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6 Style Tips to Hide a Baby Bump During Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most significant events in the life of a woman. The feeling of life building inside you is something that is unique to women all over the world. However, many of you might not be comfortable disclosing news about your pregnancy in the early stages. Some want to be sure before they announce, and some just want to avoid unwanted attention. However, you have to find the clothes to hide pregnancy that can keep you away from unnecessary questions about the topic. The right styling suggestions could help you pair up suitable clothes for chic outfits that can hide your baby bump effortlessly.

Outfit Ideas for Hiding Early Pregnancy

The news of pregnancy brings joy into the lives of people, especially as they prepare to welcome a new life. However, pregnant women could also opt to keep the news to themselves and avoid sharing it until the right time arrives. So, they would need the ideal work clothes to hide pregnancy that would also look stylish. Here are some outfit ideas you can try out for hiding baby bumps easily. 

  • Outfit 1

Try an oversized top that can easily hide a small pregnancy bump. You can pair it up with a blazer for an additional layer. 

You can start with a pair of black, high waist leggings with flared legs, elastic waistband, and side slits. Now, the oversized white poplin shirt should be the next addition in clothes to hide pregnancy. The full-cut white shirt with side vents at the hem and lapel collar alongside buttoned cuffs works well for hiding the small bump. 

Now, you can add a black oversized blazer with classic design highlights and back button detailing over the white shirt. The additional layer would also support the oversized shirt in hiding your pregnancy. Accessories and footwear are also critical aspects for such outfits other than the clothes to hide early pregnancy. Think of a gold-plated metal link necklace with lobster clasp closure and a pair of black heeled ankle boots for styling up your looks in this outfit. 

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  • Outfit 2

Early pregnancy can be a tricky period of time, especially considering the widely fluctuating changes in a woman’s body. The ideal recommendation for ‘how to dress to hide pregnancy’ would be a dress that fits perfectly at the hips while offering a loose fit in the belly area. An oversized coat could serve as a great choice for layering over the fitted dress. You can pack up a stylish look with clothes to hide pregnancy by sporting a pair of knee-high boots. 

One of the top choices among the clothes for hiding pregnancy would be a brown fitted sweater dress with batwing sleeves. The dress is fitted at the hip and looser at the belly, therefore offering a flattering fit with no concerns. The best clothes to wear to hide pregnancy also include a shawl collar double belted wool-mix coat in black with dropped shoulders. Black thigh-high booties made of faux patent leather compliment your looks during early pregnancy with the fitted sweater dress and coat. 

  • Outfit 3

Jeggings are a great solution when it comes to clothes to hide pregnancy, and you can try them with stretchy options (that don’t put pressure on your belly). With an oversized sweater over your jeggings, you can easily hide the bump during early stages of pregnancy.             

Try on a pair of black, high waist jeggings with a super-skinny fit and regular fit on the waist. Add an oversized knitted sweater dress in oatmeal color with long, cuffed sleeves and rolled neck collar. You can complete the look easily with high-top canvas platform sneakers in white, featuring a wavy platform sole and an exaggerated jagged tread. With such a combination of clothes to hide early pregnancy, it is less likely for people to notice your baby bump. 

  • Outfit 4

A mini skirt could also be a favorable answer for work clothes to hide pregnancy without any doubts. The oversized fit of the mini skirt gives a great and balanced choice for form-fitting, with a loose top half such as a sweater, which hides the belly. In addition, you get a cute and comfortable aesthetic in your overall look for work (for those who can dress casually). 

You can choose a pink mini skirt with a houndstooth knit pattern and elastic waist. Combine the mini skirt with firm shaping tights featuring a high rise and sheer finish. Now, you can add clothes to hide pregnancy, like an oversized white sweater in fluffy knit with ribbed trim and drop shoulders. The best choice of footwear for such format outfits would be a pair of pull-on style chunky knee boots in beige color. A structured boater hat with a wide brim and flat top in camel color can make your look more trendy. 

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  • Outfit 5 

You can also go with a great casual look by choosing clothes to hide pregnancy such as comfy stretchy pants. The right pairing for comfy pants is an oversized hoodie and oversized shirt jacket layered on top of each other as the best answer for ‘how to dress to hide pregnancy.’  

The ideal choice to start dressing up in a casual look for hiding pregnancy would be a pair of rib-knit pants with flared legs and elastic waistbands. Now, you can bring in a beige sweatshirt hoodie made of cotton-blend fabric with soft, brushed interior lining. Look for sophisticated choices in clothes to hide pregnancy such as a relaxed fit long shirt jacket in greenish-brown color. The knee-length design, soft fabric, and dropped shoulders alongside buttoned cuffs add chic traits to his top layer. Complete your look with grace by sporting a pair of beige knit splicing boots with lace-up detailing at the back. 

  • Outfit 6

The final recommendation for best clothes to wear to hide pregnancy would obviously be a flowy long dress. Try choosing one with prints and without any belts for the flowy appearance to hide a baby bump. 

Sport a long, black chiffon dress with gentle flaring and a low, ruffled collar design. The V-shaped opening at the front alongside long ties and floral prints accent the looks of the dress in style. With the oversized and adjustable silhouette, you can easily make the most of such clothes to hide pregnancy. Elevate your look further with tall black boots made of shiny faux leather and a black visor beret for a french girl look

Tips to Shop for Clothes to Hide Early Pregnancy

Here are some tips that can help you shop for clothes to hide pregnancy.

  • Make sure the outfits you choose are lined with your style and don’t seem out of place on you because it will raise suspicion.
  • Look for suggestions from communities and forums for expecting mothers to find clothes for hiding pregnancy.
  • Layering is a great solution and also going oversize and loose with your tops and dresses.
  • Always look for pieces that you can use later on after your pregnancy. Investing in high-quality pieces ensures that you won’t have to spend a fortune on revamping your wardrobe after giving birth. 

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