11 Colorful Blazers That Will Freshen up Your Wardrobe

colorful blazers for women
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The new trends of colorful blazers are getting every fashion enthusiast excited. Find the best picks among colorful blazers for women to level up your style statement. 

The love for blazers will never fade away in the pages of mainstream fashion trends for women. As a matter of fact, women all over the world have started embracing menswear style oversized blazers with casual vibes. Interestingly, blazers have become a mainstream choice for casual outfits as compared to the conventional notions of wearing blazers in formal outfits. 

Interestingly, colorful blazers for women have become a trend now. With the change in seasons just around the corner, fashion enthusiasts expect the blazer trend to fly high with the use of vibrant colors. Will colorful blazers work out as a fashion trend? What makes them special? Let us find out more about colorful blazers and how to wear them. 

Best Choices in Colorful Blazers for Women

The colorful blazer trend facilitates a productive blend of two different trends. You have oversized blazers on one side and clothes in vibrant colours on the other. Most importantly, colorful blazers by Nike and other top brands have caused quite an elevation in demand for colorful blazers. Are colorful blazers a wardrobe must have? Yes, you can wear colorful blazers with simple jeans and a t-shirt look or as a co-ord, there are so many ways to style them. 

On the other hand, many people also wonder about “How do you wear a colorful blazer?” when thinking of the new blazer trend. Now, the choice of wearing a colorful blazer depends completely on your preferences. For example, you can wear colorful blazers to upgrade simple outfits. On the other hand, you can also use colorful blazers in outfits featuring vibrant colors, like over a slip dress in a complementing color. However, you need to make sure that the colors you choose don’t crash. Here are some of the promising picks in colorful blazers you would love to add to your wardrobe.

1. Shein Solid Lapel Neck Single Breasted Blazer

You can start with simple colors in colorful blazers for women to overcome your apprehensions about the trend. A solid lapel neck single breasted blazer in pastel blue and an elegant style is an easy choice for incorporating colors in blazers. The baby blue color of the blazer alongside the classic design highlights of the blazer improve the aesthetic value of the blazer. You can wear it with a pair of denim shorts and a crop top underneath for a casual chic look or over tailored trousers in camel for a chic take. 

2. Bershka Oversized Blazer

A baby pink blazer is a classic addition to any wardrobe that is perfect for spring and summer, with shorts or over a sundress. The classic oversized blazer with the adorable pink color is a sure favorite for women. It features notch lapels and padded shoulders, which accent the menswear style of the blazer and balance the cute pink color. 

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3. ASYOU Boxy Double Breasted Blazer

If you are looking for plus size colorful blazers, then you can choose an oversized blazer in orange with a relaxed fit. Discover a promising choice in colorful blazers for women with the boxy double breasted blazer from Asyou. The blazer features a structured and boxy fit that pairs well with casual outfits. You can wear the blazer with your favorite jeans and crop top for trendy looks. 

4. ZaraTextured Double Breasted Blazer

The textured double breasted blazer from Zara in green is also a favorite pick in casual blazers for women with vibrant colors. Tailored with a lapel collar and long sleeves, the vibrant green color of the blazer stands out as a striking highlight. At the same time, you cannot miss the frayed trim of the blazer, which adds a distinctive design element to the blazer. 

5. Zara Double Breasted Houndstooth Blazer

The different choices in colorful blazers for women also include some entries with an emphasis on patterns. The double breasted houndstooth blazer with lapel collar and shoulder pads is an example of blending different colors in one blazer with patterns. You can find the ecru and blue houndstooth pattern as the foremost highlight of the blazer.

6. Zara Buttoned Tailored Blazer

A buttoned tailored blazer is also an effortless answer to the question “How do you wear a colorful blazer?” when you want chic and unique looks. The fitted blazer in a cute fuchsia pink color comes with classic design elements like the long sleeves and lapel collar. Furthermore, the tonal matching on the inner lining presents a subtle advantage for the visual appeal of the blazer. 

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7. Zara Inverted Lapel Long Blazer

Another top choice in colorful blazers for women would include a long fitted blazer in yellow from Zara. The inverted lapels alongside the long sleeves and shoulder pads are some of the noteworthy highlights of the blazer. You can trust the long blazer for its chic appeal as a great addition to any outfit you wear. 

8. Sarah Ashcroft X Missguided Orange Linen Mix Tailored Oversized Blazer 

Tailored blazers have a distinct, appealing element that can fit perfectly with different outfits of your choice. The tailored oversized blazer made from a linen mix blend is an ideal alternative to colorful blazers by Nike and other brands. Above everything else, the color of the oversized tailored blazer makes a formidable fashion statement in any look you choose.

9. Princess Polly Brentwood Blazer

The Brentwood blazer in pink is another prolific choice in colorful blazers for women with an oversized fit. Designed with a large collar and double-breasted design, the Brentwood blazer features twin hip pockets and buttoned cuffs. This blazer is a perfect preppy addition to any outfit, like a cute mini skirt and collared top. If you are looking for cute plus size colorful blazers with an oversized fit, this blazer is a great option.

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10. Mango Structured Cotton Blazer

A structured cotton blazer in a lime green color is also a reliable addition to colorful blazers for women available today. The cotton-blend fabric alongside the oversized fit and long, structured design are the noteworthy design highlights of the blazer. The long sleeves of the blazer feature buttoned cuffs, while the lapel collar V-neck design accentuates the classic blazer design. 

11. Mango Double Breasted Suit Blazer

You should also take note of another cute choice in casual blazers for women, like the Mango double breasted suit blazer in red. The straight design of the double breasted suit blazer alongside the notched lapels and shoulder pads recreates the classic design of blazers. Most importantly, the attractive red color makes the blazer more interesting and a great choice for spring and autumn outfits.

Tips to Shop for Colorful Blazers

Here are some tips you need to take into account while shopping for colorful blazers. 

  • The first thing you need before buying colorful blazers for women is the confidence and knowledge of how to incorporate them into different looks. If you don’t wear them, there is no point in purchasing one.
  • Go through the existing pieces you have in your wardrobe, such as colorful pants or tops that you can match with the colorful blazer options you see.
  • Try different ways of styling colorful blazers, from casual looks like jeans and a t-shirt to a night out look with a slip dress. Blazers are versatile pieces that can suit many looks and styles.


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