of Your Body
PHOTO: @kimkardashian

The answers for “how to dress to look slimmer” would also imply the need to focus attention on thinner and more toned parts of your body. Therefore, you have to ensure that you select the clothes that will emphasize the thinner parts of you, whether it is your waist, legs or arms. For example, if you have thin legs, choose slim-fit pants. If you have slimmer arms, you should opt for sleeveless tops and dresses.

7. Use Shapewear

Another common suggestion among outfits that will make you look slimmer would obviously draw the limelight on shapewear. Many women prefer shapewear as a favorable choice for compressing their body into the desired shape. You can wear shapewear with form-fitting outfits to create a slimmer silhouette. The best thing about shapewear is the way they help in smoothing your body into a perfect shape and a thinner look.

8. Avoid Excessive Volume

oversized outfits to look slimmer
PHOTO: @georgiamay

If you want to buy shirts that make you look slimmer, you must work on avoiding unnecessary volume. A voluminous shirt, top, or ruffled dress could add extra volume to your appearance, thereby making you look bigger. Try choosing shirts and tops that focus most of the volume only in areas with a flattering tone, such as sleeves.

9. Dress for Your Body Shape

The most notable recommendation for assembling the best outfits to look slimmer would be an obvious focus on taking your body shape into account. Irrespective of whether you have an hourglass-shaped shape, an apple or a short torso, you need to pick the clothes suited to your body shape. New offerings in fashion can cater to the fashion preferences of plus-sized as well as petite women. You have a unique and beautiful body shape, and you must dress according to your body to achieve the most flattering, slim look.

For example, avoid low-rise jeans if you have short legs, as they can make you look shorter and stumpy. On the contrary, you can choose high waist pants and dresses that will elongate your silhouette and create a thinner appearance. 

Women with an apple-shaped frame can use oversized outfits to look slimmer by adding an oversized blazer to hide the tummy. Complement the oversized blazer with skinny jeans for the perfect balance while accenting your thin legs.

You can also trust a blazer for thick arms. 

Fitted V-neck tops can work as a top choice for women with small waists and bigger boobs, as the tops will accentuate their body shape. 

10. Minimal Accessories

Minimal Accessories
PHOTO: @lydiajanetomlinson

If you are assembling some of the best outfits to look slimmer, you would obviously need some accessories. However, you must avoid topping up your looks with an excessive amount of accessories. Adding too many accessories can make you look bulky and congested. On the other hand, a few practical choices in accessorizing can help you style up some exceptionally chic looks that won’t make you look heavy. The choice of bag, shoes and jewellery can make or break your slim look.


11. Choose the Right Patterns

The selection of dresses or shirts that make you look slimmer must also focus on choosing the proper patterns. For example, a dress with a complicated and highly ornate print can make you appear bigger than you are. However, a dress with solid colors or vertical stripes would have a completely different aesthetic, making you look slimmer.

12. The Right Underwear

You can also notice a solid difference in the way you look by changing the choice of your underwear. Choose high waist panties that can tuck in your tummy for a slimmer appearance. In addition, the best outfits to look slimmer would be incomplete without the right bra that will lift and shape up the appearance of your boobs and accent your waist.

13. Emphasize Your Best Features

The common trick for wearing outfits to look slimmer would include selecting dresses that will accent your best features. For example, you can choose V-neck dresses if you have big boobs. Similarly, a sleeveless top or dress works perfectly for slim arms. You can try a mini-length dress if you have thin legs. Form-fitting dresses are great choices in the best outfits to look slimmer for girls and women with an hourglass shape. Wrap-style or A-line silhouette dresses are a favorite pick for downplaying your tummy in the overall look.

14. Try Cinching Your Waist

Cinching Your Waist
PHOTO: @suziebonaldi

Waist cinching is a traditional method for making your silhouette look slimmer and more hourglass-like. The best way to cinch in your waist is a belt. Quite an easy and impressive trick, isn’t it?

Tips for Buying Clothes for Outfits to Look Thinner

Here are some tips you must keep in mind while purchasing clothes to look slimmer.

  • Take your time to research available styles and designs in dresses and shirts that make you look slimmer before picking up the ideal choices for your closet.
  • Always keep in mind your shape while shopping. Don’t buy trendy clothes that won’t flatter you, rather focus on clothes that accentuate your best features.
  • Choose the right size, not too tight, and not too baggy. Looking slim is a balancing game.
  • Try monochrome looks in different color palettes as an easy way to create a flattering outfit.

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