How to Create the Best Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe
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A capsule wardrobe is one of the prominent trends in fashion which have emerged in recent years because of the growing awareness of the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry. What does a capsule wardrobe mean? It basically implies the creation of a functional collection of classic pieces in your wardrobe that all work well together. Interestingly, a sustainable summer capsule wardrobe is functional in helping you mix and match your outfits over the course of time. 

The concept of a sustainable summer capsule wardrobe in 2022 can induce drastic changes in the way people perceive fashion. The key to sustainability in a capsule wardrobe is to understand how it reduces clothing consumption and, subsequently, textile waste. Let us find out some interesting ways to make your summer capsule wardrobe sustainable. 

Top Picks for Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes are the exemplar of simplicity in modern fashion. As you focus on buying only what you need, you would be purchasing fewer textiles and accessories. Ultimately, the environmental footprint of your fashion choices will reduce and you will contribute positively to the protection of the planet. In addition, choosing brands or product lines that are devoted to sustainability can also help you contribute to sustainable fashion. 

For example, some of the notable sustainable brands and product lines include Everlane, Reformation, Levi’s, Veja, Girlfriend Collective, H&M Conscious range, Mango Committed, ASOS responsible edit, and Zara join life range. You can build the best sustainable summer capsule wardrobe with the following recommendations.

      1. High-waist Wide-leg Jeans

The Way-high jeans from Everlane are tailored from 98% organic cotton material with an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions. Pair them up with a modern jean jacket and loafers for a stylish look.

      2. 90s Straight Leg Washed Jeans

Add the vintage 90s-inspired straight leg jeans crafted from 100% cotton material that is made with 98% recycled water in the manufacturing process. These jeans are a must have in any sustainable summer capsule wardrobe.

      3. Pleated Pants

Pleated straight-leg trousers are also one of the top additions to a summer capsule wardrobe for women. Style the pleated pants with a cardigan and heeled leather sandals.

      4. Black Pants

A staple in any wardrobe, season, and decade will always be black pants. If you are building your sustainable summer capsule wardrobe then pleated black pants are a great addition. The pleat detailing and the elegant lyocell fabric work perfectly with organic cotton t-shirts or button down tops and sneakers.

      5. Denim Shorts

A summer essential in a summer capsule wardrobe 2022 is a pair of high-waist mom-fit denim shorts like these ones from Zara join life. The shorts would look great with a graphic tee or a linen shirt and some flat sandals.

      6. Bermuda Shorts 

The black linen Bermuda shorts might also be a promising addition to your sustainable summer capsule wardrobe thanks to their unique design. These shorts can be dressed up or down, depending on the event, and will pair perfectly with blouses and heeled sandals. 

      7. Midi Skirt 

Another mandatory addition to your summer capsule wardrobe is a high-waist midi skirt with an asymmetric hem. You can wear this skirt with a cropped t-shirt or a bodysuit, flat sandals, and gold jewellery.

      8. White Jeans

Straight white cropped jeans with a high-waist fit should also be in a sustainable summer capsule wardrobe. Style these jeans with a blue shirt or classic striped top, add some loafers, sneakers, or flats, and finish the look with a belt.

      9. White T-shirt

Summer wardrobes, capsule or not, are incomplete without a white, oversized cotton t-shirt. Your oversized white t-shirts would look effortlessly chic with wide-leg jeans, shorts, skirts, and pants. 

      10. Nude Crop Top

A short crop top with a round neckline and thin elastic straps manufactured sustainably is also a good choice in a sustainable capsule wardrobe for women. The nude crop top will go well with any color or style, for example, you can pair it with white jeans, or straight leg jeans for a casual look. 

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      11. Black Rib-knit Shirt

A black rib-knit shirt crafted from a soft viscose blend is ideal for comfort in the summer season. You can wear it to work with pleated pants or casually with jeans.

      12. Striped Sleeves Top

Stripes work well for summer, and a striped t-shirt gives you the perfect foundation for a sustainable summer capsule wardrobe. Wear it with white jeans or a midi skirt, and sneakers.

      13. Black Tank Top

A cross-back cami top with skinny straps could also be a top choice for your summer capsule wardrobe. It can work perfectly with a pair of high-waist straight-leg jeans or denim shorts. 

      14. White Cotton Shirt

A white shirt made of 100% organic cotton also shows your commitment to sustainability. It can be worn casually or formally and will never go out of style.

      15. Nude Linen Shirt

The nude linen shirt comes with elbow-length sleeves and side vents at the hem. It will complete many summer outfits and is the ideal choice for a beach look over a bikini, with rectangle sunglasses.

      16. Black Everyday Midi Dress

Choose a casual fitted midi dress for the best sustainable summer capsule wardrobe alongside flat leather sandals.

      17. Nude Midi Dress

You should also consider adding a nude cotton maxi dress with adjustable straps and a sweetheart neckline to your summer capsule wardrobe in 2022

      18. Maxi Dress

A long V-neck ruched maxi dress in blue is also another top choice for your sustainable summer capsule wardrobe.


      19. Floral Mini Dress

The YAS floral printed mini dress, crafted from organic cotton is also a must-have for your summer capsule wardrobe. This feminine dress will add some color to the basic wardrobe and bring you joy.

      20. White Sundress

A white cami midi sundress with a shirred bodice and raw-edge trims will be a great choice for any casual outing in summer.

      21. Evening Dress

The sustainable summer capsule wardrobe collection should also contain a versatile one shoulder evening dress. 

      22. Jean Jacket

Denim jackets are a staple in any summer capsule wardrobe as they go with any type of summer outfit. Wear the jean jacket over a dress or a tank top with high-rise jeans for an uber-stylish look.

      23. Basic Black Bikini

Summer collections would be incomplete without swimwear. Go for a classic recycled black bikini set that will never go out of style. 

      24. Workout Clothes

Upgrade your sustainable summer capsule wardrobe with some workout clothes like a unitard dress or a combination of shorts and a sports bra.

      25. Trainers

Trainers are one of the first choices for footwear in a summer capsule wardrobe. Choose the classic Adidas stan smith sneakers in white. 

      26. Flat Sandals

Summer is all about walking around and trying to stay cool, so a flat crossover sandal in nude is a perfect choice because it is airy, comfortable, and versatile in terms of color and style. 

      27. Black Heeled Sandals

The choice of footwear for your sustainable summer capsule wardrobe must also include heeled leather sandals in black for formal events.

      28. Basket Bag

Accessorize your summer capsule wardrobe with a handmade leather basket bag crafted with a raffia weave pattern. 

      29. Shoulder Bag

Another bag essential is a shoulder bag. Add it to your summer capsule wardrobe for everyday outings, parties, or night-outs with friends.

Tips For Purchasing A Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe

If you have concerns about building a sustainable capsule wardrobe, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Look for online lists like the one above and tailor them to your needs, for example, if you need more office-appropriate clothes or workout wear, add them, and remove others you don’t need.
  • Take a look at the existing items in your closet and identify what pieces are missing to create your capsule.
  • Try to keep your wardrobe as minimal as possible and make sure each piece you add works well with most of the others.
  • When looking for sustainable options, start with vintage shopping, and if you can’t find what you need, shop from sustainable brands.
  • Look for quality above quantity if you want the true value of sustainability.


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