7 Style Rules To Dressing Like French Girl

how to dress like a french girl
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The fashion preferences of the French have been responsible for introducing some of the notable trends in global fashion. French women have become the sought-after style icons of recent decades thanks to their distinct style. The popularity of the show Emily in Paris proves how well-loved french fashion is and how many would love to dress alike. Do you want to know how to dress in the french inspired outfits? Let us try to find out!

Tips to Dress Like a French Girl

French culture is synonymous with finesse in style and effortless chic. The classy french inspired outfits are more of an extension of their personalities and a prominent exemplar of the efforts French women and girls invest in their wardrobes. At the same time, the French girl style is quite effortless and cool with profound levels of sophistication. Furthermore, french inspired outfits also bring the value advantage of versatility, quality, and timelessness to any woman’s wardrobe. Now, let us take a look at some pointers that can help you know how to dress like a French girl effortlessly.

      1. Don’t Be Tempted By Fleeting Trends

When you are seeking answers to the question ‘How can I look more French?’ you need to avoid focusing on trends. The French style is more about chic classics rather than new, explosive trends. A close overview of the common pieces in the wardrobe of a French woman can help you learn a lot about French style. 

French women prefer basic pieces, albeit with high levels of quality, such as t-shirts, trench coats, cardigans, blazers, feminine midi dresses, straight-leg jeans, silk slip dresses, and others. You must take note of the fact that french inspired dresses, as well as shoes, must be timeless pieces. For example, a draped pencil skirt, a ruched one-shoulder solid bodysuit, or a ribbed t-shirt are some classic additions to French-girl wardrobes.

      2. Simplicity Is Key

If you want to know how to dress like a French girl, you need to follow the benchmark of simplicity. The concept of a capsule wardrobe started off with the minimal style preferences of French girls. With a capsule wardrobe, French girls are able to craft simple and stylish looks without trying too hard. 

Most importantly, French girls and women focus on maintaining minimal looks with staples for every season. Interestingly, French-style also clearly shows how you can wear the same style fashionably, year after year, with slight variations. A satin effect midi dress or flared jeans, mom-fit jeans, and a cardigan and top set with gingham print in cream color are some examples to show the simplicity of the French style. 

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      3. No Logos

You could also find answers to the question ‘How can I look more French?’ by trying clothing and shoes without any logos. French girls wear chic clothes that don’t scream “I have money”, rather they opt for a timeless chic aesthetic. Luxury accessories without logos blend in easily with any outfit while offering the value of style and quality. Try a classic bucket bag crafted from smooth tan leather with an adjustable shoulder strap and a top handle. Pick up a Lecce belt from Isabel Marant in tan leather or a monochrome black textured leather baguette. 

      4. Investing in Quality

The next important recommendation for french inspired outfits is to look for quality pieces. You need to understand that quality is a formidable aspect of the wardrobe of French women, including shoes and accessories. In addition, you can also discover the profound inclination of French girls and women towards the works of French designers. 

At the same time, timeless pieces are also one of the top style priorities for French women. Think of a baguette with flap detail or a mini city bag or a small shoulder bag in black. In terms of footwear, you can look at choices such as gathered ballet flats or quilted heeled sandals that will pair amazingly well with French-inspired dresses.

      5. Balancing the “Sexy”

The choice of french inspired outfits sets a formidable statement of femininity with a sensuous appeal. However, you don’t need to overdo the ‘sexy’ factor in your outfits if you want to know how to dress like a French girl effortlessly. As a matter of fact, you should look for inspiration in the French style that showcases the use of clothes and shoes as a tool for accentuating your feminine appeal. You could go with feminine dresses or slim jeans with a cardigan as the favorable option.


      6. Simple Hair and Makeup

how to dress like a french girl
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The classy French women style is not just about selecting the right clothes and accessories. Your search for answers to the question of french inspired outfits should focus on how the French style is mirrored in the entire look. Therefore, it is impossible to undermine the importance of hair and makeup for recreating the perfect French girl look. 

The most famous and effortless type of hairstyle preferred by French girls is when they leave their hair undone (like they just woke up), resulting in a slightly wavy hairdo. Another chic hairstyle recommendation might be a mid-length cut with bangs, which elevates your look without effort. The undetectable and completely natural makeup is also another crucial aspect for making your looks shine in French-inspired outfits. You can add a red lip that is very french but skip the contour and false lashes.

      7. Take It Easy on Accessories

Pay a lot of attention to the accessories you buy, just like French girls if you want to know how to dress like a French girl. It is important to note that French women would never invest in cheap accessories with a lot of glitters. On the contrary, they are likely to choose classic designer pieces in belts, bags, sunglasses, hats, and jewelry. In addition, you should also take note of how French women avoid wearing too many accessories at once. Choose selected accessories according to your outfit and keep it simple for a more profound chic look.

Tips to Shop for Fashion like a French Woman

Here are some tips to help you shop for clothes and accessories like a French girl.

  • Always look for timeless, classic, and high-quality pieces that would last long. 
  • Keep your selection to the minimum, i.e., buy only what you need.
  • Do not hesitate to invest in a good timeless piece such as a bag or jewelry.
  • Stay away from flashy colors and extravagant displays of brands in your outfit.
  • Try to go with neutral tones as much as possible.


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