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10 Best French Influencers With Great Fashion Styles

The French have a fluent command over fashion, and they keep reinventing new trends. Known for their love for minimalism, French women have always spelled out inspiration for many style trends over the years. Therefore, it is quite obvious why women are eager to understand French influencers style outfits and the secret to making them work. Some of the French influencers have a massive base of followers alongside a slew of brands they have created. 

On the other hand, few influencers have a smaller reach, although they still make distinct style statements. There is no reason to harbor doubts about the love of people worldwide for the French girl aesthetic. That is why many women want to dress and style like French fashion bloggers and recreate their best fashion moments. Is it easy to incorporate the style statement of French influencers in your wardrobe? Let us find the answers. 

Style Secrets of Top French Fashion Influencers

If you are looking for the best inspiration from French influencers style outfits, then you should try following the top influencers. A clear overview of the individual style preferences of French fashion influencers could help you obtain the much-needed French style inspiration. Here is an overview of the top ten French fashion influencers and a peek into their style secrets. 

1. Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas is one of the top French fashion influencers in the world right now, with almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram. She is the owner of a clothing brand, Rouje, and never shies away from showing off her perfect French aesthetics. Jeanne was a blogger well before the arrival of Instagram, and she communicated her ideas on fashion to the rest of the world. She is popular for her classic French chic aesthetics and has been termed by many as the ideal French girl.

2. Sabina Socol

Sabina Socol is another top French fashion influencer with a unique style of her own. Apart from a unique French influencers style statement, Sabina incorporates feminine and sexy aspects in almost all her outfits. A popular journalist, model, and art director, Sabina exemplifies the cool French aesthetic. The French journalist produces a lot of content to support her articles and has a huge fan base of almost a million followers. 

3. Lena Situations

Lena Situations is another top choice for you to find inspiration for cute French influencer outfits without any doubt. She is popular for her fun and colorful approach to styling her outfits with around 3.5 million followers. With her own YouTube channel, Lena reaches a broader audience through her useful and illustrated content. She also has a good following on her YouTube channel with more than 2 million followers.


4. Ellie Delphine

Ellie Delphine comes to the forefront of any discussion on drawing outfit ideas with French style inspiration. She is a stylist known for exclusive, bold style statements of her own. Ellie never shies away from experimenting with fashion and has a knack for colors and prints. She enjoys a follower base of almost 130,000 and has a unique take on the Parisian style with well-researched looks. In addition, she shows off her passion for color and boldness, as well as bags and shoes with peppy elements. 

5. Lena Simonne

Lenna Simonne is your next go-to source of inspiration for chic French influencers style that you would love to follow.  The model and influencer with around 320,000 followers have been gaining popularity for the fun and youthful vibes she incorporates in her Parisian-style outfits. On top of it, she brings the element of spontaneity and freshness in her outfits. Some of the common elements in her outfits include sensuousness and a cheeky vibe. 

6. Paola Locatelli

Paola Locatelli is another top name you should look up for ideas to build cute French influencer outfits without fail. She is a young and multi-talented fashion influencer with great taste in fashion. Paola has a YouTube channel and maintains her eclectic taste in fashion in all of her outfits. Most importantly, she also shows how she is not afraid of taking risks and dives into new trends at first notice. With the help of tried and tested looks by her, you can easily recreate the French influencers style in your outfits. Presently, she has around 1.7 million followers, and her follower base continues to increase.

7. Mathilde Lacombe

Mathilde Lacombe is a renowned French fashion influencer and entrepreneur. She owns her personalized skincare brand and flaunts off her classic and timeless style with panache. Starting off as a beauty journalist for the popular Elle magazine, she is a true example of how a professional fashion influencer can extend her reach and branch out to other ventures. Mathilde loves sharing her style secrets and presently has around 135,000 followers. Even if she has a smaller base of followers, she has marked a unique identity among other French fashion influencers with her distinct style. 

8. Anne-Laure Mais

Anne-Laure Mais grabs a spot among the top French fashion influencers right now for her unbounded passion for fashion. A blogger turned entrepreneur, she owns a brand known as Musier. She has always been interested in digital marketing and started off in fashion with her blog to share thoughts on beauty, fashion, and design. Anne-Laure Mais gives some credible inspiration to recreate style like French fashion bloggers through her collaborations and capsule collections with different brands. 

9. Garance Dore

Garance Dore is also another prominent name you must follow for inspiration to recreate French influencers style effortlessly. Born in Corsica, she has been working as a freelance illustrator before she dived into the role of a fashion influencer. She was one of the first to feature the street style elements in Parisian style with her blog. Her blog Atelier Dore is an ideal source for inspiration as well as studying fashion, home content, and nature. 


10. Solange Smith

Solange Smith is the final addition to the list of French fashion influencers with their unique fashion statements. She is an artist and a model with almost 156,000 followers and has been popular for her artsy and sexy style. You cannot help but fall in love with her photos that have a clear hint of spontaneity. 

Tips to Shop for Clothes like French Fashion Influencers

Here are some tips to help you shop for clothes and adopt the best French influencers style outfits.

  • You have to do your research on French-style including some Parisian influencers with great taste. 
  • Once you know what looks you love and want to recreate, it’s time to set a budget and start shopping. 
  • French style is all about timeless looks and a minimalist approach, so stick to quality pieces that are not a fading trend.

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