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10 Unisex Fashion Items That Every Couple Must Own

Are you loving the gender neutral clothing trend? Check out the best collection of unisex fashion items that you should have in your wardrobe.

The dynamics of fashion have always been a subject of mystery for those who are not in the know. However, one of the common highlights in the world of fashion which never fails to gain attention is trends. You can notice many new trends at the touch of your fingertips with social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. However, there are some common themes that dictate the preferences in style for each generation. 

On the other hand, some trends, such as the gender neutral clothing trend, have the power to change many well-established precedents. At any point in time today, you would find at least one new emerging fashion trend. Starting from low-rise jeans to cowboy boots or scarf-turned-top, many new trends have gained promising levels of attention in recent times. Let us find out why the unisex clothing trend is popular today.

The Transition to Gender Neutral Clothing

When you think of mainstream fashion choices, unisex fashion brands have started making a mark. How? The answer points to the changing notions regarding fashion. Now, skirts are no longer the symbols of femininity. Similarly, trousers and suits are no longer restricted to the wardrobes of men. Modern fashion paradigms advocate the coexistence of masculine and feminine elements in fashion. 

Over the course of the last few years, the gender neutral clothing trend has been challenging various gender stereotypes. At the same time, gender neutral or unisex fashion trends have also encouraged many designers and celebs to come up with unique takes on the trend. As a matter of fact, challenging the conventional stereotypes has actually turned into an emerging norm in fashion. 

Is Gender Neutral Clothing Feasible?

The discussion around unisex clothing trends often draws in a wide range of apprehensions and doubts. For example, questions like “How do you dress gender-neutral?” can create doubts in anyone’s mind about unisex clothing trends. Will gender neutral clothing find acceptance in mainstream fashion? However, it is also important to note that the fashion industry is the most accurate visual representation of societal shifts. The gender neutral clothing trend is probably an indication of the fashion industry’s shift away from the gender binary. In accordance with unisex clothing trends, many brands have been shaping up their products with gender inclusivity as a core theme. 

Furthermore, the shift towards gender neutral clothing implies a natural course of advancement for the fashion industry. At the same time, you cannot help but notice how gender neutral clothing can transform society for the better. The latest offerings by unisex fashion brands reflect the willingness of brands to acknowledge the social constructs of gender. Most importantly, gender neutral clothing also opens up the space for acceptance of gender expression in fashion. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that gender neutral clothing can spell another timeless change in the world of fashion. 

Top Choices for Gender Neutral Wardrobe 

The best thing about the gender neutral clothing trend is the blurred line of differences between men’s and women’s clothes. You can notice how oversized clothes and menswear style pants and shirts are evolving as huge fashion trends for women. On the other hand, men are embracing fashion choices that were traditionally considered feminine like pink shirts or skinny jeans. Let us take a look at some of the best choices in unisex clothing, which every couple must-have.

1. Collusion Unisex 90s Straight Leg Jeans

Grab a pair of unisex style straight leg jeans as one of the best examples of unisex clothing for your closet. The high waist jeans with a classic straight fit design in mid-wash blue color are a great pick for any couple’s closet. The 90s style unisex jeans are a wardrobe staple for the conventional design, which looks good irrespective of gender. 

2. Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Unisex Vest in Monogram Print

The choices in gender neutral clothing trends like a unisex vest also quality as top additions to any couple’s closet. Tailored with a ribbed trim and V-neck design with a regular fit, the unisex style vest features the branded monogram print. On top of it, the neutral color of the vest also makes it a versatile pick for outfits for men and women. 

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3. Pangaia 365 PPRMNT Unisex Organic Cotton Crewneck Sweatshirt

You can also look for a unisex organic cotton crewneck sweatshirt as one of the best options in gender neutral clothing. The sweatshirt provides the ideal reply to “How do you dress gender-neutral?” with a functional design. In addition, the adorable celestial blue color fits the color preferences of women and men. The peppermint-infused organic cotton fabric in the sweatshirt provides the assurance of a natural fresh feel. In addition, the soft and loopy French terry fabric of the sweatshirt offers desirable levels of comfort.

