Recreating Hailey Bieber’s Outfits With A Much Smaller Budget

hailey bieber style on a budget
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Celebrity fashion is particularly enticing and also appears trendier than the common outfits available today. Among the many stylish celebrities out there, Hailey Bieber has got her style game on top without any doubts. However, she has celebrity money and has got some of the best designers sending her their best pieces to wear. Is it possible to get a Hailey Bieber style on a budget? Fortunately, the answer is yes! With the right sources of information, you can definitely find some affordable ways to dress up like Hailey Bieber.

Best Ideas for Affordable Hailey Bieber Style Outfits

More often than not, we cannot help but feel utterly jealous when we look at different Hailey Bieber outfits. She is a true fashion icon, adored by millions worldwide, and let’s not forget, she is married to Justin Bieber. No Wonder we all want to create outfits that are similar to those Hailey Bieber wore. The question is, how? Let us take a look at some of the stylish outfits of Hailey Bieber and some helpful recommendations that can help you recreate the original look for less with ease. 

1. Sophisticated Chic Look

hailey bieber style
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

A cropped white top and a pair of high-waist brown flared trousers is a great sophisticated look done by Hailey Bieber. This is a classic way to dress that will never date and will work well for work, casual events, and date nights. Paired with square-frame sunglasses and a vibrant shoulder bag, this is one of the best Hailey Bieber style outfits. You can have the exact same Hailey Bieber style on a budget with the following options.

Slit-hem flare leg trousers with a high-rise waist design resemble the one’s Hailey sports in this look. 

hailey baldwin outfits

Slit Hem Flare Leg Pants

SHEIN, $17

The white long sleeve crop top blouse is also a perfect addition to this outfit as it clearly resembles the original. With a V-neck design and cropped look, it will work with many other items of clothing you have in your closet. 

hailey bieber outfits

Flounce Sleeve Crop Blouse

SHEIN, $14

These square-toe buckled ankle strap heels are the perfect footwear dupes of Hailey Bieber’s designer shoes. These heels look great with many of Hailey Bieber’s clothes.

hailey bieber style

Square Toe Buckled Ankle Strap Heels

SHEIN, $20

Did you notice her wearing the square-frame tinted sunglasses in white? Well, we found the exact same style of sunglasses that will elevate your look.

affordable hailey baldwin fashion

Frame Tinted Lens Sunglasses


The final piece in the flawless ensemble of Hailey Bieber, the patent baguette bag with shoulder straps, could be yours. The vibrant color adds an edge to the classic look.

affordable hailey baldwin style

Patent Baguette Bag


2. Casual Outfit

hailey bieber outfits
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Hailey Bieber knows how to do casual fashion better than anyone. In this look, she paired high-rise jeans with a simple crop top and a black leather jacket. It is a great date night look, sexy yet effortlessly chic. So, how can you get this Hailey Bieber style on a budget?

Wide-leg full-length jeans with high-waist and slightly washed effect match perfectly with Hailey’s original outfit, and are right on trend. 

Wide Leg Full Length Jeans

ZARA, $49.90

The solid black tube top will make your outfit look as close as possible to Hailey’s casual look. 

hailey bieber style on a budget

Solid Tube Top


Most importantly, we found a similar oversized zip-up leather jacket that compliments this casual look perfectly.

hailey bieber outfits

Drop Shoulder Zip Up PU Leather Bomber Jacket

SHEIN, $30

The choice of handbag might be tricky when you try to match Hailey Bieber’s outfits. In this case, you could go for a green ruched bag that is similar to Celine’s pouch bag and works great for evening looks thanks to the chunky gold chain detail.

hailey bieber style

Cloud-shaped chain pouch bag

AMAZON, $39.99

Top up the outfit with casual training shoes for women, favorably in white color to suit the overall outfit vibe.

