23 Top Brands That Are Exploding on Tik Tok In 2022

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TikTok is more than just a platform for original content creators. Now, the staggering growth in the number of users on TikTok has led to the platform being used as a viable platform for bringing new brands to the forefront. TikTok content creators focus a lot on style and fashion as a way of attracting more views and a broader audience. While TikTok is definitely a promising platform for established fashion trends and emerging brands, it is important to find some of the top entries of the Tik Tok clothing brand. The following discussion helps you discover different brands which have used TikTok as an ideal platform to gain the attention of fashion enthusiasts.

Top Fashion Brands on TikTok

TikTok has millions of users browsing for new content every day. We are also witnessing some notable fashion trends making their way from TikTok to mainstream fashion, for example Y2K fashion and 90’s inspirations. So, it would be reasonable to find some of the best brands in Tik Tok outfit ideas for your wardrobe. The colorful fashion on TikTok with bold colors, vintage Y2K trends, psychedelic prints, and knit vests can be yours too. All you need to do is choose the right Tik Tok clothing brand according to your preferences.

1. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is one of the frontrunners among the preferred choices for Tik Tok girl outfits for various reasons. The exclusively refreshing and vibrant identity of Pretty Little Thing and its versatile offerings are the foremost factors for choosing their clothes for TikTok.

2. Frankies Bikinis

The assortment of luxury bikinis at Frankies Bikinis brings the value of premium designer appeal. Most important of all, the celebrity and influencer-approved bikini, worn by Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber recently, also makes a good choice for TikTok inspired fashion. 

3. House of Sunny

The London-based fashion brand House of Sunny also has some of the best offerings for a Tik Tok clothing brand. Striking highlights of the brand HOS include prints complemented with playful motifs, especially with the vintage pieces.

4. Omighty

Omighty can also be one of the top answers to the question ‘What are the best brands on TikTok?’ for fashion. The edgy clothes of Omighty with creative references to pop culture are easy favorites for Gen Z and the younger millennial population.


5. Verge Girl

If you want to have in your closet some of the notable trends ruling TikTok fashion currently, then you can visit Verge Girl. The brand has almost everything for any type of fashion preferences ranging from the bold maximalist to chic minimal styles.

6. PacSun

PacSun is another top addition among the best places to purchase Tik Tok fashion clothes. In the present times, it has evolved as a one-stop platform for chic denim looks and cute dresses ruling TikTok.

7. Lirika Matoshi

You could also opt for Lirika Matoshi as another top brand for Tik Tok girl outfits. The designer brand has almost everything you need for a TikTok dedicated to prom with many interesting pieces of art. 

8. Princess Polly

Another top addition of a Tik Tok clothing brand is Princess Polly. The outfits of Princess Polly feature cool girl vibes with options including faux leather looks and semi-naked dresses for TikTok.

9. Storets

Do you want to experiment with cozy vibes and chic neutrals for your next TikTok? Storets gives you almost anything you want from modern trends, tailored with style for you.

10. Luna Chick Boutique

Luna Chick is also a top Tik Tok clothing brand with some of the trendiest women’s clothing products. Elevate your style game on TikTok with the latest arrivals. 

11. Dom & Luna

Mini dresses, crop tops, and check prints are ruling the roster in trending Tik Tok outfit ideas. Dom & Luna lets you have some of the top picks among trending fashion choices for TikTok without searching too much.

12. I.AM.GIA

Another prolific addition among clothing brands on TikTok is I.AM.GIA. The brand is an instant favorite of influencers and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid. Leave your TikTok followers amazed with some innovatively trendy looks from I.AM.GIA.

13. ASTR the Label

You could also find the best answer to the question ‘What are the best brands on TikTok?’ with ASTR the Label.  The brand has a distinct reputation for transforming the look of wardrobe essentials into outfits suitable for TikTok. 

14. For Love and Lemons

People who have a knack for soft aesthetics could claim that For Love & Lemons is the best Tik Tok clothing brand. The floral prints, luxury vibes, and pastel prints are some of the top features you can adorn for TikTok. 

15. Aritzia

Infuse your TikTok outfits with a luxurious appeal suited for everyday outfits. Starting from tennis skirts and ranging to cardigans, you can find some of the simplest choices with beautiful design elements at Aritzia


16. Girlfriend Collective

If you want to score some good marks in sustainability, then you must look at the Girlfriend Collective. The brand is known for its activewear offerings and includes recycled materials in its manufacturing processes.

17. Hello Molly

Hello Molly is the trustworthy Tik Tok clothing brand for the newest trends and styles. You can pick some of the best dresses starting from formal dresses to white dresses and mini dresses. 

18. Lulus

The different choices of Tik Tok fashion clothes on Lulus make it a favorite spot for all fashion enthusiasts. The most striking highlights in the offerings of Lulus include curated collections with new items being added regularly.

19. American Threads

American Threads has almost anything you would need to showcase your style at best on TikTok. Some of the offerings on American Threads include tops, skirts, and dresses, as well as rompers.

20. Motel

Motel is a leading Tik Tok clothing brand with a special focus on prints and vintage women’s fashion and clothes. 

21. Cider

Have you ever wondered about a fashion brand catering to your style preferences according to your mood? Cider manufactures affordable and trendy clothing with a formidable focus on innovation and sustainability.

22. Glassons

Glassons is also a top platform for Tik Tok fashion clothes with fresh new additions in different categories such as graphic tops, midi skirts, and faux leather jackets.

23. Simonett

Get your complete TikTok look assembled at one place with Simonett, such as bottoms, tops, and dresses. In addition, you can also pick up some of the best accessories that will spruce up your looks on TikTok.

Tips to Shop for Clothes for TikTok

Here are some tips which can help you shop for clothes in TikTok fashion.

  • Save some of the best Tik Tok looks and learn how top influencers incorporate trends together to make a coherent look.
  • There are niche fashion styles on Tik Tok as well, so you don’t have to follow the crowd, go with styles that suit your preferences.
  • Add some interesting choices to your TikTok outfit collection, even if they don’t fit with existing trends. You may be setting up a new trend on TikTok!
  • Have a list of the items you already have and think of styling adjustments such as accessorizing.


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