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How to Wear Nike Dunks like Hailey Bieber?

Impressed with Hailey Bieber’s iconic fashion sense? Check out the ideas on how you can style the best Nike dunks like Hailey Bieber. 

Hailey Bieber and style go hand in hand like watching a movie and eating popcorn. She has been an exemplary style icon with some of the most noteworthy looks in recent times. Fashion magazines can’t stop gushing about her cool outfit choices and the way she rocks the street style aesthetic. 

As a matter of fact, she is the queen of pairing causal and formal wear together. For example, she wears the best Nike dunks, a popular sneaker style by Nike in unique ways. Hailey sports her favorite Nike dunks with casual outfits as well as glamorous night outfits. So, how does she wear sneakers in such a versatile manner? Let us find out. 

Outfit Ideas for Styling Nike Dunks like Hailey Bieber

The style of Hailey Bieber is definitely one to envy. However, you can recreate her fashion statements by reflecting on the tiny details in her different looks. You can take a look at the different pictures of Hailey and her ways to use the Nike dunks women’s collection. The following pictures show how Hailey prefers to style her trendy Nike dunks in different ways. 

A Tailored Look

nike dunks womens
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

The first picture shows Hailey wearing one of the best Nike dunks in a practically unprecedented manner. She combines the dunks with a tailored oversized suit and incorporates a casual vibe by choosing a crochet bralette rather than a top. Furthermore, she also adds gold jewelry to accent her sophisticated looks a bit more. Interestingly, Hailey uses the dunks to balance the sophistication in her suit, thereby making her look more effortless and casual.

The Vegas Night out Look

best nike dunks
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Party like there’s no tomorrow, and Hailey does the same in her Vegas night-out look. She wears Nike dunks shoes as an unexpected style choice for a night out in Vegas. Hailey brings on a sexy and trendy leather look while toning it down with the nike sneakers. So, you can see how Hailey uses the dunks again to balance her look and make it look effortless and cool. 

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A Casual Look

PHOTO: @haileybstyle

In this look, you can see how Hailey makes use of unique picks in Nike dunks women’s in her everday look. She wears dunks with a casual look by incorporating the green accent of the sneakers in her outfit. Hailey sports a green top and sunglasses alongside popping up hints of orange as a complimenting color. The best thing here is that you don’t have to try hard to recreate such a look. Put on a pair of baggy jeans with a crop top and some fun accessories for an edgy look.

A Lounge Style Look

nike dunk shoes
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Hailey never shies from versatility and wears the best Nike dunks, even in a lounge-style look. Relax at your home or go for quick errands in a fun sweatshirt and joggers paired with Dunks and get all the cool Hailey Bieber vibes. 

The Smart Casual Look

best nike dunks
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

The smart-casual look of Hailey definitely inspires one to look for “where to buy Nike dunks” and style them up for absolutely stunning outfits. With a pair of wide leg checkered trousers, the smart casual look of Hailey is not a difficult one to recreate. She adds a cute and sexy crop top cardigan alongside a brown shoulder bag, sunglasses, and jewelry. Most importantly, the look shows how Hailey uses the best Nike dunks to turn a sophisticated look into a trendy and modern outfit.   

A Basic Look

PHOTO: @haileybstyle

You can see how Hailey upgrades a simple look by pairing her Nike dunks with jeans and a leather jacket. One can easily grab a pair of Nike dunk low off-white sneakers to recreate the basic look of Hailey. She has effortlessly elevated her looks by choosing dunks rather than heeled boots. The best thing about Hailey’s basic look is that you can recreate it easily, and it is comfortable. 

A Fun Look

nike dunks womens
PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Well, fun is quite a broad term to classify the outfit of Hailey in this look. You can see how Hailey uses the Nike dunk for styling up a fun look she sports for errands. The black unitard complemented with the vibrant, colorful sweater and the cool colorful dunks give you something unexpected yet stylish. Hailey shows how you can wear Nike dunks of your choice in a fun and casual look without any restrictions. As you can see, you don’t need to worry about pairing colors with Nike dunks. 


Versatile Looks

PHOTO: @haileybstyle

The collage of images shows how Hailey can be versatile in her outfits by styling Nike dunk shoes in three different ways for casual looks. You can notice her love for colors which makes her outfits stand out. On top of it, she utilizes fun and trendy accessories such as bucket hats, designer bags, and sunglasses. The looks of Hailey are all about experimenting, and her shoes do not look boring in anyone of them. You can clearly notice how she can wear the same shoe multiple times and still create unique and different looks. 

Bougie Looks

PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Hailey Bieber brings the bougie trend in her looks with Nike dunk like no other. The look features notable elements like white pants and a white crop top combined with a unique designer coat. In addition, the white rectangle sunglasses also match perfectly with the look and create a chic outfit. As we can see, Hailey uses the dunks to incorporate the casual element in her looks. Take note of the fact that Hailey chose Nike dunks with red accents to add more color to the outfit. 

Tips to Shop for Nike Dunks

The inspiration from the different looks of Hailey Bieber offers conclusive reasons to find out the best Nike dunks to shop right now. However, you should take note of the following pointers while shopping for Nike dunks.

  • Identify the best platform to shop for quality Nike dunks as they are ultra trendy and are rarely in stock. If you buy from a re-seller, be aware of dupes.
  • Think of the types of outfits you want to wear with Nike dunks. It can help you choose between high-top and low-top variants as well as colors for Nike dunks. 
  • Styling and outfit suggestions from other celebrities and influencers can also help you choose Nike dunks according to your style.           

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