The Best Designer Handbag Dupes of 2022 – Part 3

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Designer handbags are something you can’t ignore when thinking of a luxurious wardrobe and a stylish look. Some women choose to save up for an elegant and trendy designer handbag they lust for. However, it isn’t quite easy for everyone to purchase designer handbags because they have a large price tag and demand a large budget. The simplest solution to this problem is designer bag dupes that can easily offer the same visual appeal as premium designer handbags. Interestingly, you can find amazing dupes at a cost-effective price that look strikingly similar to the designer original. While you can find many options among dupes for designer bags right now, the search for some of the best picks will continue endlessly. So, here we bring part 3 for the best designer handbag dupes after part 1 and part 2

Top Designer Handbag Dupes

If you are out to find some of the best designer handbag dupes 2022, then you need to have a keen eye for detail. Most importantly, you have to invest a lot of time in comparing a lot of dupes to find out the ones which resemble the original the most. However, you could save time and take a look here at the pairs of cheap designer look alike bags and the originals. Let us find out some of the top designer handbag dupes in the following discussion. 

      1. Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette Shoulder Bag

Even if cassette tapes are no longer in the picture, the Chain Cassette shoulder bag makes a mark with its padded design. You could easily find a dupe for this Bottega Veneta purse in Zara’s quilted chain strap shoulder bag in green color. The quilted exterior is similar to the signature Cassette look, while the chain strap leaves nothing to differentiate between the dupe and original.

      2. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Baby Leather Handbag

The Sac de Jour Baby handbag is a fine piece of Italian craftsmanship from Saint Laurent. The boxy silhouette studded with gold-tone hardware and the rolled top handles marks some of the significant highlights here. You can find the best pick among dupes for designer bags, in this case, in the Zara mini-city bag. The crossbody straps and rolled handles, along with the boxy design, make it strikingly similar to the Baby leather handbag.

      3. Saint Laurent Kate Monogram Satchel

There is no better way to make your mark in a room than with Saint Laurent’s croc-patterned monogram satchel. The best designer bag dupes for this monogram satchel would be a crossbody bag with tassel details and a foldover flap top design. You can find similarities such as the silver-tone hardware, magnetic closure with the foldover top, and most important of all, the hanging tassel. 

      4. Givenchy Chain-link Detail Shoulder Bag

Givenchy also has one of the best additions worthy of looking for designer bag dupes with the chain-link detail shoulder bag. The elegant piece comes with a contemporary highlight in a polished finish, with the tonal color accenting the hardware detail. Well, there is no reason to look far for cheap designer look alike bags for this Givenchy bag. You can just go with a shoulder bag with a croc pattern and a jewel trim detail from Ego. The V-shape and the chain-link detail match perfectly with the original. In addition, you have a bolder impression with the croc pattern in the dupe.

      5. BY FAR Amber Shoulder Bag

The Amber shoulder bag from the house of BY FAR with the long top handle is definitely a designer handbag to root for. You can find the best designer bag dupes for this designer bag in Shein’s croc-embossed baguette bag. The elegant style of the dupe, along with the quality of authentic PU leather in the dupe, definitely stands out. Most importantly, the small size of the bag makes it a functional addition to some of your sophisticated outfits. 


      6. Saint Laurent North-South Mini Leather Tote

You could also look for designer handbag dupes in 2022 for handbags with a minimal style. Saint Laurent, North-South tote, is the perfect example of minimalism done well. It offers the best bag to pack your everyday needs. At the same time, it comes with the most exclusively versatile craftsmanship in Italy. Do not worry about spending a fortune on buying such a lovely designer handbag from Saint Laurent. Designer bag dupes like this one from Shein is a great pick with its tassel-décor ,double-handle strap, and well made faux leather. 

      7. Chloe Darryl Crossbody Bag

The search for an ideal alternative among best dupes for designer bags would also bring the Chloe Darryl crossbody bag. You can choose Zara’s oval split leather crossbody bag for the exact same features and design. The oval shape is a clear similarity, and you can notice the metallic details at the front, making a prominent impression. 

      8. Celine Medium Classic Bag

The classic medium bag in natural calfskin from Celine is also another top candidate for designer bag dupes. You can go with Shein’s metal-décor flap square bag to make your outfit look professional and sophisticated at a fraction of the price. Take note of the stark similarities starting from the flap design to the gold-tone hardware details. 

      9. JW Anderson Rolo Chain Tote Bag

The JW Anderson Rolo chain tote bag is also a great choice to look for designer purse dupes. Shein’s chain décor satchel bag could serve as the perfect reiteration of the luxury designer bag. Some of the prominent similarities would include the chunky chain detail and, most important of all, the combination of functionality and design. 

      10. Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch Bag

The Bottega Veneta mini pouch bag is the perfect luxury designer handbag everyone would love to have. The soft brown tone, along with the immaculate craftsmanship, definitely calls for motivation to look for designer bag dupes. You can pick up Shein’s cloud-shaped ruched crossbody bag as a dupe for the mini pouch bag by Bottega Veneta and not notice the difference. 

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      11. Chanel Round Clutch Bag with Chain Detail

The round clutch bag with the chain detail by Chanel is also a favorite trendy designer bag for ladies worldwide. You can have a quilted chain circle bag as the best choice among designer bag dupes for this beautiful bag.

      12. Saint Laurent North-South Leather-trimmed Printed Canvas Tote

The North-South totes by Saint Laurent have a minimal yet contemporarily stylish sophistication in their design. The cheap designer look alike bags, in this case, might point towards the letter graphic shoulder tote bag from Shein. You could notice clear similarities, such as the double handle strap and the lettering pattern between the dupe and original. 

      13. Balenciaga Hourglass XS Croc-effect Leather Shoulder Bag

The Balenciaga Hourglass design is a signature style and matches perfectly with the brand’s statement design. You can have the same design in a croc-embossed metal décor flap satchel bag. The credible similarities between the dupe and the original handbag include the croc-effect leather and the classic hourglass shape. 

Tips to Shop for Designer Handbag Dupes

Take a look at the following tips when you are shopping for the best designer bag dupes right now. 

  • Compare each dupe with the original and try to find the right combination. Sometimes you may have to give up on dupes that don’t offer adequate quality.
  • Try to look for durable and not fake-looking dupes. There are dupes that look just as good as the original, you just need to search well.
  • Make a decision regarding your budget before shopping so you know how much you need to compromise and what quality you can get.
  •  Choose a bag that goes with many outfits in your closet so you get a lot of use out of it.
  • When it comes to overly hyped bags on social media that you know won’t be “in” in 2 years, going with a dupe is just common sense.       


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