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5 Winter Outfit Ideas to Steal from Hailey Bieber’s Wardrobe

Among the many fashion influencers you can look up to in recent times, Hailey Bieber deserves the top spot. Her effortless fashion sense, alongside the way she owns every look she wears, makes her the fashion icon she is today. Many people want to recreate the Hailey Bieber winter style and discover what it’s like to dress up like Hailey. She crafts some of the most envious looks with a mix of lounge and luxury outfits. 

Some of the common highlights in her wardrobe include athleisure, neutral hues, staples, and statement pieces. Interestingly, Hailey not only wears all new trends effortlessly but also sets some new trends of her own. You would not be alone in your desire to recreate Hailey Bieber’s winter outfits right now. Let us find out how Hailey dresses up for the winter. 

Winter Outfit Ideas Inspired by Hailey Bieber 

Hailey Bieber is an inspiration for a style that is unapologetic, trendy, and chic. Her unique looks have made headlines while playing a massive role in transforming the fashion choices of women and girls worldwide. A simple Hailey Bieber leather jacket is enough to hold the attention of millions of her followers. So, how does she wear her winter outfits? What is her secret to winter fashion? Take a look at her different outfits and the best picks that will help you recreate her look with a much smaller budget. 

1. NYC Sexy Look

Hailey Bieber Sexy Look outfit
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

The first choice for replicating the Hailey Bieber winter style look is her NYC sexy look. You can begin the look with a pair of cuffed cargo pants in black featuring false front metal buttons. The high waist pant featuring an elastic waistband alongside cuffed hems is surely a favorite pick for style. Hailey paired the oversized cargo pants with a simple fitted crop top in black. 

Now, you can add a long belted leather coat with a lapel neckline just like the one Hailey wears in her sexy look. The next addition in your sexy winter outfit like Hailey would be a croc-embossed chain ruched bag. Finally, you can complete the look with strappy square toe stiletto heels made of faux leather for an exact replica of Hailey’s NYC sexy look. 

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2. Casual and Cozy

PHOTO: @haileybstyle

You can also see how the Hailey Bieber leather jacket is a modern take on a staple. Hailey sets new definitions to casual and cozy outfits for winter with baggy cotton jeans in bleach wash. The baggy fit jeans elevate the casual looks for winter, while the bleach color makes a strong impact. On top of it, she has added a Hailey Bieber winter style faux leather coat with drop shoulders. 

You can find a suitable choice of footwear like Hailey with Nike Air Force 1 sneakers in off-white color. When it comes to accessories, you must pick a green crossbody handbag like Hailey. The last perfect piece in your outfit inspired by Hailey Bieber’s casual and cozy looks is a bucket hat featured with detachable strings. 

3. Ultimate Chic Winter Look

hailey bieber leather jacket
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Hailey also shows another promising example of wearing winter trends along with timeless pieces in her ultimate chic winter look. You can start by picking a wide leg pants in gray and pinstripe detailing. The next addition to your winter outfit inspired by Hailey is a basic knit mock neck sweater in black. Choose a black belt made of recycled PU leather featuring a stylish twisted metal buckle. 

Now, you have to layer up in a belted longline coat in camel for an extra chic factor in your outfit. Add a pair of trendy New Balance sneakers just like Hailey and put on a pair of square sunglasses in black. You can also continue recreating the Hailey Bieber winter style chic look with a minimalist flap square bag. The last addition to your ultimate chic winter look would be a pair of gold-tone hoop earrings in a thick tube shape.

4. Warm and Oversize

hailey bieber winter style
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

The warm and oversize look of Hailey Bieber winter style outfits also shows how graceful she can be in her style. Start with a pair of high waist Hailey Bieber leather pants in black. Make sure that the leggings have pronounced seam detailing at the front and back. The next addition to the warm and oversized winter outfit like Hailey is a hooded rib sweatshirt in black. The cropped hooded sweatshirt featuring a ribbed trim and side vents at the hem keeps you warm in style. With a perfect black look as the base layer, you can add an oversized wool look overcoat in black with a tailored fit. 

Grab a pair of classic front zip design boots just like the Hailey Bieber boots in this warm and oversize look. On the final note, you can add finesse to your warm and oversized winter outfit like Hailey Bieber with a white zebra print large pouch bag made of faux leather.

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5. Snowy Day Look

Snowy Day Look
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

If you are planning to go out on a snowy day, Hailey Bieber winter style outfits have some inspiration for you. You can dress up in a pair of straight leg dad jeans in blue and a wool sweater in cream with zip front detailing. The outfit surely offers a better alternative to the famed Hailey Bieber sweatshirt outfits for the winter. Most importantly, pay attention to the way Hailey has blended suede as a vital element in her winter outfit. 

Her snowy day look gets better with the mid-heeled slouchy boots with a pointed-toe design. Now, you can layer up in an extremely oversized belted trench coat with quilted lining detail. The neutral cream color of the trench coat shows how Hailey Bieber winter style looks can surprise you and help you think outside the box. Pick up a woven ruched clutch bag and metal hoop earrings as the finishing touch to your snowy day look like Hailey. 

Tips to Shop for Winter Outfits like Hailey Bieber

Here are some important tips for shopping for winter style outfits inspired by Hailey Bieber,

  • Research is the first step to getting everything right when recreating Hailey Bieber winter style outfits. Go through all her outfits and find the ones you love most.
  • Never compromise on your personal style preferences while buying outfits inspired by Hailey Bieber. Try mixing a color of your choice in an outfit sported by Hailey.
  • Hailey has a perfect figure that makes everything look good. If you don’t feel comfortable with her choices for your body, change some elements, but keep the core style in mind.

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