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How to Copy Gigi Hadid’s Style: 11 Best Looks

Gigi Hadid is one of the top supermodels in the world you cannot ignore, especially if you love fashion. The Victoria’s Secret Angel is a fashion icon for millions of her followers worldwide. How has she gained so many followers? You can find the answer by taking a look at some of the most stylish Gigi Hadid outfits to figure out her style statement. 

The images of Gigi circulating all over social media depict a lot about her love for colors and prints. You can also find clear highlights of her experiments with high fashion in various outfits. Gigi never shies away from risks and comes up with some innovative looks everyone can recreate. Whether it is Gigi Hadid street style outfits or casual home outfits, you can have her looks in your wardrobe. Let us decode the style secrets of Gigi Hadid.

Best Looks of Gigi Hadid 

Unlike any other fashion icon, Gigi has an exceptionally versatile style that is just her own. On some occasions, she has been spotted in tailored looks, while on others, she chose funky colorful ensembles. Apart from Gigi Hadid outfits, you need to perceive the importance of minimalism in her makeup and hairstyling if you want to recreate her looks. You would barely see Gigi wearing any makeup or overly-done hair. She prefers to keep everything natural while placing more emphasis on comfort rather than style. Here are some of the most notable looks of Gigi Hadid you can recreate easily at home.

1. Total Denim Look

gigi hadid outfits
PHOTO: @gigihadid

The all-denim look of Gigi Hadid is probably the easiest way to replicate her looks. Interestingly, the all denim look is a common highlight in Gigi Hadid fashion statement. You can clearly notice the minimalism in her hairstyling with the sleek bun. The combination of baggy jeans and a button front top with open buttons surely makes it one cool look. Gigi elevates the casual look with a pair of cool sunglasses, and there is barely any difficulty in assembling such an outfit.

2. Fun Casual Look

gigi hadid style
PHOTO: @gigihadid

Fashion is not always about staying restricted within conventions. This look shows how Gigi Hadid outfits reflect her freedom of expression in the best way possible. She never takes herself too seriously and knows how to have fun with her outfits. In a casual outfit, she combines light-colored jeans with a printed top and leather jacket. Gigi adds another casual outfit element with the white sneakers. However, the most striking highlight in this look of Gigi is the orange bucket hat. It definitely stands out as an interesting element in her look and makes it more fun. 

3. Travel Outfit

gigi hadid travel outfit
PHOTO: @gigihadid

Gigi boards a flight in a cozy and cute outfit that is not far from your reach. You can recreate such Gigi Hadid casual outfits with a classic mix of brown pants and a blue top. Her look is comfy yet stylish and has a cool element to it thanks to the printed top. On top of it, you can also notice how she has kept minimal hair and makeup. 

4. Sexy Playful Look

gigi hadid sexy look
PHOTO: @gigihadid

The distinct highlights of Gigi Hadid fashion also include many elements from high-end fashion. She shows exactly the same in the sexy yet playful outfit she wore to her friend’s birthday. A pair of black jeans and a long-sleeve sheer bodysuit complemented with a western-style belt show how a casual outfit can look sexy. She accessorizes with stacked beaded necklaces alongside complementing her looks with glowy makeup. 

5. Playful Momma Looks

gigi hadid street style
PHOTO: @mygigilita

Gigi is a proud mother, and she sports a playful, cozy look while taking her cute baby girl out on a stroll. Such examples of Gigi Hadid outfits showcase how a simple pair of jeans, a printed jacket, some trendy sunglasses, and a hair clip can make you look like Gigi Hadid. One could clearly see how Gigi doesn’t try excessive measures to style her outfits when in her personal space. She is more focused on enjoying her time with her baby girl.

6. Dressed Up Look

gigi hadid outfits
PHOTO: @mygigilita

Gigi loves to add a hint of surprise to her looks. The best way to recreate Gigi Hadid street style elements in your outfits is clearly evident in her dressed-up look in this image. She wears a light-colored longline coat, albeit with printed pants and a red top. In addition, nobody can help but notice the bright orange sunglasses and red lips that match her top. You can recreate this perfectly coordinated and chic look but adding a stylish coat to your everyday looks and experimenting with colors. 

7. Mix of Trends

gigi hadid colorful outfit
PHOTO: @mygigilita

In some cases, Gigi Hadid outfits bring an out-of-the-box mix of trends that practically look effortless. Gigi sports a pair of asymmetrical printed pants with hints of Y2K style and loafers for a preppy element. On top of it, she layers up in an oversized blazer followed by adopting trendy pieces like sunglasses that complete her look. 

8. Classic Look

gigi hadid classic look
PHOTO: @gigiihadidcloset

Your search for the best Gigi Hadid dress to recreate might end up finding an answer in her classic look. Rather than a dress, she chooses to go out in an all-green tailored ensemble for a day out in Paris. The use of different tones of green in her outfit is an example of her willingness to experiment with her outfits, in an absolutely classic and chic outfit with tailored pants and a top along with a blazer. She adds her own characteristic element (fun and playful) in the classic look by carrying a shoulder bag with leopard print. 

9. Relaxed Casual Look

gigi hadid outfits
PHOTO: @gigiihadidcloset

The relaxed, casual look is one of the best examples of Gigi Hadid outfits one can recreate effortlessly. You can notice the usual elements in her relaxed, casual outfit, like the brown pants. In addition, she also balanced the cropped top with an oversized blazer. The blazer also elevated the look from casual to sophisticated. 

10. Trendy 70s Look

gigi hadid 70s look
PHOTO: @gigiihadidcloset

The vintage aesthetics are coming back to mainstream fashion, and this fun look of Gigi screams vintage vibes. Gigi adorns a pair of 70s flared pants along with bright colors and also adds green sunglasses and stacked necklaces. The coordination of colors works perfectly in this look. 

11. Versatile Monochrome Look

gigi hadid Monochrome Look
PHOTO: @gigiuptades

Gigi Hadid outfits, like this all-black monochrome look, show a lot about her versatility. The black denim jeans, crop top, and leather jacket complemented with black sunglasses lend a perfect sexy look. In addition, she also exhibits versatility in her looks by trying out gold jewelry and a brown handbag. 

Tips to Shop for Outfits like Gigi Hadid

Here are some important pointers that can help you recreate the looks of Gigi Hadid.

  • Research is the key element to find the best looks of Gigi Hadid, which you can recreate for everyday outfits. 
  • Look for the best dupes of Gigi Hadid dress or jeans online, there are great options at affordable prices for the best looks. 
  • Remember that Gigi is all about the natural and effortless style. She rarely wears makeup or does her hair, and her outfits are playful and not too serious.

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