11 Celebrity Outfits Dupes To Get The Look For Less

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @kyliejenner, @juleshough

Fashion choices continue to evolve with every season in every year. We are witnessing new types of clothing and accessories making their way into women’s wardrobes all over the world. At the same time, celebrities and fashion icons are introducing new outfit ideas that change the way we look at fashion. However, replicating the outfits worn by celebrities can be a tough task, especially with a limited budget. Therefore, the demand for designer clothing dupes has escalated profoundly in recent years. Is it possible to find dupes for popular outfits donned by celebrities? 

Best Celebrity Designer Dress Dupes

Celebrities have defined fashion trends since we can remember, and their influence ranges from clothing to shoes and accessories. In addition, the massive following of celebrities on social media in the digital age has also empowered modern fashion. However, the cost factor in the outfits of celebrities is one of the foremost reasons to seek designer clothing dupes. At the same time, the style in celebrity outfits is practically difficult to ignore. Therefore, designer dress dupes could help you purchase the style statements of celebrities with a limited budget. Here are some of the specific dupes for designer celebrity outfits you can add to your wardrobe now. 

      1. Kylie Jenner Bikini

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @kyliejenner

The name Kylie Jenner is quite popular in today’s fashion landscape. She has been setting new benchmarks with innovative and sexy outfit choices. The beach outfit of Kylie is nothing short of an exemplar of gorgeousness. You could find fashion dupes for Kylie’s beach look with a bikini swimsuit featuring an abstract fluid pattern and a beach skirt.

      2. Hailey Bieber White Button-Down Shirt

designer dress dupes
PHOTO: @haileybieber

Hailey Bieber is also one of the top celebrities with some of the chicest outfits worthy of looking for designer clothing dupes. You can reiterate her effortless casual look with a solid oversized tunic blouse with dropped shoulders. 

      3. Hailee Steinfeld Jeans

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @haileesteinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld has been a successful and inspiring actress for years and her style is an inspiration for many women and girls all over the world. Hailee Steinfeld’s low-rise jeans look is a memorable fashion moment from her. You don’t have to worry if you are looking for ‘how to find clothing dupes’ for the jeans donned by Hailee Steinfeld. A pair of straight-leg jeans with a low-rise design from Levi’s can be the perfect alternative in this case. 


      4. Kim Kardashian Bodysuit

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @kimkardashian

The reputation of Kim Kardashian as a revolutionary fashion influencer with some bold fashion choices is probably known to everyone. As a matter of fact, the bodysuit of Kim Kardashian from her Skims collection is an example of her minimal and sexy style. The best designer clothing dupes for the Kim Kardashian bodysuit would take you to a solid, skinny cami bodysuit from Shein. 

      5. Emrata Pinstripe Dress Pants

designer dress dupes
PHOTO: @emratateam

Emily Ratajkowski, popularly referred to as Emrata, is more than just a supermodel, she’s an activist and a successful entrepreneur. Her pinstripe dress pants showcase the best blend of sophistication and modern fashion trends with limited efforts. However, you don’t have to waste time in finding the designer dress dupes for pinstripe dress pants of Emrata. You can pick H&M’s wide-leg pants with pinstripes in a slightly stretchy fabric and high-waist design as the best dupe.

      6. Chiara Ferragni Leather Jacket

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @chiaraferragni

The most popular fashion blogger in the world, Chiara Ferragni, has something new to offer for everyone. Her great fashion sense is evident with her selection of a leather jacket on her vacation in Italy. Grab the best designer clothing dupes for the Chiara Ferragni leather jacket with a lapel-neck zip-up biker jacket. 

      7. Jennifer Aniston Denim Shirt

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @jenniferaniston

There is no reason anyone could avoid falling in love with Jennifer Aniston and her outfits. Jennifer Aniston definitely has some exquisite fashion choices up her sleeve, especially when it comes to minimal style outfits, which inspires many fashion dupes. Recreate Jennifer’s unique look with Shein’s button down denim shirt. 


      8. Chrissy Teigen Knit Cardigan Dress

fashion dupes
PHOTO: @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen is also one of the top names among renowned fashion influencers in the world. As a renowned model and television personality, Chrissy wears the knit cardigan dress with considerable grace and elegance. You could have the same for yourself with reliable designer clothing dupes like an oversized knit cardigan dress from Zara.    


      9. Kendall Jenner Black Flared Jeans

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @danixmichelle

Talk about making a formidable statement with fashion, and you could find Kendall Jenner with her black flared jeans. Kendall is also one of the top names among fashion influencers worldwide for her innovative and trendy outfit choices. Dress up just like Kendall Jenner with a pair of high-waist flare-leg jeans in black at a cost-effective price.

      10. Camila Cabello Check Blazer

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @camila_cabello

The songs of Camila Cabello are not the only reason to call her ‘senorita,’ as you can see with her choice to wear a beautiful check blazer. You can find designer clothing dupes to mimic the look of Camila Cabello with a much smaller budget. The best suggestion would point towards a double-breasted blazer with a similar print on it resembling the original.

      11. Julianne Hough Ribbed White Jogger

designer clothing dupes
PHOTO: @juleshough

The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ star Julianne Hough is also another notable addition among celebrities influencing fashion choices today. Her white jogger looks flawless for a perfect fall vacation near the waters. You could find choices such as Gucci dupes clothes today with a little additional investment in research. So, you could also find the perfect dupe for the ribbed white jogger donned by Julianne Hough. The best pick would be Shein’s PJ set, including a button-front tank top and sweatpants with ribbed knit fabric.

Tips to Shop for Designer Dupes Clothing

You can grab profitable deals on shopping for designer clothing dupes by following certain pointers such as,

  • Look for style inspiration on Instagram accounts that focus on supermodels and celeb street style and also fashion publishers like Vogue. 
  • Compare the original pieces which celebrities wear in their outfits with the supposed dupes. Make sure you notice the small details as well as the overall look that celeb built around the coveted item.
  • Check out retailers like Shein, Zara, H&M, Amazon that often produce remakes of celeb clothes.
  • Celebrity clothes are usually very expensive and they will obviously look better than any dupe you find. That is why you should keep in mind to look for nice quality pieces and good reviews before purchasing if you want to avoid disappointment.


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