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Frankies Bikinis New Activewear Collection: Best Items to Buy Now

Many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Madison Beer, Bella Hadid, and Miley Cyrus have been sporting Frankies Bikinis swimwear for years now. They prove that one of the most popular bikini brand celebrities love to wear is Frankies Bikinis. The brand has recently branched out of swimwear into a new territory and launched the cutest activewear line called Frankies Bikini Activewear, which has some of the best picks for women worldwide. 

Frankies Bikini is practically a must-have for celebrities, and Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofia Richie affirm the same with their bikini looks. Frankies Bikinis has been setting new trends since its foundation in 2014. So, what exactly is the reason for the growing popularity of Frankies Bikinis sets? Let us find out.

The Roots of Frankies Bikinis

Even if celebrities love wearing the offerings of Frankies Bikinis, the brand is reasonably accessible to everyone. You can avail the best of Frankies Bikinis at $100 or even less. It is reasonable to wonder how a bikini brand became popular among celebrities while staying accessible to the general public. As a matter of fact, the story of the founder of Frankies Bikinis, Francesca Aiello, can provide a better answer for such doubts. 

Francesca created the brand only because she did not find the bikini suited to her needs and ultimately ended up creating it by herself. The best thing about the brand’s products, even in Frankies Bikinis new collection, is the assurance of high-quality fabric alongside fashion-forward designs. Frankies Bikinis focuses primarily on creating bikinis that would look good on everyone and not just celebrities and supermodels. 

Best Looks From the New Frankies Bikinis Activewear Collection

With a female entrepreneur at the helm, Frankies Bikinis Activewear is the next step in the brand’s growth. The brand has also been driving the gears of its growth by emphasizing offering a wide collection of vibrant colors and prints. In addition, the themes of inclusivity have also been incorporated into the brand’s offerings. So, what are some of the best picks from the latest trendy activewear from Frankies Bikinis you must have now? Here are five looks you can assemble with the latest offerings in the cute activewear collection of Frankies Bikinis. 

1. Zippy Flare Legging

You can discover an amazing outfit for your early morning workout sessions in the combination of Zippy flare leggings and a Zippy crop top. The offerings in Frankies Bikinis new collection shows you a completely new and different take on the classic leggings by adding the flared design. In addition, the crop top in the combination complements the look perfectly. The Zippy flare legging made of recycled polyester is presently one of the most popular activewear offerings by Frankies Bikinis. 

You can find white stitching detail throughout the leggings alongside side splits at the hem. The best thing about the Zippy flare leggings in Frankies Bikinis activewear collection is the soft and moisture-wicking fabric. The Zippy crop top in a matching blue color complements the flare leggings as something more than just a sports bra. Interestingly, you can pair up the crop top with a pair of your favorite denim and see how versatile it is.


Zippy Crop Top

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2. Windy Floral Tennis Skirt 

If you are looking for adorable prints and shapes in trendy activewear from Frankies Bikinis, you won’t be disappointed. The Windy floral tennis skirt in plush plumeria color is probably one of the sweetest tennis skirts you can find. Featuring a unique design, it comes with in-built shorts to provide better protection and comfort. On top of it, the recycled polyester and spandex blend fabric provide better stretch. 

Add a matching halter floral sports bra in plush plumeria print to elevate the overall outfit. The halter sports bra is an ideal outfit choice that gives extra support for larger busts. In addition, it features a preppy pink trim, while the plush plumeria print adds up to the liveliness of the look. 


Lively Halter Floral Sports Bra

3. Felix Long Sleeve Bodysuit

The Felix long sleeve bodysuit in black is another top offering in Frankies Bikinis activewear collection launched recently. You cannot help but notice how the long sleeve bodysuit gives you the perfect clothing suggestion for any type of exercise. It brings a unique design to the table with the square neck design and, most importantly, the cutout detailing at the sides. 

Anyone could trust the Felix long sleeve bodysuit is the ideal definition of fashionable and chic activewear. You can style the bodysuit in different ways, thereby making the most of its versatility. The advantage of a recycled polyester and spandex blend fabric makes the Felix bodysuit a must-have in women’s wardrobes. 

4. Windy Tennis Skirt

The new Frankies Bikinis sets in the recently launched activewear also include choices for summery and preppy looks. You can try out another tennis set from the new activewear collection of Frankies Bikinis, albeit in pastel colors. The Windy tennis skirt in white is the classic example of a tennis skirt that has great versatility and comfort levels. The solid white tennis skirt fits in perfectly with the halter sports bra in baby blue color. You cannot find a better alternative than the Lively halter sports bra with extra support for larger busts and a cute white trim detailing. 


Lively Halter Sports Bra


5. Lively High Waist Legging 

You can also find another interesting take on leggings in the new Frankies Bikinis activewear collection. The Lively high waist leggings in black are the mainstream choice for physical activities, and they bring many features to the table. Apart from serving as a versatile addition to your wardrobe, the leggings bring the advantage of quick-drying and sustainable fabric. In addition, you can see how the ruched crop top in black serves as a unique highlight for your active wardrobe. 


Windy Ruched Crop Top

Tips to Shop for Frankies Bikinis New Activewear

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while shopping for products from new collection of Frankies Bikinis.

  • The color combination of the activewear outfit matters the most in creating appealing outfits. Ensure that you match the colors of the leggings and tops in different activewear outfits from the new collection of Frankies Bikinis.
  • Do not hesitate to experiment with new styles when it comes to Frankies Bikinis activewear collection. There are trendy and cute options to choose from that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Look for reviews and feedback for products as well as the size and fit before finalizing a purchase.

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