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5 Popular Outfit Ideas to Dress like A Fashion Influencer

The digital age has introduced many promising changes in the domain of fashion. You can browse through a massive collection of the latest and trendy offerings among clothes, accessories, and shoes on different online stores. At the same time, you could also read many articles and guides or get inspired by fashion influencers style while choosing ideal outfits for yourself. 

The most notable source of inspiration you can follow easily in today’s times would point towards fashion influencers. Almost everyone following social media and other online platforms wants to recreate the fashion influencer’s style in their outfits. You could not deny how chic and trendy fashion influencers look in their different outfits. If you want to recreate the look of fashion influencers in your outfits, then you’ve arrived at the right place. 

Best Outfit Ideas for Recreating the Style of Fashion Influencers 

Fashion influencers sport new and trendy outfits every day and flaunt them in style on their different social media handles. They generally wear luxurious designer items and the trendiest clothes alongside traveling the world across different exotic destinations. The lucrative appeal of clothing and accessories adorned by fashion influencers stirs the interest of many people who want to recreate their style. Let us find some credible answers to “How do you dress like an influencer?” with references to renowned fashion influencers.

  • Outfit 1

Negin influencer style
PHOTO: @negin_mirsalehi

The reputation of Negin as a mega fashion influencer is unquestionable, especially with the fact that she has around 7 million followers on social media. You can find the best input for recreating fashion influencer’s style in your outfits with her cute winter outfit. Some simple choices will help you recreate the cute winter outfit of Negin with ease. 

Combine a pair of mid-rise straight fit jeans in blue with a mock neck drop shoulder sweater in khaki. Now, you can add the distinct highlight element in the looks of Negin for your outfit with a long fluffy tonal stripe scarf in camel color. You can also discover dupes for fashion influencer’s style with accessories like the ones sported by Negin. A Hermes dupe for much less will be the ideal accessory in this outfit. Complete your look with a solid cuff beanie in beige and two-tone gloves in khaki. 

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  • Outfit 2

Chiara Ferragni influencer style
PHOTO: @chiaraferragni

Another notable inspiration for finding answers to “How do I look like a social media influencer?” would be Chiara Ferragni. With more than 25 million followers, Chiara is undoubtedly the top fashion blogger right now. You can easily find the dupes for her comfy look and dress up in her style with ease. 

A grey heather-colored tracksuit set with a crew-neck sweatshirt and matching sweatpants helps you recreate the base layer in Chiara’s comfy look. Layer up with a brown midi-length teddy coat in casual style and add a pair of minimalist flat platform Chelsea boots in black, just like Chiara. The next addition for fashion influencers style outfits would include a letter embroidered pink beanie. Pick up a bag like Chiara with a minimalist square bag in a fashionable style design. A multi-row necklace with crystals in a silver tone would help you reiterate the comfy look of Chiara to the tiniest detail.

  • Outfit 3

Sincerely Jules style
PHOTO: @sincerelyjules

The online presence of Sincerely Jules is undoubtedly massive, with more than 6 million followers. With her chic style outfits like the one she is wearing here, she has garnered a huge following on the internet. 

You can reiterate the chic outfit of Sincerely Jules with a solid asymmetrical hem denim skirt. Pair up the mini skirt with an oversized white t-shirt featuring short sleeves and a round neckline. Now, add on a double button belted trench coat with lapel collar in khaki like Sincerely Jules in her outfit. The suitable footwear for replicating this fashion influencers style outfit would be minimalist chunky heeled slip-on boots with a ruched design. Wear simple jewelry like a gold-plated metal link necklace with lobster clasp closure. Finally, you can pick a flap top handle bag in beige with textured detailing and you have a beautiful look inspired by Sincerely Jules’ style. 

  • Outfit 4

Leonie Hanne outfits
PHOTO: @leoniehanne

Leonie Hanne is also another prominent name that comes across in discussions about fashion influencers’ style outfits. With around 4 million followers on social media, Leonie is popular for her vibrant and luxurious preferences in fashion. Her monochrome chic look shows the perfect example of why she has so many followers online.

You can find the best answers for “How do I look like a social media influencer?” with dupers for Leonie’s monochrome chic look. Take a unisex short in a tan color and pair it with a solid stand neck sweater in camel as well. Layer up with a double button drop shoulder wool-mix coat in khaki with a shawl collar design for a refined aesthetic. Grab a pair of brown knee-high block heel boots made of faux leather with a pointed-toe design like Leonie Hanne. You could also choose a simple jewelry option with a gold-plated metal link necklace to complete your look gracefully. 

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  • Outfit 5

fashion influencers style
PHOTO: @camilacoelho

You could also seek answers for “How do you dress like an influencer?” by taking inspiration from top names like Camila Coelho. She has more than 10 million followers on social media with her exceptionally unique choices and preferences in style. The fall/winter look of Camila Coelho with a mini skirt and matching blazer gives you the best inspiration for fashion influencer’s style outfits.

Start with a solid zipper fly mini skirt in black, featuring an elegant style just like Camila’s skirt. The next addition for recreating the fashion influencers style outfit of Camila is a sleeveless V-neck sweater vest with multicolor geo prints. Another element that can help you make your look resemble that of Camila Coelho would be a solid lapel collar blazer in black. Go with a pair of high block heel Chelsea boots made of vegan leather that has many similarities to the ones worn by Camila. Now, you can just pick accessories like the ones adorned by Camila, like a yellow minimalist ruched bag and acrylic frame rectangle sunglasses

Tips for Recreating Fashion Influencers Style Outfits

Here are some tips that can help you in recreating the fashion influencers’ style in your outfits.

  • Dupes are a great alternative when you recreate the looks of celebrities and fashion influencers. Do not harbor any apprehensions regarding dupes, as you can find high-quality dupes easily. 
  • Go through the different looks of fashion influencers and pick the ones you love. Then dissect them into parts to learn what you need to buy to create the same look.
  • You don’t have to copy the looks you love to a tee, take the elements you love or the overall aesthetics and tailor it to your shape and style preferences.  

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