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The Most Trendy Jeans to Buy in 2022

Think of any woman’s wardrobe without a pair of trendy jeans. Is it possible? No! Jeans are one of the key wardrobe staples with a clearly unique mark in the world of fashion. Interestingly, jeans emerged as an outfit choice for industrial workers who needed durable and sturdy clothing. Today, you can find a wide range of trending jeans for women that can be the best part of any casual outfit

However, many women still struggle to find the best choice of trendy jeans for their body shape. Well, there is nothing you can do when there are so many new trends and styles in jeans. On the other hand, you can look for the top and trendy jeans in 2022 that have successfully garnered praise and admiration from fashion enthusiasts. The following post helps you find the top three trends for jeans in 2022 that you can incorporate into your wardrobe easily. 

Best Picks of Trendy Jeans in 2022 for You 

The search for cool trendy jeans is undoubtedly one of the first fashion priorities for any woman, irrespective of age. Jeans add a cool, effortless vibe to any outfit, and if they fir right, they make you feel amazing too. On top of it, women don’t have to worry about styling a pair of jeans, because they offer exceptional versatility. 

If you are seeking some of the top trending jeans for women right now, you would be surprised to find different styles. Vintage fashion and vintage inspired styles have been emerging as a top trend, and jeans are no exception here. As a result, people are not shying away from styles of the past, such as low-rise jeans, baggy designs, and even flares. Let us find out some of the best picks for your wardrobe from these new trends in jeans for 2022. 

Low Waist

trending jeans for women
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The notorious low waist jeans have made a solid comeback, much to the surprise of everyone. With many Y2K fashion trends coming back to the mainstream, low waist jeans have returned back to shopping aisles. Some of the best picks in top-rated jeans of 2022 are low-rise jeans, hated by many people just over a year ago. 

Low waist jeans are a significant addition to the resurgence of Y2K trends in fashion. Most importantly, you have a lot of style variations in low-rise jeans such as relaxed, flared, skinny, and straight low waist jeans. Let’s start with the best picks in low-rise jeans that should be in your 2022 wardrobe. 

1. ASOS DESIGN Organic Cotton Blend Low Rise Straight Leg Jean in Midwash Blue

Grab one of the best trending jeans for women with the Asos design low waist straight leg jeans in mid-wash blue color. The low waist jeans tailored with a straight-leg fit are an easy wardrobe addition for people who love the latest trends. 


2. H&M Flared Low Waist Jeans

The flared low waist jeans from H&M are also another pair of cool trendy jeans you must add to your outfit collection. Low waist jeans in light, medium blue color featuring flared hems styled with snap fasteners offer an exclusive pick among the latest trending jeans. 

3. Fashionnova After All These Years Low Rise Flare Jeans- Medium Blue Wash

Flared low waist jeans like the After All These Years low rise flare jeans are another top choice in trending jeans for women in 2022. You can notice a hip-hugging fit in the jeans that also feature hidden-button closure as a functional design element.

4. Edikted Aubrey Low-rise Jeans

The Aubrey low-rise jeans are cute trendy jeans for women with the classic straight leg design. The durable denim fabric also offers the flexibility for moving around without feeling restricted in your jeans. 

5. ASOS DESIGN Organic Cotton Blend Low Rise ‘Relaxed’ Dad Jeans with Patch Pockets in Midwash

A pair of low-rise jeans tailored with a relaxed ‘dad’ fit and patch pockets also qualifies as a trendy wardrobe addition. The low-rise jeans feature a super-relaxed dad fit with a regular fit on the waist. As the top-rated jeans of 2022 among low waist jeans, relaxed dad jeans are a sure favorite for women’s wardrobes.

Baggy Jeans

trending jeans for women
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

Another popular theme among trending jeans for women in 2022 brings baggy jeans into the discussion. They are one of the hottest trends from the 90s, which have returned with a bang in present times. You can find different options for adding baggy jeans to your wardrobe in multiple ways. Baggy jeans are available in different types of rising, distressing details, and wash. 

