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5 Ways To Style Flannel Outfits for Women

With the winter season quickly approaching, you need to wonder about the best options for layering. As the temperatures start to dip gradually, you would look for layers that could easily stack up some style points while keeping you warm and cozy. If you go with popular trends, you are most likely to ask how to style a flannel shacket. 

You might be wondering as to what a shacket is and how it will serve your winter outfits. A shacket or an overshirt is basically a combination of a shirt and a jacket, generally in an oversized fit. As one of the best pieces of flannel clothing, overshirts are a favorable pick for winter wardrobes of women. Let us find out some interesting ways to style up a flannel overshirt. 

Tips for Styling Looks in Flannel Clothing

If you are troubled about how to wear a flannel shacket or overshirt, then you must know that they are great choices for upgrading casual outfits. Pair them with a bodysuit and leggings for an elevated casual look which also adds warmth to your outfit. On top of it, you can explore a wide range of choices among shackets such as teddy, solid color, and classic plaid, long, leather, or cropped variants. 

However, some people struggle to find answers for “how to style a flannel shacket.” Shackets are a mainstream fashion choice in present times so you need to find the right way for you to wear them and feel great. Here are some pointers and outfit examples to help you style up flannel shirts for some stunning winter looks. 

1. Choose Shackets for the Warmer Days

Shackets are a promising choice for days in winter when the temperatures are not freezing cold. You can just skip the coat and go with a shacket on warmer winter days for extra chic. Give some rest to your doubts about the best place to buy flannels and try the following outfit idea.          

Combine high waist, full-length denim jeans with ripped details on the knee, and a soft, long sleeve t-shirt in black. Then add a solid button-up corduroy overshirt in beige with flap pocket detailing as a layer over the outfit. Complete the outfit with a pair of minimalist chunky heeled boots in black for a gorgeous casual look.

2. Effortlessly Chic Look

Solve your doubts about how to style a flannel overshirt for chic winter outfits with some smart effortless choices. You can combine a flannel shacket with jeans, leather leggings, or even a mini dress. The ideal choices for complementing such chic looks would include a cute bag and chunky boots. 

You can pair high waist faux leather leggings in black with a black button-front bodysuit that has a square neckline. A cropped shacket with a gray check pattern would be a promising alternative among flannel shirts with an oversized fit. The final addition in the outfit would point towards chunky Chelsea boots in black color. 

You can also try another look and a chic option for how to style a flannel shacket outfit for winter. Go with a rib-knit mini dress with button-through detailing in camel color. Now, carry on the same color with a pair of premium leather chunky pull-on style boots. Add the finishing touch with the most important highlight, i.e., a tweed overshirt with a high low design and gingham pattern. 


3. Balance the Oversized Fit

One of the formidable challenges in “how to style a flannel overshirt” emerges in the form of balancing the oversized fit with your overall aesthetic. However, you can easily balance the oversized appearance of the shacket by choosing form-fitting outfits like leggings and bodysuits. Take a look at the following outfit idea for inspiration on how to wear a flannel overshirt without looking huge. 

Grab a pair of black high waist leggings with an elastic waistband as your first choice. Now, you can add a black ribbed crop top with a funnel neck design and long sleeves to compliment the leggings. Add an oversized cotton jacket in brown as your choice of shacket for a sophisticated appearance. Complete the look with a pair of chunky combat boots featuring a lace-up front.

4. Choose the Oversized Way

Sometimes you might find the best answer for “how to style a flannel overshirt” in oversized outfits. You could go with a slightly oversized shacket and choose a sophisticated outfit with all oversized additions. However, it is important to refrain from over-the-top choices. 

Choose a pair of solid high waist tailored pants in black and add a soft, oversized black shirt. Pick a jacket with a checkered pattern in blue, and you have a subtly elegant outfit with flannel clothing.

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5. Style According to the Shacket

The best way to find out how to style a flannel shacket is to start with the type of shacket and build the outfit around it. You can find warm teddy shackets as well as other variants such as classic plaid patterns or solid colored shackets. The classic plaid shackets could work effectively with monochrome outfits, by lending a colorful vibe to your outfits. You could use a leather shacket over a cute dress for night-outs.

The teddy shacket can serve as an exceptionally versatile choice due to the fact that they generally feature neutral colors. So, you wouldn’t experience any difficulties in combining a teddy shacket with different types of outfits. You can match the teddy shacket with a bodycon mini dress as well as with jeans and a t-shirt outfit.

You can find how to style a flannel overshirt by choosing a plaid overshirt in off-white along with high waist faux leather leggings and a basic knit sweater. The ideal choice of footwear in such an outfit would be a pair of pointed-toe chunky classic boots.

Another interesting choice of outfit for styling flannel shirts would include a solid slit hem mini skirt with a square neck fitted top. Add a faux leather overshirt as a striking element in your look.

A solid ribbed knit bodycon dress in beige would also pair up perfectly with an oversized sand-colored teddy shacket. Spice up the outfit further with a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Shadow sneakers in white with jade smoke highlights. 

Tips to Shop for Flannel Clothing

Here are some pointers to help you while shopping for flannel shackets.

  • Choose the type of shacket that speaks to you most- checked flannel, solid color, leather, teddy, cropped, etc. 
  • Make sure the color palette of the shacket works well with clothes you own, for example, if you’re a neutral lover, go with a neutral-toned shacket to match.
  • Size is a highly crucial aspect in defining the way you look in shackets, always aim for an oversized fit. So, make sure that you have a clear impression of your measurements alongside fluency in using online sizing charts and guides.   

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