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15 Best Family Christmas Outfit Ideas for a Photo Shoot

Christmas is not just another holiday, it is the most loved holiday of the year all over the world. The day symbolizes the spirit of celebration and the surprises which the New Year holds in store for us. With the vibes of celebration all around during Christmas, it is quite reasonable to look for family Christmas outfit ideas

Enjoying the excitement of Christmas with your family would only double up the joy of your celebrations. Family outfits let your family blend into one common theme of dressing for Christmas while signifying the essence of Christmas. Let us discover some matching family Christmas outfit ideas for styling up your holiday.

Top Picks for Family Christmas Photo Outfit Ideas

Christmas is a lovely time to spend with your family and enjoy the holiday in the company of each other. One would definitely wonder about the best choices for ‘what to wear for family Christmas pictures’ to make some memories. So, what would be the best choice for Christmas family outfits? In this case, you can find the ideal answer in pajama sets with a Christmas-themed design. If you have been searching hard for family Christmas outfit ideas, then you can try the following options. 

1. Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Family Jammies Matching Holiday Organic Cotton Pajamas

The set of matching holiday family pajamas from Burt’s Bees Baby is a promising answer for ‘what to wear for family Christmas pictures.’ The tree prints add a holiday vibe and the organic cotton provides comfort for the entire family. 

2. Christmas Pajamas for Family PJs Matching Sets

You can also pick up a set of Christmas onesies with cute Christmas reindeer prints. The long-sleeved, one-piece hooded pajamas feature soft and comfortable fabric, thereby making ideal picks for family Christmas photo outfit ideas

3. Family Christmas PJs Matching Sets Baby Christmas Matching Jammies for Adults and Kids Holiday Xmas Sleepwear Set

Grab a Christmas PJs set with classic plaid bottoms and round neck, long sleeve top with cute reindeer print. The smiling reindeer print suits the theme of Christmas and sparks joy.

4. CALLA DREAM Christmas Pajamas for Family, Polyester Christmas PJs Matching Sets, Mommy and Me Matching Outfits

The red pajama set with Christmas-themed prints is also a fine pick for family Christmas outfit ideas.

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5. SH-RuiDu Family Christmas Matching Outfits, Reindeer Plaid Clothes Set for Pet Baby Kid Parents

The antler printed pajama set with a shirt top and pants alongside a one-piece romper (for babies) can be a fine Christmas outfit choice for your whole family.

6. Matching Plaid Collection, Created for Macy’s

Get over the winter blues this Christmas with the matching plaid collection featuring festive pajamas for everyone in the family. 

7. Holiday Plaid Flannel Matching Family Pajamas Collection – Wondershop™ Red

A holiday family pajamas collection with coordinating pajama pants and long-sleeve button-down shirts is also a top choice for family Christmas outfit ideas.

8. Holiday Buffalo Check Fleece Matching Family Pajama Pants Collection- Wondershop™ Red

The buffalo check matching family pajama pants collection features pull-on pajamas in coordinating style. The elastic waistband offers a secure fit, while the red and black plaid patterns give off classic holiday vibes effortlessly. 

9. Holiday Dino Matching Family Pajamas Collection- Wondershop™ Red

Bring in the festive spirit of Christmas with a matching family pajamas collection with an allover print of trees and dinosaurs. In addition, the contrasting detail on the cuffs and neckline alongside the soft fabric offers comfort and style for holiday family outfit ideas

10. Heirloom Ornaments Matching Family Pajamas

The Heirloom Ornaments matching family pajamas also qualify as top answers for ‘what to wear for family Christmas pictures.’ With a happy holiday print featuring different elements of Christmas and the organic cotton fabric, you can have an ideal pick for holiday family outfits (including your pet). 


11. Warner Bros™ Elf Matching Family Pajamas

The Elf matching family pajamas offer you one of the best additions for matching family Christmas outfit ideas. First of all, you can get the benefit of soft organic cotton. On top of it, you can have adequate flexibility in creating matching family outfits with 3 prints to choose from and even a pet outfit for your furry family member. 

12. Tannenbaum Matching Family Pajamas

If you want a simpler choice for family Christmas outfit ideas, then you can choose the Tannenbaum matching family pajamas. The matching family pajamas feature smooth seams and the benefit of soft, organic cotton. Furthermore, the allover print with Christmas trees matches the theme of the holiday for picture-worthy outfits. This set also includes a pet option.

13. Star Wars™ Grogu Holiday Matching Family Pajamas

Channel in some intergalactic cuteness in family Christmas outfit ideas with the Grogu holiday matching family pajamas. The super-soft fabric and the cute Grogu and Mandalorian prints offer some exciting benefits for every Star Wars™ fan. 

14. Red & Green Stripe Matching Family Pajamas

The iconic red and green color has a long history associated with the festival of Christmas. You can grab a matching family pajama set featuring red and green stripes with the advantage of organic cotton and an option to play with colors. The stripes blend in perfectly in family outfits while offering some of the best holiday family outfit ideas.

15. Grinch Matching Family Pajamas

Another top choice among matching family Christmas outfit ideas would refer to Grinch matching family pajamas. The Grinch is one of the most popular characters associated with Christmas, and you can bring him into your Christmas family pictures for a fun photo shoot. Green and red-themed pajamas with the Grinch smiling in a vibrant green hue and surprised reindeers in red hues make for the best Christmas family pictures.

Tips to Shop for Matching Family Christmas Outfits

Here are some interesting tips you should keep in mind while shopping for clothes in family Christmas outfit ideas and doing a photo shoot.

  • When looking for family Christmas outfit ideas, search for a family pajamas collection on Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Hanna Andersson, and other big online retailers. There are usually great options to choose from.
  • Identify the types of designs and patterns on the Christmas family outfits and whether they align with the spirit of your family.
  • Finding the perfect family set is crucial for a successful family photo shoot so don’t settle on cheap fabrics.  
  • When it’s time to shoot some pictures, stage each family member in a fun way or go for a natural vibe. Make sure you prepared the perfect setting (near the tree, with lots of Christmas decorations).
  • The pictures will capture a unique and happy moment in your family’s history, so don’t worry too much about getting it perfect. The imperfections are the ones that make the picture special.

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