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12 Simple Styling Tricks to Make You Look More Put Together

The troubles of styling can affect anyone at any time, and there’s no way to deny it. However, you can always make your way through these troubles with the right guidance. The internet is your best source to find the best styling hacks from many articles, blogs, and videos. However, it is important to find hacks you can implement in your everyday outfits

You don’t have to worry about complexities when you follow fashion hacks as they are meant to make your life easy with simple style solutions. Therefore, the best way to start experimenting with fashion hacks would be to start small. You can use small hacks for upgrading your look without any complicated efforts. Let us find out some of the best fashion hacks you can implement in your everyday routine. 

Simple Everyday Fashion Hacks You Can Try

The notion of adhering to commonly accepted norms in fashion has been redefined with the arrival of fashion hacks. Many women are using innovative fashion pointers to paint their existing fashion statement in a completely new way. Interestingly, you can discover everyday fashion tips you can implement in your daily fashion routine and make your life much easier. 

Most of the simple fashion hacks don’t involve any costs and have great results. You can look chicer, slimmer, and taller with just a few minor modifications in your everyday outfits. Here are some of the proven tricks you can try out if you want to elevate your fashion statement effortlessly. 

1. Best Way to Roll Your Sleeves

 how to dress simple but stylish
PHOTO: @carodaur

One of the first pointers on how to dress simple but stylish would refer to rolling up your sleeves. When you are wearing a button-down shirt, you should roll the sleeves to your elbow. While many of you might wonder about the benefits of such modification, the rolled-up sleeves elevate the simple looks of the button-down shirt and make them cooler. The button-down shirt would look more effortless and casual with the rolled-up sleeves. 

2. Use a Sweater

styling hacks
PHOTO: @emmahill

You can also use a sweater as an interesting choice among the best styling hacks for sophisticated looks. Try wearing a sweater around your shoulders, and you’ve got a sophisticated look. In addition, the sweater also offers warmth, which is essential in winter or fall. 


3. Go for Monochrome

everyday fashion tip
PHOTO: @modelmouth

Another promising option among everyday fashion styling tips would obviously point towards monochrome looks. The best thing about monochrome looks is that they are timeless and chic. At the same time, you wouldn’t experience any troubles with your aesthetics as monochrome looks make you appear taller and slimmer.

4. Choose the Right Accessories

 fashion styling tips
PHOTO: @tayhage

As generic as it may sound, you need to choose the right accessories for your outfits to have the best looks. One of the best styling hacks suggests that you can upgrade any look with three significant accessories. The best accessories for any look include a bag, a belt, and sunglasses. You need to match these three accessories with the other elements in your outfit to ensure a good flow. In addition, you can also seek chic accessories with striking design elements that attract attention and elevate simple outfits.

5. Styling Oversized Clothes

Oversized Clothes
PHOTO: @zara.outfits

Oversized clothes are a massively popular trend right now. Most entries in everyday fashion tips would include the mention of trying out oversized clothes. Therefore, you are more likely to choose an oversized sweater, blazer, or a pair of pants in your wardrobe. On the other hand, you might experience some trouble with the appearance of oversized pieces of clothing, especially if you’re petite. In such cases, you should try pairing oversized clothes with fitted pieces, thereby balancing the outfit. The oversized clothes would not look bigger or frumpy due to the fitted pieces you combine with them.

6. Hats Work Wonders

how to dress simple
PHOTO: @zara.outfits

Well, we are not talking about a magician’s hat here! While that is capable of conjuring up some great wonders in a magic show, you can also choose hats for styling up some amazing looks. As a matter of fact, the best styling hacks are incomplete without the mention of hats. You can add a hat to your outfits to introduce a refined aesthetic and look more sophisticated like a fashion blogger.

7. Wearing an Oversized Blazer

how to dress simple but stylish
PHOTO: @daniellebernstein

An oversized blazer definitely shows how to dress simple but stylish, albeit with a few simple styling modifications. You should always wear an oversized blazer completely open alongside the sleeves rolled up. The subtle modification plays a vital role in improving your looks in an oversized blazer. On top of it, you can always balance the oversized aesthetic with fitted pieces. 

8. Try the Sandwich Rule

The sandwich rule is one of the best styling hacks you can rely on, without any doubt. The sandwich rule basically states that you have to match the color or shape on the bottom with the one on top in an outfit. And, as the name suggests, you have to go for a different color or shape in the middle half. Interestingly, the sandwich rule is applicable in so many looks you build. Just ensure a proper balance between your top and bottom half, and watch the magic happen. For example, if you choose an oversized blazer, then you should choose wide-leg trousers over skinny jeans to match the top and the bottom. 

9. Skirts in Winter Season

simple fashion styling
PHOTO: @zara.outfits

Many of you might have struggled with the notion of wearing skirts in the winter, especially considering the extreme cold. However, some promising fashion styling tips can help you wear your favorite skirts easily in the cold. The best way to wear a skirt in winter is with an oversized coat and pick one which is longer than the skirt in length. As a result, you can stay safe from the cold while also wearing skirts in a chic winter outfit of your choice. 


10. Pointed-Toe Shoes

everyday fashion tips
PHOTO: @aimeesong

Some of you may not have a knack for heels and that is quite all right. However, your disdain for heels must not keep you away from stylish and elegant looks. You can choose the best styling hacks with alternatives to heels, such as pointed-toe shoes. The pointed-toe shoes can easily help in elongating the appearance of your legs. An interesting and chic recommendation for choosing pointed-toe shoes would refer to picking up nude shoes matching your skin colour. 

11. Avoid Flats with Midi and Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts
PHOTO: @lydiajanetomlinson

The top choices in everyday fashion tips would also focus on avoiding some common fashion blunders which affect your looks. You should not wear midi or maxi skirts with flats as they can make you look shorter. 

12. Wear One Piece in Different Ways

everyday fashion
PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

The final and most effortless suggestion in best styling hacks focuses on wearing one piece of clothing in different ways. You can wear the clothes you have in different ways to make the most of them. For example, you can wear a simple button-down shirt with buttons undone or completely buttoned down. Similarly, you can wear a sweater around your shoulder or on top of a shirt with a few buttons undone.

Tips for Styling Everyday Outfits

The chicest style hacks can offer you the flexibility to tailor the existing pieces in your wardrobe for different styles. Here are some of the notable pointers you should follow for styling everyday outfits. 

  • Look for inspiration from celebrities and fashion influencers on styling everyday outfits. 
  • Try wearing your own clothes in a new and exciting way. Maybe wear your button down shirt unbuttoned, or wear sneakers instead of heels like you’re used to. It’s the subtle changes that make a huge difference.
  • Don’t forget accessories as they are a crucial part of any great look. The right bag, sunglasses, shoes and jewellery can make or break your outfit.

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