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The Best Pieces from the House Of Sunny Winter Collection

House of Sunny is a popular Gen Z brand that has brought new trends into fashion. Check out the best picks from the House of Sunny clothing for winter now!

The rise of popular fashion brands on Tik Tok and Instagram such as House of Sunny present a completely clear picture of the changes in fashion. House of Sunny is one of the clothing brands that no one can escape in the present times, especially on social media. The brand acquired cult status in Summer 2020 with many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner sporting House of Sunny clothing. The trendy boutique-style brand has come up with some unique pieces of clothing for many fashion-loving women in recent times. Therefore, many women seek the best House of Sunny clothing for winter to elevate their style statement. Let us find some of the most notable picks for your wardrobe from the winter collection of House of Sunny.

Best Picks from House of Sunny Clothing for Winter

Whether it is the 70s prints combined with a midi dress or high-rise jeans with zebra print, House of Sunny has brought something new to the modern fashion scene. Founded by Sunny Williams in 2011, the brand has set new benchmarks in the world of fashion with some exclusive picks. If you are looking for a House of Sunny jacket for winter, then you have made the right choice. However, it is also important for you to choose the top picks from their winter collection if you want to be sure you stand out. Here are the top choices from the winter collection of House of Sunny you would love to try out. 

The Blue Moon Dress

A classic slip dress by House of Sunny is probably the first pick in House of Sunny clothing for winter you would love to have. It is basically the winter version of the renowned House of Sunny dress in green adorned by Kendall Jenner. You can see how the winter version features a beautiful blue color and the same cutout detailing at the back like the original dress. On top of it, the swirly pattern on the dress adds up to its chicness while offering a credible statement piece to your winter wardrobe

INDIGO SKIES Tracksuit Top & INDIGO SKIES Tracksuit Pants

The combination of a cropped knitted tracksuit top featuring front half-zip detailing with straight leg knitted tracksuit pants is a comfy and chic winter wardrobe pick. You can find the best alternative to a House of Sunny cardigan in the tracksuit top made of super soft fabric. In addition, the overall set gives you the perfect tracksuit combination for winter. You have the jovial 70s vibe in the outfit with a vibrant color making your looks appear vibrant. Interestingly, each piece could work independently to upgrade casual looks like jeans and a t-shirt. 

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Midnight Swirl Peggy cardigan

Go for a House of Sunny cardigan as your winter wardrobe essential from the famed fashion house. The winter version of the famous cardigan from House of Sunny is obviously a designer pick with its fur edges. On top of it, the wavy ribbed pattern on the cardigan along with the rich blue color work wonders for your winter aesthetics. You can discover one of the best picks from House of Sunny clothing for winter in the Midnight Swirl Peggy cardigan. It works perfectly with your favorite jeans without trying too hard.

The Technicolour Sweater

The Technicolour is the finest example of a cute House of Sunny sweater for your winter wardrobe. With a fantasia landscape in its graphic design, the sweater has many elements that suit perfectly with adorable outfits. The unicorn sweater features exceptionally fun colors alongside giving off cozy vibes. You cannot fall short of some exclusively unique outfits when you have a sweater like The Technicolour. It is one of the trustworthy picks in House of Sunny Clothing for winter that fits nicely with casual looks. You can pair it with cream leather leggings or jeans for some adorable winter looks. 


Find some new ways to style up House Of Sunny clothes that are not just House of Sunny jacket or cardigans. Try a unique pick like the BOLAN JESSIE Pants. The Jessie pants are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a wow piece in their winter wardrobes. You can incorporate a prominently distinct element in your winter outfits with the tiger print on the pants. The Jessie pants will work amazingly well with black tops of all types and can be styled easily in daytime looks, as well as sexy night out outfits. One of the best things about such pieces in House of Sunny clothing for winter is that the Jessie pants offer sophisticated and modern aesthetics. 

COSMO (FOREVER & EVER) Overcoat in Brown

You can also find a House of Sunny teddy coat in the COSMO overcoat. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices in the winter collection of House of Sunny for refined and chic outfits. It comes in a practical brown color that suits almost all types of winter outfits. In addition, the oversized fit also elevates its value as a vital addition to winter outfits. Interestingly, you can find this pick from House of Sunny clothing for winter in blue color also. Another promising highlight about the COSMO overcoat is that it reflects the aesthetic language of the brand in the best way possible. The unique design details that make this a House Of Sunny staple are the fur collar and the swirly pattern. On the other hand, the overcoat also presents a practical yet understated design.

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BOLAN Mini Icon Bag

The icon bag evolved as a top choice for complementing a House of Sunny teddy coat and other House of Sunny clothes. You can think of the mini icon bag as a helpful instrument not only for complementing House of Sunny clothing for winter but as a wow addition to plain outfits. The shoulder bag offers you a flexible and fun way of adding prints to a minimal outfit. Carry the BOLAN mini icon bag with confidence and make your outfits look smarter.

Tips to Shop for House of Sunny Winter Clothing

The top picks among House of Sunny clothing for winter can definitely encourage you to start shopping right now. However, you should take note of the following pointers to make sure that you purchase wisely. 

  • Look for inspiration online and see how other consumers style their House Of Sunny clothes, it will help you decide which piece would work best for you.
  • Set a clear budget because these pieces are not cheap. If you can only afford one item, go for a classic item like their cardigan or dress.
  • Take your measurements before you place an order to endure a perfect fit. 
  • Style your House of Sunny pieces with simple outfits to make them shine as the statement piece they are.

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