On top of it, baggy jeans are trendy jeans in 2022 for different types of casual looks when combined with cropped tops. Interestingly, you don’t have to go all out on the baggy style as you can just opt for loose jeans with an oversized fit. Let us find some of the top-rated picks among baggy jeans for you in 2022. 

1. Bershka 90s Low Waist Baggy Jean in Vintage Blue

A low waist baggy jeans in vintage blue color is the best example of how baggy style gives you cool trendy jeans for casual outfits. The baggy fit of the jeans complements any choice of crop top and a pair of white sneakers for trendy casual aesthetics. 

2. H&M 90s Boyfriend Jeans

You can also get a pair of 90s-style boyfriend jeans in denim blue with an oversized baggy fit. The popularity of baggy jeans in trending jeans for women becomes evident with such relaxed-fit jeans tailored from comfy cotton denim fabric. Featuring a high waist design, the 90s boyfriend jeans have a straight-leg design, which includes distressed holes.

3. Missguided Blue Cut Out Baggy Boyfriend Jeans

Baggy jeans with cut-out detailing are something you cannot miss in your search for cute trendy jeans for women. The cut-out waist detailing the high waist baggy boyfriend jeans adds panache to your trendy outfits with ease. 

4. Citizens of Humanity Eva Relaxed Baggy Jeans 

The Eva relaxed baggy jeans in punch bowl blue color brings you a new style variation in baggy jeans trend. Tailored from heavyweight denim fabric with fading and whiskering details, it also features distressed blowout detailing at the knees.

5. Monki Micki Organic Cotton High Waist Wide Leg Jeans in Light Blue Wash

You can choose a conventional pick of baggy jeans with the high waist wide leg baggy jeans. The light blue color of the baggy jeans complements their design for a wide-ranging variety of casual ensembles.

Flared Jeans

trending jeans for women
PHOTO: @jeannedamas

The next prominent entry among trending jeans for women turns the attention towards flared jeans. They are a classic jeans trend from the 70s that have made a comeback alongside many other fashion highlights from the 70s, such as corduroy and prints. Interestingly, you can explore a wide range of options in flared jeans. You can opt for the all-out 70s aesthetic or choose high-rise jeans with front pockets. Some of the other choices include big flares, small flares, and in some cases, the kick flared jeans. Here are some notable picks from flared jeans in top-rated jeans of 2022 for your wardrobe.

1. Topshop Jamie Flare Jean in Bleach

A pair of flared jeans in bleach color is an obvious staple addition to your list of trendy jeans in 2022. The exclusive design features a flared skinny fit and high waist styling for various types of casual outfit combinations. 

2. Zara Full Length Flare Jeans 

If you love a pair of classic black jeans, the Zara full-length flare jeans are the right pick for you. The high waist flared jeans in black are obviously trending jeans for women for their unique style. You can make the most of the rigid fabric and color of the flared jeans for various versatile outfits. 


3. Princess Polly Organic Cotton NIKAIA Denim Jeans

The NIKAIA denim jeans made of organic cotton are another promising entry among flared jeans you should have right now. The high waist flared jeans with the classic five-pocket design, and raw-edge hems are the best example of cool trendy jeans for every woman’s wardrobe. 

4. Mango Flared Jeans with Pocket

Flared jeans in dark blue color with a medium waist design are also a reliable addition to your jeans collection. The flared jeans come in a standard design, thereby avoiding any confusion in choosing such trending jeans for women now.

5. Frame Le High Flare

The Le High flared jeans by Frame in medium-wash blue color with light whiskering detail are notable favorites among women today. The jeans feature all the design elements of classic jeans with a chic twist in the flared legs. You can pair up the jeans with a casual oversized poplin shirt and denim jacket for a classic look. 

Tips to Shop for Trendy Jeans 

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for trending jeans for women in 2022.

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind while you look for new jeans is to make sure the trend fits your body shape and style. For example, not everybody suits low waist jeans, so make sure you pick what’s right for you.
  • Review each type of jeans to determine how they fit in your existing wardrobe preferences. If you don’t know how to style the jeans, you won’t wear them, so don’t buy them.
  • Look for outfit ideas from celebrities and fashion influencers to find the best trending jeans in 2022 for women.

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