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11 Stylish Outfit Ideas to Hide a Tummy

Missing the time when you could wear stylish dresses without any second thought? Don’t worry; here we’ll help you choose dresses to hide belly fat.  

Every individual is conscious about their appearance and how they look in certain outfits. Such apprehensions are responsible for shaping up our fashion choices in various ways. For example, many women are apprehensive about the appearance of their tummies in certain outfits. Conventional societal assumptions indicate that a flat stomach is pretty and many women without a flat belly often experience insecurities. 

As a result, they look for dresses to hide belly fat that still look cute and chic. Now, you can discover many alternatives for resolving your insecurities regarding covering up your tummy. Let us find out what you can do to dress up in ways that can help you hide your belly. 

Tips for Dressing up to Hide Belly Fat

A major share of the world’s female population does not have a flat stomach and is troubled about their tummies. The protruding belly fat is often a cause of concern for women who want to dress up in stylish outfits. However, you could also choose slimming dresses to hide tummy bulges without compromising on your looks and style. If you want to feel confident in your outfit without worrying about your tummy, then you should try the following pointers. 

1. High Waist Jeans and Leggings

One of the foremost answers for how to dress to hide belly fat would include high waist jeans and leather pants that push the belly in. You could also choose high waist compression leggings that will flatten the tummy and create the appearance of a slimmer silhouette. 

Some promising choices among high waist jeans and leggings would include wide waist leggings or high waist, wide-leg jeans. You could also go with solid women’s leggings made of super soft fabric or high waist jeans crafted from organic cotton. A pair of creased pants would also serve as a promising addition among pants that hide the belly. 

2. Choose Form-fitting Clothes

When looking for dresses to hide belly fat you should choose the right shape of dress and the right shaping underwear. Oversized clothes might not be ideal as the best dress to hide belly fat as they would make you appear bigger. On top of it, oversized clothes do not offer anything to complement your body shape. 

You should go with form-fitting alternatives such as a ribbed knit bodysuit with V-neck alongside a wrap suit blazer in black. A maxi-length pencil skirt in black would also serve as a vital addition to this outfit for a slimmer aesthetic. 

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3. Accent the Waist

The best way to find dresses to hide belly would focus on wrap style tops and dresses, which create a waist and flare out. You could also choose an A-line shape that supports the waist and flare. Go with choices that accent the waist at the smallest part before skimming over the tummy region. 

A floral print flounce sleeve overlap collar belter dress or an oversized solid belted dress might be some promising choices. You can also pick up a long-line design shirt with a corset waist or a wrap top with a ribbed pattern and tie detailing. Another similar choice might include an asymmetrical hem wrap tee. 

4. Layering to the Rescue

The top alternative for slimming dresses to hide tummy would refer to layering. You can try an oversized blazer or a long cardigan over a form-fitting bodysuit or dress for a flattering outfit. Layering helps in offering the illusion of a slimmer shape and a flatter tummy. 

You can try some proven choices for layerings like a back buttoned oversized blazer or a long cardigan. Another helpful choice for layering dresses to hide belly would be a faux leather biker jacket in black color. 

5. Rely on Ruched Details

Another promising option for choosing the best dress to hide belly fat is to look for dresses, tops, and pants with ruched detailing. 

You can choose a velvet shirt dress with a ruched button front detailing or a ruched button front top for a slimmer look. Another great option is slinky contoured leggings featuring ruched details. 

6. Use Shapewear

You should also try out shapewear under form-fitting dresses or white jeans for a slimmer appearance in the tummy region. 

Think of an outfit with a mock neck rib-knit dress over sculpting short or tummy control shapewear for women. 

7. Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are also a proven hack in dresses to hide belly as they draw attention away from the tummy. The puffy sleeves can easily help in balancing your outfit proportionately. 

You can find favorable choices like a black maxi dress with volume sleeves made of organic cotton. Another similar pick might include a solid top with lantern sleeves.


8. Turn Away the Attention

One of the best tricks for how to dress to hide belly fat would focus on turning away the attention from your tummy. You might look for dresses that accentuate your bust or legs. 

A promising choice among dresses to hide belly while accentuating your bust would include a cotton poplin wrap mini dress.


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9. Tops with Vertical Lines

If you are looking for the best options among slimming dresses to hide tummy fat, then you should avoid horizontal lines. Tops with horizontal lines or stripes can make you look wider. 

Take the example of a striped surplice V-neck belted blouse to see how vertical stripes help in hiding your belly. 


10. Monochrome Outfits

Another top suggestion among dresses to hide belly directly points towards monochrome outfits, which can elongate the body. At the same time, monochrome outfits don’t restrict the attention of onlookers to any specific area. 

You can assemble a monochrome outfit with a pair of slit hem leggings in black along with a black silk shirt in a relaxed fit. On top of it, you can add a double-breasted suit blazer in black. You can complete the monochrome outfit by adding a pair of minimalist chunky Chelsea boots.



11. Use a Belt

If you have dresses without any particular shape, then you should try a unique alternative for dresses to hide belly bulges like a belt. Rather than making any changes in your clothes, you can add a designer belt at the smallest area of your waist. As a result, you can easily create an hourglass shape without drawing attention to your tummy. 

You can try out this recommendation with a flounce sleeve dress with ditsy floral print and split thigh detailing. A geometric décor rope belt would work as the perfect instrument to create a flattering shape with an hourglass shape. 


Tips to Shop for Dresses to Hide Belly Fat

Here are some top tips to look for dresses to hide belly bulges.

  • Make sure you emphasize the parts of your body you love and feel proud of rather than focusing on one “negative” aspect. 
  • Choose the right clothes for your shape- try a-line tops, fit and flare dresses, high waist bottoms, wrap style, and more.
  • Take a look at how models with plus size shapes look in the clothes you are planning to buy for some inspiration. 

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