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10 Emily Ratajkowski Street Style ideas for 2022

Impressed with Emily Ratajkowski street style outfits? Here’re the best ideas to help you recreate top Emily Ratajkowski street style outfits.

There are celebrities, there are influencers, and then there’s Emily Ratajkowski! The American supermodel soared to fame in 2013 at the age of 21, when she appeared nude in a music video. With more than 28 million Instagram followers, a swimsuit line, and a successful book to her credit, Emily Ratajkowski or Emrata as she is fondly called, is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Many of you want to recreate Emily Ratajkowski street style outfits to incorporate her alluring style in your closets. She has been able to garner the attention of millions worldwide with her unique style, and the brand ‘Emrata’ is quite significant in fashion. How can you recreate her style in your wardrobe? A closer look at different outfits Emrata can help you recognize the distinct themes she uses to master her signature aesthetic.

The Secret behind Emily Ratajkowski Style Outfits 

The search for the best ways to recreate Emily Ratajkowski style outfits can lead you to multiple choices. Emrata has been spotted in various looks in recent times, and her Instagram feed shows her in the most elegant outfits. However, you can easily recreate her street style looks for everyday outfits by taking a look at how she dresses up for regular activities. 

For example, you can learn more about Emily Ratajkowski fashion style by observing how she dresses up to take her son out for a stroll or her dog for a walk. Emily’s style features a practical blend of sensuous elements with a sophisticated vibe. How can you steal the best looks of Emrata?

The popularity of Emily makes her an inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts worldwide. You are not the only one seeking inspiration for Emily Ratajkowski street style outfits you can wear for chic looks. So, what does Emrata love to wear? Emily prefers a crop top, tailored pants, and jeans in most of her outfits. In addition, she never shies away from adding an oversized blazer to her looks. 

At the same time, she is also practical in the selection of accessories such as hats, bags, and sunglasses in her looks. Most importantly, her style also makes a solid impact in terms of natural hair and makeup. She opts for natural hair styling and minimal makeup, primarily lipstick or gloss that accentuates her lips. In some cases, Emily also chooses prints and vibrant colors to spice up her looks. She chooses sneakers as her go-to choice of footwear. 

How Can I Recreate Emily Ratajkowski Street Style Looks?

The overview of Emily Ratajkowski Instagram feed can really help you out in figuring out her style secrets. Now that you know what Emily loves to wear, you can go through some of her best street style looks in recent years. If you want to recreate the Emily Ratajkowski street style vibe in your closet, here are some promising ideas. 

Outfit 1

street style
PHOTO: @emratateam

The first outfit of Emily gives you an ideal spring look with a two-piece mini skirt and turtleneck combination. You can notice how the neutral cream color of the turtleneck complements her looks. The denim jacket and Vans sneakers are also two effortless picks for a chic casual outfit. On top of it, she chooses sunglasses and a watch as the accessories in this look. The crop top works perfectly to balance the turtleneck and create an appealing aesthetic.

Outfit 2

cargo pant outfit
PHOTO: @emratateam

You can recreate Emily Ratajkowski fashion style from this outfit in which she wears trendy cargo pants with a black top. The most appealing highlight of the outfit is the oversized black coat. Take note of the fact that Emrata is wearing two oversized pieces and manages to come up with a sexy look. Emily has complemented her casual look with Converse sneakers, gold hoop earrings, and sunglasses. 


Outfit 3

white t-shirt outfit
PHOTOs: @emratateam

The striking highlight in this Emily Ratajkowski street style outfit is the effortlessness. Emily shows how you can have some of the best looks by pairing the right basics together. You can notice how Emrata packs up a timeless aesthetic in this outfit. She starts off with a pair of Levis jeans and a white t-shirt, followed by an oversized black blazer that makes the look modern and chic.

Emily opted for red lipstick, small hoop earrings, and sunglasses alongside black boots to complete her look. No one can miss the way in which the red lips mark a distinct touch of color and sex appeal in this outfit. In addition, the boots work as a great choice to make the look more sophisticated and less casual.

