Top 10 Hot Girl Summer Looks That Will Define 2022

hot girl summer style
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The summer season is here, and so is the trend of ‘hot girl summer’. Just like many modern fashion trends, the hot girl summer style outfits are becoming popular everywhere on social media. So, many teenagers and women are looking for the best choices to make them look and feel like a hot girl this summer. While there is a lot of talk about the hot girl summer trend, there is limited clarity on what the trend actually implies, it’s mainly a state of mind rather than an actual piece of clothing. Let us find out some of the top ten outfits inspired by the hot girl summer fashion ideas.

Top Outfits Inspired by Hot Girl Summer Trend

Before diving into a detailed outline of the outfits based on hot girl summer clothing trends, it is important to know the trend itself. Hot Girl Summer trend began with American rapper, Megan Thee Stallion who came up with it as a combination of hip-hop and fan culture. According to Megan, hot girl summer is basically a trend that encourages women to have an unapologetic attitude about their body, sexuality, and themselves in general. With that being said, let us take a look at some of the outfits that can help you get the hot girl summer style.  

     1. Bikini

Show off your body and curves with this Shein 3 pcs bikini and cover up. The criss-cross halter neck bikini swimsuit and beach skirt set gives off vibes of confidence and style. 

     2. One Piece

If you want to know how the hot girl summer dress for the beach, here is the answer. A drawstring-side detail swimsuit in brown is a great sexy yet subtle option that exudes confidence and style.

     3. Shorts and Crop Top

A pair of classic straight denim shorts will also be a perfect addition to your hot girl summer style outfits. The best combo for the denim shorts would be a sexy draped top with tie-back detail. This outfit shows you are proud of who you are, and not afraid to stand out with your style.

     4. Summer Dress

Milkmaid style dresses are undoubtedly top favorites in summer fashion. You can choose this romantic cami dress with high-split detail and floral print to be one of your go to Hot Girl Summer 2022 outfits. The floral print adds a delicate touch to the form fitting dress and the midi length makes this dress chic and contemporary. 

     5. Casual Chic

Hot girl summer trend does not mean that you have to go overboard with patterns or designs. On the contrary, you can nail the Hot Girl Summer clothing trends easily with a classic draped linen-blend skirt with slit detail and tie waist crop top. 


     6. Vacation Vibes

Summer is all about having fun and taking a long vacation to relax and explore new places. You can easily find some amazing vacation outfits that will work well with your hot girl summer style. The best suggestion for vacation outfits that suit the hot girl summer trend would be a crop top and maxi skirt set two piece set. 

     7. Elevated Loungewear

Fashion trends in the 21st century are quite nimble and change rapidly with emerging designers and innovation. Who would have thought that a pandemic would make loungewear the most desired type of clothing for everyone? If you are looking to add some elevated loungewear to your selection of hot girl summer 2022 outfits, then try the corset style tank top and sweatpants set that will make you look hot even in joggers. 

     8. Casual Co-ord

Co-ords are also a great way to help you get the perfect casual outfit that has the spirit of the hot girl summer trend. Choose a scoop neck waffle knit top and shorts co-ord which features the value of comfort and chic together. You can let your style speak for itself with just a simple co-ord and look unapologetically beautiful.

     9. Night Out with the Girls

A casual night out with the girls is no excuse to dress down. You need to think of interesting ways in which you can have the hot girl summer style even on a casual night out. There’s no reason to look far as you can simply pick up a backless dress with a ruched bust and flattering bodycon fit. This dress can work well on any occasion while making you look and feel your best.

     10. Date Night 

Did you ever think that the hot girl summer trend can work on date-night? If not, then you can definitely do that now. A dress with cutouts at the waist and front tie detail is a perfect mix of sophistication and a bold fashion statement. The sleeveless v-neck dress is sexy without trying hard and will turn heads thanks to its color.

Tips to Wear the Hot Girl Summer Style

The different options for a hot girl summer dress might seem very appealing. However, you need something more than just a collection of dresses to become ‘hot girl summer.’ Here are some tips for wearing the hot girl summer style perfectly.        

  • Try to have confidence in yourself and enjoy the moment without thinking about other people’s opinions. 
  • Take every day of your life as a new adventure and look for new opportunities not only in fashion but also in aspects of your life as well.
  • Focus on caring for yourself before anything else, all year round.
  • Do not be afraid to try out new looks, even if you have to push your boundaries.
  • Create your own gang of ‘hotties’ and give each other the confidence and support we all need.


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