4. Be Proud by BP Gender Inclusive Shrunken Polo Shirt

The olive, dark polo shirt with slightly cropped aesthetics is another top example of gender neutral clothing trend and its value. With a slightly shrunken aesthetic and subtle retro highlights, the polo shirt retains all the classic aspects of conventional designs. The color of the polo shirt and its design make it a suitable piece of unisex clothing for a couple’s wardrobe. 

5. Yuk Fun Dora Dungarees

One of the best examples of unisex clothing, i.e., dungarees, can also become a part of couples’ closets. The Dora dungarees feature a loose fit, adjustable straps, and a side zipper for functionality and unparalleled cuteness. The full-leg length dungarees with metal brace clips are nothing short of adorable. Men and women can wear the Dora dungarees in casual outfits with their favorite t-shirts underneath. Make sure that you mix and match the dungarees with the choice of sneakers and t-shirts for the perfect looks. 

6. Wild Fang The Essential Vegan Leather Work Shirt

The stylish picks in gender neutral clothing trends like a vegan leather work shirt are also some promising additions to a couple’s closet. An oversized classic work shirt, made of premium vegan leather in black, offers a formidable elegant aesthetic. With an appearance similar to that of a leather jacket, the work shirt features a button closure and two chest pockets. The unisex design of the work shirt lets men and women wear it in the outfits of their choice. However, the work shirt is actually a promising choice for layering in colder weather.

7. Wild Fang The Essential Corduroy Vest

Vests are one of the top highlights in the best offerings by unisex fashion brands for men and women. The corduroy vest tailored from a cotton spandex blend with the classic 5-button design is a formal and sophisticated choice of unisex clothing. The interior stretch lining offers the assurance of comfort while the exterior welt pockets take care of functionality. You cannot help but notice how the rose brown color fits well in the commonly preferred outfit choices of men and women alike. 

8. Zara Oversized Double Breasted Jacket  

An oversized double breasted jacket in black is another top answer for “How do you dress gender-neutral?” with chic looks. The full cut blazer featuring a lapel collar and long sleeves is one of the most commonly accepted examples of unisex clothing. On top of it, the pronounced shoulders in the oversized jacket alongside the front flap pockets add masculine elements. Since women are embracing oversized blazers and jackets, the oversized double breasted jacket can definitely fit in any couple’s gender neutral wardrobe. 

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9. Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Unisex Barrell Leg Jeans in Tie Dye Print

You can also grab a pair of unisex barrel leg jeans as your top pick in unisex clothing. The all-over tie dye cow print on the white jeans serves as a prominent highlight. In addition, the jeans fit the gender neutral clothing trend, especially with a design tailored for both genders. The relaxed-fit jeans feature all the classic aspects you can expect in jeans, albeit with highlights that appeal to men and women too. 

10. Tommy Hilfiger One Planet Capsule Unisex Back Print T-shirt

If you have any doubts about gender neutral clothing, then you can look for simple choices like t-shirts. A unisex t-shirt in delicate peach color by Tommy Hilfiger is a great choice for incorporating the gender neutral clothing trend into a couple’s wardrobe. The print on the back alongside the logo print on the chest are the perfect examples of gender neutral design highlights. In addition, the crew neck t-shirt with dropped shoulders is an easy outfit choice for men and women. The delicate pink color appeals to the taste of women, while the simple crew neck design appeals to the fashion preferences of men.

Tips to Shop for Gender Neutral Clothing

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for gender neutral clothing. 

  • Try to find online platforms that specialize in gender neutral clothing or sell brands that do. 
  • Open your mind to new possibilities when it comes to neutral clothing, and experiment in dressing differently.
  • Share your new gender neutral clothes with your partner for the ultimate neutral experience.

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