Top First Date Outfit Ideas for Women

first date outfits
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The pandemic restricted everyone to the confines of their homes. As a result, it is difficult for anyone to have a strong grasp of the latest fashion trends or outfits. Furthermore, people have been cooped up in their homes for so long that first date outfit ideas may seem alien. After all, it can be difficult to pick up date outfits when you have been wearing your pajamas and loungewear for over a year. However, women don’t have to struggle to find great first date outfits when they have the right guidance. Let us take a look at some outfit ideas for different types of date styles to help you choose easily.

  • Picnic Date

One of the foremost types of date which comes to mind is the picnic date. With a focus on creating a casual but feminine look, you could go for an all-over lemon print split-thigh cami dress. It adds a fresh vibe with adequate room for comfort. You can also pick up a knot-shoulder shirred cami dress in pink that channels cottagecore vibes. 

On the other hand, you can go for a less feminine look (but still sexy) and pair up a satin-effect crop top with straight leg jeans in a natural color. Another perfect choice for a first date outfit for women on a picnic date would be a mini smock dress in red gingham print. You could also choose a shirred elastic back jumpsuit with orange gingham print for a relaxed and effortless look.

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Accessories for picnic date: 

The right shoe choice for the picnic date outfit would be minimalist cross-strap slide sandals. You can also add a straw tote bag that will match the picnic theme while carrying all the essentials. Finally, you can top up your picnic date attire with a braided straw hat featuring a sloped brim. 

  • Wine/Cocktail Bar Date

First dates are sometimes all about sophisticated choices. If your date wants to meet at a wine or cocktail bar then it might be a good opportunity to dress up. Therefore, first date outfits for wine/cocktail bar dates would have to focus on matching with the surrounding environment and dressing chic yet sexy. You can pick up a classic black drawstring detail dress or a pink split thigh cami satin dress with button detail. 

A more sophisticated look is a simple white linen blend shirt and a satin mini skirt in light pink. If you’re a fan of the nude aesthetics you can pick a classic mini dress as a summer date night outfit or try out an asymmetric midi dress featuring a ruched side detail. 


Wine/cocktail bar accessories:

When you think of accessories that would work with the outfit choices for wine/cocktail bar dates, you need some exquisite choices. Start with a pack of necklaces that will add style and elevate the look. Footwear choices for bar dates would obviously point to a nude square-toe design heeled mules. Finally, pair your bar date outfit with a mini bucket bag featuring beaded and fringe details.

  • Dinner Date

The choice of first date outfit ideas for a dinner date would turn your attention largely towards sophistication. You can go with a feminine and flattering dress made of a woven fabric blend featuring asymmetric, flounced tiers. The square neckline and the double layer of flounces with round and elastic shoulder straps make this dress look aesthetically pleasing. 

On the other hand, you can choose a satin mid length skirt with a nude bodysuit for a more sexy yet chic look. If you’re worried about bloating or looking for an easy classic for your first date outfit then go for a black playsuit or an asymmetrical black midi dress.


Dinner date accessories:

Accessories would be the game changers in dinner date outfits as they grab attention more than anything else. Make sure that your date cannot take their eyes off of you with some hoop earrings and a classic quilted chain strap shoulder bag. Finally, add some height and sophistication to the look with lace-up strappy high heels.

  • Casual Coffee Date

Coffee dates have a casual everyday vibe to them, and the first date outfits for such dates must resonate with the feeling. You don’t want to look like you tried too much, but still, look cute and attractive. The best options are a boho-style mini dress or a romantic shirred floral dress. You can also go for some high-waist jeans and a fitted floral blouse with romantic vibes. Lastly, you can opt for a chic casual option of high-waist gingham print pants and a v-neck t-shirt. 

Casual coffee date accessories:

The ideal choice of accessories for a casual outfit would include flat sandals, square-frame sunglasses, and a croc-embossed tote bag.

Tips to Pick First Date Outfits

The selection of a first date outfit for women can be easier if you follow the tips written here:

  • Plan ahead- have options in your closet for different types of dates so you can choose the perfect outfit on short notice.
  • Pick outfits that make you feel comfortable physically and confident in your body.
  • Don’t go for extremely trendy pieces, stick with black and nude, and classic shapes.
  • Don’t try too hard- aim for an effortlessly chic outfit.
  • Keep your makeup minimal, especially on daytime dates.
  • Do not undermine the importance of accessories in making your date outfit look good. Choose the right accessories to complement your outfit perfectly. 


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