Women’s Casual 608 V5 Casual Training Shoes

AMAZON, $49.89 - $152.97

3. Date Night Outfit

hailey bieber outfits
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

The drop-dead gorgeous date night outfit looks staggeringly sumptuous on Hailey Bieber. The beautiful neutral color is perfect for vacation, and the cutout part of the dress adds sophistication and a lot of sensuousness to the table. With the right accessories, you can recreate this Hailey Bieber style on a budget.

This cutout solid split-hem dress is a perfect match to Hailey Bieber’s stylish date night outfit. You have not only the matching color but also a similar cutout detail and fabric. 

hailey bieber outfits

Cutout Solid Split Hem Dress

SHEIN, $11

A set of t-bar chains and a layering necklace, just like the ones Hailey is wearing, will elevate the rather simple dress thanks to the gold accent and added texture. 

Pack of 2 t-bar chain and layering necklace

ASOS, £7.50

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4. Comfy Chic Outfit

hailey bieber style on a budget
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

There have been many times when Hailey Bieber has shown what a comfy and stylish look can be when brought together. Track pants, tank tops, and sneakers- different variations that lead up to formidable fashion statements by Hailey Bieber.

This beige joggers and hoodie set with elasticated cuffs and waist embody the same comfy chic look of Hailey Bieber. This could be one of the most affordable Hailey Baldwin outfits you can add to your wardrobe. 

Mock Neck Solid Crop Pullover & Joggers Set

SHEIN, $29

As the picture clearly shows, simple tank tops are a great addition if you want to get that Hailey Bieber style on a budget. The solid tank top complements the joggers perfectly and makes them sexy rather than frumpy. 

hailey bieber style on a budget

Solid Tank Top


To recreate Hailey’s look, any cool sneakers will do, but we chose this vintage Nike off-white pair because it works well with the design and color of the jogger set. 

Nike Court Vintage trainers

ASOS, £50.95

Finally, Don’t miss out on the letter-embroidered baseball cap as the final highlight of your outfit. Think of it as the perfect solution for a bad hair day, or another way to make a statement in a subtle way.

Letter Embroidery Baseball Cap


5. Vacation Mood Outfit

affordable hailey baldwin outfits
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Hailey Bieber and her vacation outfits are basically goals for everyone who loves fashion and summer. Stunning everyone, including Justin Bieber, in the pink ensemble, Hailey drops the cute bombs in this outfit. You could also recreate this Hailey Bieber style on a budget without making too much effort.

The twist-front ruched satin dress in pink is the one you are looking for while searching online for what Hailey is wearing on her vacation. It has got the right amount of class and sass that will suit any fashionista on vacation. 

hailey bieber style on a budget

Glamaker Twist Front Ruched Satin Dress

SHEIN, $23

Your dreams of owning one of Hailey Bieber’s shoes can come true in this case with these Nike Air Force’s. It will require spending a bit here, but it’s worth the money because they will work with any outfit in your closet.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07

NIKE, $90

A pink bucket bag would be the right accessory to keep all of your essentials safe in style, just like Hailey. 

hailey bieber style

Beaded Handle Bucket Bag


Finally, do not forget the stunning hoop earrings on Hailey. You can also have such an addition to your outfit and add even more glamour to your outfit. Pick up these 50 mm hoop earrings with a twist design and gold tone, similar to those Hailey has in the picture.

50mm hoop earrings in twist design

ASOS, £6

Tips to Wear Hailey Bieber Outfits on Budget

It is quite difficult to find the best Hailey Bieber clothes on a budget. However, there are some tips that can help you stay on top of your fashion game. 

  • Find the outfit or pieces which suit your style preferences. If you don’t like to wear pink for example, don’t! You can find many fan pages on Instagram with pictures of Hailey’s looks.
  • Spend the money where it’s worth it, for example, a bag or shoes you’ll wear again and again. When you think of pieces you’ll wear once or twice, there is no point in spending a lot.
  • Look for cheap alternatives on Zara, Shein, Asos, and others. These brands have a habit of selling items of clothing that resemble designer pieces.


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