Outfit 4

emily ratajkowski style
PHOTO: @emratateam

The sophisticated and modern look in this Emily Ratajkowski style outfit is obviously one of the favorites you can try recreating in your wardrobe. Generally, Emily loves to go with basics such as jeans. However, she chooses something different this time with a three-piece suit. Most importantly, she wears the suit in a casual manner, which appears subtly sensuous and chic. 

You can notice how she has avoided a top under the vest and keeps it slightly open for a sexy vibe. Furthermore, the oversized fit of the suit can make it an ideal choice for fashion-forward formal outfits. On top of it, she completes the look with gorgeous lip color and sunglasses. 

Outfit 5

Emily Ratajkowski winter fashion
PHOTO: @emratateam

The winter outfit in Emily Ratajkowski street style shows you a different perspective on . In this outfit, Emrata shows that you don’t have to wear all black for the winter season. Sometimes, you can try out a white and brown color combo in your outfits for a striking look. 

The brown coat and the white top and pants create a fresh and chic silhouette you would love for the winter season. Notice how Emily uses layers to add warmth to her outfit without making it look bulkier. At the same time, her signature look with the bare midriff also elevates the sensuous element in this winter outfit. 

Outfit 6

denim look
PHOTO: @emratateam

Emily goes for an all-out street style aesthetic with a total denim look. The Emily Ratajkowski Instagram image shows you how to wear form-fitting denim pieces, creating a monochrome look. The denim shirt and jeans alongside the bag create a flattering silhouette. You can notice some vibes of 70s fashion in her outfit, which actually suits her quite well.

Outfit 7

emily ratajkowski street style
PHOTO: @emratateam

Emily is also known for taking risks which work out quite well for her most of the time. She takes risks in blending fabrics, prints, and textures together to create some unique looks like this one. In this look, Emily sets off some cool and fun vibes on a special day with her family. The quirky element of Emily Ratajkowski street style fashion is clearly visible in the combination of leather-look snakeskin printed pants in yellow and a velour zip-up hoodie. Emily also brings in a leopard hat as another risky outfit choice, which works out perfectly in her overall look.


Outfit 8

feminine aesthetics
PHOTO: @emratateam

Emily gives some solid fashion goals as she incorporates feminine aesthetics with an oversized blazer. She styled her oversized blazer in a feminine manner with a flattering vibe by adding only a waist-cinching belt. Interestingly, you can notice the fun print in the Emily Ratajkowski fashion style outfit with the belt, which is a surprising element in tailored and sophisticated looks. As a matter of fact, the belt works perfectly for toning down the whole outfit to a casual vibe. In addition, you can notice how she has matched the turtleneck top with black boots to create a chic, balanced look.

Outfit 9

emily ratajkowski summer outfit
PHOTO: @emratateam

You can notice another great choice for Emily Ratajkowski street style spring or summer outfits with this look. The oversized two-piece tailored set in beige is an effortless choice that will grab attention to your looks for all the right reasons. The tailored two-piece set is breezy and lightweight and completes a cool aesthetic in combination with a white crop top. Emily also packs up sunglasses and hoop earrings to complete her perfect casual look.

Outfit 10

street style
PHOTO: @emratateam

The different choices in Emily Ratajkowski Instagram feed show some great picks for summer that look like this one. Emily elevates a simple summer look by combining a cropped vest with jeans. You can notice the importance of accessories in spicing up your looks like Emrata. She has picked some fun accessories such as tortoiseshell sunglasses and a JW Pei bag in yellow. The overall look appears sexy while maintaining a chic vibe. 

Tips to Shop for Clothes like Emily Ratajkowski

Here are some tips for purchasing Emily Ratajkowski street style clothes.

  • Emily is all about combining casual pieces with tailored clothes, for example, she loves a jeans and t-shirt look with a tailored oversized blazer. Try this combo yourself by adding a stylish blazer into your closet.
  • Emily is not afraid to show off her midriff, and balance the sex appeal with oversized pieces. So, try wearing a crop top with baggy pants and your All Star’s for your next casual outing.
  • Go for Emily’s look all the way with minimal accessories like a JW Pei bag, sneakers or boots, and trendy sunglasses. Keep your hair and makeup natural and focus on creating the perfect pout with lip liner and gloss. 

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